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LeBron Is Leaving the State that Refuted Medicaid and Returning to O-hi-o, Which Did Not!


That terrific line is courtesy a Twizzerz genius that MSNBC's Joy Reid had spotted, noted and repeated on UP with Steve Kornacki who is being ably subbed for by the amazing Jonathan Martin this fine Saturday morning.

GO LeBron! I don't get all het up over sports apart from the Red Sox and World Cup fever, either, but did think that Cleveland hasn't gotten this much press in centuries ... first the GOP insults them by using their poor, unsuspecting town as the 2016 Gathering Place of strung out General Campaign GOPpers, Tea Party Edition [and satisfying early, if you are a liberal observer ].

LeBron Meme 6_0

Catch Jonathon and round table's discussion, featuring the question of Bo(eh)ner's lawsuit aimed at President Obama, and I'll meet you with a conspiratorial grin on the other side of the vid.

The LeBron Mania was impressive. Again, not a sports guru, but did have a few Hoya victories to cheer for back in the university day, so I can understand the excitement that Cleveland feels to have LeBron return to the fold.

You become personally invested in these players, as fans, you make them your family.


Ironically, Melissa Harris-Perry had done a couple of terrific in-depth segments, below, about L.B. James and his unique branding just recently, which is splendid background ... and even more interesting following the news that James is fleeing Florida as fast as Charlie Crist.

The second portion has new meaning knowing that not only was LeBron 'free', he is heading 'home'.

Wouldn't YOU have fled FloridaFloridaFlorida as fast as Charlie Crist? I have friends who are guaranteed sainthood [doesn't matter that we don't believe in it!] for just spending parts of their lives in that political zoo of asshattery of a state.



Howard Dean Opines on The Epic Fall of Eric Cantor



Howard Dean. We knew ye well here, in the Green Mountains, and are regaining a lot of progressive pride as you become more elder statesman, less interwebs-juiced(?) Rebel Yell ex-candidate guy.

At least some Dems and many a true progressive are taking more than a passing glance at Cantor's departure, including Laffy's excellent reporting on his defeat, here, as well as the staging of his exit, link that here ... evidencing that it is absolutely the onset of Silly Season.

Dean took to Politico with his sage Opinion on the Epic Fall of Eric Cantor.

Cantor’s loss has largely been attributed to his failure to retain the support of a GOP grass-roots base that opposes everything from gun-violence prevention to comprehensive immigration reform. That was bad news for Cantor, but it is even worse news for the GOP nationally. The Republican base is driving the party toward a political agenda that makes its candidates increasingly unelectable for national and statewide offices.

This dynamic stands in stark contrast to the one between Democrats and their progressive grass-roots base, which pushes the party to embrace policy ideas that enjoy broad popular support.

Howard, you are singing our song.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, Democrats need to learn from Cantor’s loss that anything can happen in 2014. Even on the morning of the election, not a single major pundit or politician thought the majority leader would lose. Cantor was considered invincible, and Republicans were expected to win big in November. But voters have minds of their own and the tea party’s right-wing base helped it usher in a truly unexpected result.

To round out the day, former Governor Dean visited The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell [as regular watchers know, the program has been ably stewarded by the young and astute Ari Melber while L'O'D recuperates from a taxi crash in Cuba] last night and offered his points directly to the People.

Dean has it dead right. All politics truly is local. The ground game is what wins wars.

Which makes every vote matter at home and across the country for your fellow citizens.


Sunday Talkers



Please read about this week's Sunday talkers on Politico.


Eugene Robinson is right: Do the G.D. Democrat Happy Dance already!



Photo: / Julia Ewan

Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:


Be Happy.  Despite being told it's bad for one's health, and agreeing, I don't miss Morning Schmoe and the pre-shows unless I am inexplicably over a few hundred yards from a tee vee machine that brings MSNBC to my bleary 5:00 a.m. skeptical gaze. Mugging Mika and Jiving Joe are far better than caffeine.

Nobody tell Starbucks.

They get the best 'gets' for early in the news day, which is when O.G. Opinion still matters - it's fresh, the slate is clear and there are still a few voices that count in the print paper ethos.  Today Eugene Robinson popped over from the Washington Post with a message that ought to be headlined from now to November six months hence on VOTING day. Be Happy.


Apu copy


He has a radical proposal: cure our own hand-wringing, self-soothe those angst flashes and Be Happy for the win.

Spike the ball, do a chest-thump, stick your tongue out at a Republicon (totally at their own level) and just be sensibly smug about the accomplishments, puh-leeze! But don't continue to simply let the opposition control the message. Sports and Politics 101 -Remedial. Take it away, Gene:

Democrats, if you want to win in the fall, take some advice from Pharrell Williams: “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.”

Fired up. Taking it Home To Op-rah. [We don't do this hyper-watch/blogging/muckraking routine day in, day out if there aren't some laughs and good tunes thrown in.]

“Happy” should be the Democratic Party’s theme song for the midterm election. Despite Republican claims to the contrary, things are definitely looking up. Democrats ought to be clicking their heels and spreading the good news.

Beat the asshatery with their own network to the punch, fellow Progressives. Refer to Mister Robinson's list of notable Obama Accomplishments and see if it doesn't incur feelings of resentment! And an immediate need to tout them.

… We said it would take time to see results and asked for patience. You gave us your trust, and now we’re seeing the benefits. This is just the beginning. Give us a mandate to keep moving forward on an agenda that is working.

This is what Democrats are saying, more or less. But would it hurt to show a little enthusiasm?

Do the math, if you're not a Republican and allergic. This Democratic president has kicked ass. High time we started leveraging Happy instead of swallowing Hate.


GOPuffin, courtesy memegen

GOPuffin, courtesy memegen