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President Obama Officially the Biggest Fundraiser Ever


Did anyone doubt they could do it? OFA was a well oiled machine.

The final financial documents of the 2012 campaign cement a place in history for the election as a whole as well as its biggest fundraiser, President Barack Obama.

The 2012 election's $6 billion price tag is officially the most ever spent, and President Barack Obama is officially the biggest fundraiser in the modern history of American politics, the Federal Election Commission filings show.

Obama's official fundraising apparatus raised about $1.2 billion in the 2012 cycle, and his personal campaign committee pulled in about $730 million of that (the rest was raised in conjunction with the Democratic party), according to filings. Including his 2008 haul of $778 million and his congressional campaigns before that, Obama has raised $1.5 billion as a federal candidate.

In just two presidential runs, Obama has outraised the four previous Republican presidential nominees combined.


Support Pres. Obama with a "Health reform STILL a BFD" tee shirt


Remember this?

And this?

Now there's this...


... because the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act was, indeed, a big f'ing deal.

Support the president's re-election bid by linking over and tee-ing up.


Video- New OFA Ad Targets Congress


Pretty boilerplate. Is it me, or is this totally a meh day? Via.


Video- Obama Campaign Won't Let Mitt Forget




DADT Watch: 500,000+ signatures and counting


Greg Sargent is reporting that Organizing for America has collected more than half a million signatures supporting DADT repeal, and they will deliver it to Susan Collins's office tonight.

There will be no vote on DADT tonight. It should take place tomorrow.

Why it's difficult to allow equal rights to anyone in our military (or anywhere else) is beyond me.  Gays, lesbians and straights have been serving together until now, but suddenly they shouldn't, because they can ::gasp!:: talk about it, be who they are, not have to lie?  The logic escapes me.


Liveblog: 2010 Strategy Session with David Plouffe


By GottaLaff

There is an online televised strategy session with David Plouffe on line right now. I signed up for it via Organizing for America yesterday so I could share it with you:

Plouffe is telling us how we've re-engaged Americans, had great ideas, and that they're focusing on first-time voters, who usually turn out in lower numbers.

We need to tell them to keep being a part of our democracy.

OFA guy Mitch Stewart is lauding us for the over a million calls we made to Congress re: Health care reform. We've given over 10 million hours, he says.

He's saying how we told them we wanted to focus on first-time voters. So, they held strategy sessions across the country. He wants us to be the drivers of this push.

Plouffe: Talk to neighbors, set them straight, give accurate info, educate people. Financial reform, energy, immigration are all issues to communicate. Not just a DC parlor game.

Also, elections are coming up. The "repeal health care" is yet another issue to deal with. We need the promise of hcr to be realized. It's about now, and the decades to come. Leadership not focused on not just the next poll, but the next generation. We have to elect people who share that ideal.

Big stakes.

We must convince first time voters of the importance of elections, voting.

He says volunteer organization is even stronger now than it was in '08.

There are 15 million first time voters, most young, but not all. They need to know HOW to vote (by mail, in person, etc.). People are motivated by Obama, but they need person to person even more. Talk to people. Human to human. Door to door, phone calls, social networking sites, voter registration (secret weapon, he says).

In Texas, 2 million unregistered African American and Latino voters. So if we get half to register, that's huge.

One reason Obama ran was to engage people in our democracy. That was central.

Door to door: There is no substitute for talking with another human.

Other plans: Get pledges to vote, improved website, online tools, neighborhood volunteers.

Obama beat McCain 71-27 with first time voters, which is how he won many states.

We need to keep people involved, in the process, so they vote a second, third, fourth time, not just 2008.

Mitch: Over 763,000 first time voters in Ohio. Phone calls, door knocking increases participation by 8%, which is 60K additional votes. There are a number of statewide races that we can make the difference between winning and losing. He's rattling off numbers of state to state voters, how we can make a difference.
We have once in a generation opportunity to alter political landscape via first time voters.

What can you do:

--Host/attend house party strategy sessions. Local meetings are important.

--June 5, national day of action. Phone calls, door knocking, etc.

--Start making calls now. Go to for info.

To be as great as we can be, we have to lead on education, energy, health care, foreign policy. Obama believes in us more than he did even before election '08. We have to fight and organize.

Keeping people involved in the process-- health care was a big deal that way-- is for the good of the country.

