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VIDEO-- NJ GOP Sen. candidate Lonegan on "gay vote," Booker: "I like being a guy. I don’t like going out for manicures, pedicures."


Here's what Chris Christie’s guy, GOP Senate candidate Steve Lonegan said:

“I have no interest in paying for your health care. I’d hate to see you get cancer but that’s your problem, not mine.”

Here more Lonegan upchuck:

  • “People are going to say, well doesn’t this mean a tax increase for the poor? And the answer is yes, it does.”
  • “… Medicare and Medicaid… both of these programs are destined for destruction for the next generation, and I think they should be done away with and privatized. That’s what I think.”

Now, per Think Progress, he's going after rival Cory Booker for being cool with anyone who might thing he's gay, accusing Booker of trying to cater to “the gay vote.”

Via Right Wing Watch:

Steve Lonegan thinks it's "weird" that Cory Booker won't answer if he is gay because "I personally like being a guy."

Did I mention that Lonegan is the former New Jersey head for the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity?

Here's what Steve "I'm No Icky Homo, I'm a Guy, Dammit!" Lonegan said to Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg:

As a guy, I personally like being a guy.

I don’t know if you saw the stories last year, they’ve been out quite a bit, about how he likes to go out at three-o’clock in the morning for a manicure and a pedicure.

Maybe that helps him get the gay vote, by acting ambiguous.

Although I don’t like going out in the middle of the night, or any time of day, for manicures and pedicures. It was described as his peculiar fetish, is how it was described.

I have a more peculiar fetish: I like a good Scotch and a cigar, that’s my fetish. But we’ll just compare the two.

Conclusion, if you're a conservative, Chris Christie-endorsed bigot named Steve Lonegan:

  • If you're a gay male, you're not really a guy.
  • If you get manicures or pedicures, you're gay and not really a guy.
  • If you drink Scotch and smoke smelly, cancer-causing cigars, you're straight and a guy, because no gay man would EVER do manly, macho, hairy-chested guy-things like that.

VIDEO: Pat Robertson wishes Facebook had a "Vomit" button for pictures of gay couples


pat robertson delete

Pat Robertson makes me wish I had a "Vomit" button for this and every other video of his despicable upchuckitude that we've ever posted here. Unfortunately, as he spewed below, "they don't give you that option."

However, we do have the option to respond.

RWW Blog (RightWingWatch) provided the above video of Pat Bigotson explaining to his devotees why Christians shouldn’t “Like” (as in, the Facebook "Like" option) images of loving same-sex couples expressing their mutual affection for each other.

He'd prefer a "Vomit" icon instead.

Clearly, he fervently believes in rehashed familiar, heartfelt messages like "love thy neighbor," "do unto others," and all that other Golden Rule-y, compassionate, welcoming Bible advice that he swearstogod he lives by... religiously.

Maybe he should consider pulling an Oprah and lavishing his flock with generous quantities of Compazine.

Pat Robertson:

What you’re saying is, “Yes, I like this kind of thing.” You’ve got a couple of same-sex guys kissing. You “Like” that. Well, that makes me want to throw up. To me, I would punch “Vomit,” not “Like”… They don’t give you that option on Facebook.

No, but after hearing what Robertson had to say, we gladly give you that option here at TPC:

nauseous woman


Conservatives vow to continue their efforts to ban gays and lesbians from marrying


gop fail shoot in foot

Conservatives don't like it when not-white people vote, primarily because they tend to vote for Democrats. So what was the first thing some Republican states did when yesterday's Supreme Court ruling came down sticking a knife into the heart of the Voting Rights Act? They immediately pushed their Voter I.D. bills... again. Because they can:

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That must have been part of that vast reinvention plan the GOP unveiled after the November elections. Leave it to them to open up that big tent of theirs.

Today gay rights got a boost. (Here is President Obama's full statement on the ruling.) Guess how conservatives responded to that bombshell...

(CNN) – President Barack Obama, who announced a year ago he supported same-sex marriage, said in a statement he was asking members of his administration to review "all relevant federal statutes" to ensure the Wednesday's decision is implemented "swiftly and smoothly." But conservatives vowed to continue their efforts to ban gays and lesbians from marrying, casting the rulings as a setback - but not an end - to their fight. [...]

Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, said efforts to prohibit marriage for gays and lesbians was "far from over.

"Time is not on the side of those who want to redefine marriage," Perkins said on CNN. "If it were, I don't think they would have gone to the court trying to impose same-sex marriage on the entire nation."

"I don't think this is over by any stretch of the imagination," Perkins continued. "And I don't think time is on the side of those who want to redefine marriage."

And of course, John Boehner agreed.

You think that's bad? Check out what Justice Scalia had to say. Hint: The words "diseased root" and "wild-eyed lynch mob" make an appearance.

outreach my ass reach out inclusive


PhotOH! Well, come on, if a**holes can get married...


Being an asshole is part of my manly essencegay if choice so what, people choose to be assholes, they marry

This photo (H/t: @GaryBlackmon) comes to us courtesy of the Stop Gay Bashing page on Facebook, which features these messages:

It's time to put a stop to Anti-Gay Bullying and Harassment in life. We are here to give hope and advice to those who need it and to stop this nonsense once and for all.

Just a reminder to everyone: This is a page where hate, bigotry & ignorance is NOT TOLERATED and will get you permanently banned. If you don't have anything positive to say, then please by all means Unlike the page. No one is forcing you to linger here. Remember, LOVE conquers EVERYTHING. So with that said, PEACE & LOVE from all of us here at Stop Gay Bashing.

Promoting equality, as illustrated by the aptly named Equality House below, is truly American. I not only "Liked" that Facebook page, I loved it.

Topeka, Kansas house across from the Westboro Baptist Church.

Screen grab from video of Topeka, Kansas house across from the Westboro Baptist Church.


Maryland trolley company halts wedding rides after marriage equality law


gay trolley

It's nearly 2013, yet some people can't seem to stop living in the past. And by past I mean 2012. Same-sex marriage is about to become legal in Maryland, but discrimination trumps equality and apparently, income. Specifically, the owner of Discover Annapolis Tours has decided to forgo $50,000 a year because his "Christian convictions" somehow make him believe that icky gay people getting hitched will somehow affect straight couples. Or something.

He'd rather shut down a source of income and avoid legal hot water (and legal gay married people) than allow any loving couple-- gay or straight-- to ride on his Straight Love and Lifelong Monogamous Commitment Only wedding trolley cars. Waving good-bye to revenue works better for him than allowing married gays and lesbians to enjoy a wedded bliss jaunt on his anti-gay rights, anti-civil rights wedding vehicle.


Via the L.A. Times:


ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A company whose old-fashioned trolleys are iconic in the city's wedding scene has abandoned the nuptial industry rather than serve same-sex couples. [...]

While most wedding businesses across the country have embraced the chance to serve same-sex couples, a small minority has struggled to balance religious beliefs against business interests.

Frank Schubert, the political strategist who ran campaigns against same-sex marriage in Maryland and three other states, said, "The law doesn't protect people of faith. It simply doesn't."

Protect them from what exactly? Gay cooties? Same-sex couples' magic ability to abruptly turn opposite sex partners gay?

Discover Annapolis Tours owner Matt Grubbs:

"The law exempts my minister from doing same-sex weddings, and the Knights of Columbus don't have to rent out their hall for a gay wedding reception, but somehow my religious convictions don't count for anything."

Don't be silly. Your religious convictions count for a lot! Like seeing some people as less equal than others, f'rinstance.

Prospective client Chris Belkot responded to Grubbs:

"It is your right to run your business any way you see fit, but let's be honest here, you drive a trolley up and down a street. Not exactly God's work."



Minnesota anti-marriage equality group targets Target for selling gay pride tee shirts


Target is on the right side of this one. Kare11 is reporting that the anti-gay organization Minnesota for Marriage is coming down hard on the chain for next month's "Wear it with Pride" tee shirt promotion. The proceeds from sales of the tees will be donated to groups that are against a constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage.

There are now a bevy of shirts with pro-gay themes on Target's website (and yes, I just wanted to say "bevy"). I wonder if they come with guarantees that the people who wear them won't magically turn gay or cause divorces among straight couples. Probably not.

The Deputy Campaign Manager for Minnesota for Marriage is accusing Target of now "trying to make nice" with supporters of marriage equality to compensate for their donations of a couple of years ago to a not-at-all-gay-friendly gubernatorial candidate (see video). Target got a whole lot of flak for that; and by flak I mean boycott efforts galore, among other things.

Target responded to Minnesota for Bigotry Marriage in a statement in which they referenced their " inclusivity and diversity" and their "long history of supporting the LGBT community."

Well, except for that whole contributing to the bigoted candidate thing.

H/t: My pal Jeff Wilfahrt, who you can read about here.


Rick Santorum" Friends don't let friends use pink balls." Bowling, that is...



Sam Youngman (@samyoungman), a campaign correspondent for Reuters, tweeted this yesterday. I've been so snowed under, I'm just getting around to sharing:

That's right, Rick Santorum is encouraging discrimination and bullying, because men associating with anything pink is bad and a man should especially never be caught "on camera" using any inanimate pink object, because that is a very, very bad thing and could turn a guy gay. 

I'm not sure how that happens, exactly. Mr. Laffy wears pink shirts, and somehow maintained his straightitude. His gay-immune system must be highly resistant to gay colors.

What exactly are gay colors?

And do gay men who wear "non-gay" colors turn straight?

"[Santorum is] advancing tired gender norms by implying a boy should be ashamed to use a certain color bowling ball," scolded the Human Rights Campaign.

And this is the man who wants to be the president of all Americans. Yeah, right.

Added, h/t to our friends at Hypervocal:

The best part if that Santorum is known to wear pink ties.

See for yourself.