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“Romney’s silence speaks volumes about his willingness to sell his soul to the homophobic far-right to get elected.”


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While I start nosing around for some newsyosity to snark about, here are today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter. These are responses to a Michael Kinsley op-ed about Flubmeister Mitt, which we previously brought to your attention:

Re "Romney's flub," Opinion, May 4

If there was any doubt about who is in charge of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, it is crystal clear that right-wing groups, in an effort to create a non-inclusive White House club, have the power to intimidate an openly gay campaign spokesman into resigning.

Romney's silence speaks volumes about his willingness to sell his soul to the homophobic far-right to get elected.

Phyllis Landis

Ocean Hills


The irony is, the one thing Romney is supposed to be great at, the thing that sets him apart, is his executive ability. Good executives select the best talent and then back up their people and give them room to do their jobs. Fail and fail.

I certainly wouldn't want to work for him.

Joanne Zirretta

Aliso Viejo


Mitt Romney's first big general election "flubs"


According to Michael Kinsley, the controversy over Willard Romney's former foreign policy spokesman, Richard Grenell, who is gay and got forced out by anti-gay conservatives, "is the first big flub of the general election campaign." Undoubtedly, just one of many, many more to come, as you'll see below.

Romney's "well-oiled machine" got a little squeaky with that episode. So much for all that businessman acumen and efficiency he was supposed to bring to the presidential race. Think Progress:

If Romney campaign can’t stand up to a bigoted special interest on personnel issues — for what they clearly thought was the best man for the job — how could a Romney administration be expected to make the politically tough decisions needed to successfully govern the country?


Why did Romney appoint him in the first place if he was going to hang the guy out to dry as soon as there was any criticism? (And there never was much.) If you're going to be a bigot, at least be smart about it. [...]

[T]his episode does make you wonder about Romney's guts. He portrays himself (and probably thinks of himself) as a hard-nosed businessman, ready to make the tough decisions that professional politicians won't. ... [H]as he stopped to ask himself how he will manage to fill a Romney administration if he excludes all gay men (and women?) from the candidate pool?

As Michael Kinsley so rightly points out, if you're going to change your mind on issues, "you should (a) be prepared to admit it and (b) be prepared to explain it.

Then we have Mitt's ridiculous comments criticizing President Obama for daring to express some pride in the demise of Osama bin Laden (He was ultimately responsible for it, after all. He gave the orders. SEAL Team Six didn't get bored one day and decide to pounce on their own).

Other than the blatant hypocrisy of accusing the president of politicizing by the candidate who was politicizing, other than the fact that it is an election year so politicizing a victory (as opposed to a horrific attack that took American lives) kinda makes sense, Mitt has been outright lying, not to mention unfairly ridiculing a former president.

An L.A. Times editorial nails Willard for "laughably minimizing the significance of Obama's success in authorizing the operation that ended the terrorist's life" among other things:

More offensive, however, is the suggestion that Obama's foreign policy has been characterized by a return to Democratic timidity in the use of American force abroad, as exemplified in the Republican mind by Carter. That's not only unfair to Carter, it's plainly false about Obama, who has increased U.S. forces in Afghanistan, sharply stepped up drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, authorized the killing of Al Qaeda leaders, supported the overthrow of Moammar Kadafi in Libya and approved covert actions in Somalia and Yemen. National security analyst Peter Bergen described Obama in the New York Times as "one of the most militarily aggressive presidents in decades." Indeed, his aggressiveness has caused some Obama supporters to worry about an excessive reliance on force, even if it's failed to impress Romney.

If supporters are worried about the president's reliance on force, just imagine electing Mitt "Attack Iran" Romney commander in chief. Now, that would be one colossal "flub".

Added: Here's his "biggest fib".


Mitt "Etch A Sketch" Romney, if you chose to answer questions directly and honestly, how would you answer this one?


Regarding the resignation of openly gay former foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell, Think Progress asks the Most Important Question O' the Day:

If Romney campaign can’t stand up to a bigoted special interest on personnel issues — for what they clearly thought was the best man for the job — how could a Romney administration be expected to make the politically tough decisions needed to successfully govern the country?

With every new day comes another baffling, worrisome, or embarrassing revelation about Team Willard. Which leads to another question: Why in the world would anyone vote for such an inept, awkward candidate? Or should I say, "another"... ?

Please click on the link and read the whole post.


VIDEO- BYU gay Mormon student: "God clearly doesn't love me, because He does not love gay people."


The video below is heart wrenching, uplifting, enlightening, warm, scary, tear-inducing, reassuring, and for many of us, hits very close to home.

Mormon-run Bringham Young University banned advocacy of gay rights until 2010.


The video recently posted to YouTube by 22 Brigham Young University students is the first of its kind with ties to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which forbids gay sex and gay marriage. By posting the video, the students could face excommunication from the church and expulsion from BYU, where gay students are prohibited from touching or kissing.


"So I did everything I could to really be that perfect Mormon. I thought that was going to cure myself..."

Nobody, but nobody, should be made to feel suicidal, scorned, or shamed because of who they love, the color of their skin, or their religious beliefs/atheism. Yet that's the kind of pain that these kids are going through.


USGA (Understanding Same-Gender Attraction) is an unofficial group of Brigham Young University students, faculty, and friends who wish to strengthen families and the BYU community by providing a place for open, respectful discussions on the topic of same-gender attraction. USGA is not an appropriate forum for angry, vulgar, or profane remarks of any kind, nor for expressions of antagonism against any person or organization. In order to foster an environment of respect and understanding, we ask all participants to be respectful of BYU, the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints (Mormon), and the beliefs and experiences of others. If you'd like to add your voice to the messages of hope and love, please make a video, upload it to YouTube and send us the link. Thanks!

Find USGA on Facebook at:

The It Gets Better Project was created to show young LGBT people the levels of happiness, potential, and positivity their lives will reach — if they can just get through their teen years. The It Gets Better Project wants to remind teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone — and it WILL get better. The website is a place where young people who are lesbian, gay, bi, or trans can see how love and happiness can be a reality in their future. It's a place where straight allies can visit and support their friends and family members. It's a place where people can share their stories, take the It Gets Better Project pledge, watch videos of love and support, and seek help. Take the pledge to help make it better for others.

If you are considering suicide or need help, call the Trevor Project now: 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386).

H/t: Think Progress