Online questions:
Q: How do you reach first time voters who haven't responded to OFA so far?
A: OFA website has info. But many don't receive news via network news, etc. So social networking is incredibly important. Then go face to face, as mentioned before.

Q: Better tools now?
A: Yes. More user friendly.

Q: Chance of holding 59 in Senate?
A: Plouffe: I don't try to anticipate. But we knew coming out of 2008, because we won so many seats in 06 and 08, history teaches you it's hard to retain all that. First time voters need to understand that this can happen. If you want folks in charge who put corps. and big biz, oil first, no leadership or vision w/ how to make country stronger... that's the argument, the choice people have. There are benefits in hcr now that it's come to pass. People are seeing that now. Economy is improving slowly, too. Evaluating Obama/Dem role will work for us. We can do better because the atmosphere will improve a little bit. We have a good/frightening story to tell about the alternative to Dems... Resources: Ads, internet, mailing, phones, but no sub for us talking to people. Get involved in local campaigns, too. Your leadership, voice in local campaigns makes a difference.

Q: How to motivate Dem voters to work for Dems who didn't vote for hcr?
A: Plouffe: We've had some big initiatives, hcr/energy/financial, etc. Some didn't support hcr, but we have a big, diverse majority. Some couldn't get there for hcr, but might for energy, recovery. So some disappoint on some issues. But they've been there on other issues. So we have to focus on Repubs. Politics is ultimately contest/competition. An election needs to be about a choice, w/o being nasty or overly negative. Talk one on one, candidates must run good campaigns, we'll get there.

Q: What will motivate new voters?
A: Mitch: The act of asking is more powerful than anything. First time voters may feel ignored, so engaging them in convo is powerful. We made in impact before because we got out there. Wall St. reform is one thing we're talking about. Big Bank interests vs. Main St. interests... that gets the reaction you want. Who wants to side w/ Big Banks? A lot of Repubs are not being covered w/ same scrutiny that we are. Now they will be. We'd win on the issues, so communicating choices to first time voters is essential.

Plouffe: They don't often consume political news. YOU can have a convo with them about the progress Obama has made v. Republicans. They were cynical, felt their vote didn't matter, but we showed them it did. Plus, show them they can vote early, how they can vote, assist them online, make it easy for them, plus you back it up on phones, at doors, emails. 2% is a lot. That can win an election.

Q: Motivate Latinos, how? A: Mitch: Immigration reform is one thing. The economy, jobs important too. So talk about those issues to all demographics, a big motivator. Let them understand what is at stake.

Plouffe: Obama got 67% of Latino voters, including Florida! 95%+ African American voters, voted at same level as white voters. So Obama won. We need a strong message, plus accomplishments, visions. We have to make sure they understand the stakes, arguments, accomplishments, start from a strong foundation. It's the economy, health care, energy... make the case that your family, small business is better off with Dems following Obama's lead. Can't coast on idea that they were Obama supporters.

Mitch: Peer to peer: Young talking to young, vets talking to vets, etc. The message being delivered by someone w/ shared experience, a neighbor, a friend, is much more powerful. The messenger matters.

Our success depends on the responsibility we all share to make this happen, do all we can until November. The stakes cannot be higher.

Sign up for house party.

June 5/6 Day of Action. Knock on doors.

Get engaged immediately, call, email, etc.

Go to to take action.


Get Yer Big F***ing Tee Shirts!


By GottaLaff

Hey kids! Time for today's lesson, which is, "How to Drop F-Bombs for Fun and Profit":

OFA, the president's political arm housed at the Democratic National Committee, is using Biden's now infamous phrase on a T-shirt to commemorate the signing of health care reform into law.

Donors who give at least $25 will receive "a limited edition 'Health Reform is a BFD' T-shirt in a super-soft, fine jersey (men's) or baby rib (women's) cotton fabric," according to a new fundraising page posted Wednesday on OFA's Web site.


Wow, this is a big f***ing deal. It's not often that a "gaffe" can work out this well.

Oh, and health care reform is a bfd too:

"There are things that are a big deal - birthdays, anniversaries, the NCAA Championship game," OFA wrote in a fundraising note. "And then there are things that are a BFD, like delivering health insurance to 32 million Americans."

V.P. Joe makes me smile for so many reasons. This was like icing on the Biden cake.

Here's where you go to buy a big f***ing shirt: