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Women have abortion rights, so why can't men rape them? asked now apologetic GOP lawmaker.


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Laffy Note: Apparently David Garber and I both decided to post about this pathetic excuse for a human being, and for good reason. It happens. Two writers, two different takes on the same topic.


Republican Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman says he's sorry for appalling statements he made in the '80s and '90s about women's and gay rights, rape, abortion, AIDS, sodomy, and progressives.

It is now 2014. Do the math, State Rep. Reprehensible (R- Busted), because your "mea culpa" is a tad overdue.

Via  the Morning Sentinel:

In a 1995 letter in the Sun Journal in Lewiston, a reader quoted a press statement by Lockman, then part of the Pro Life Education Association, saying, “If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.”

This Moment of WTF brought to you by "rape doesn't result in anyone's death" and "rapist's pursuit of sexual freedom," among other things. By the way, does this genius understand that men get raped, too?

So now he's apologizing, just as some Republicans are currently walking back, tempering, or avoiding their own controversial positions on similar issues with an eye toward future elections.

But that's not why Lockman hung his head, shuffled his feet, and mumbled his regrets about something he put out there years ago. Nope, he issued his apology because Progressive blogger Mike Tipping revived them in a very public way in a recent post. Call it a Tipping Point. Local Democrats demanded the State Rep's resignation.

So basically, he was sorry that his earlier vile remarks were rediscovered and spotlighted.

Lockman attributed his bigoted, ignorant, misogynistic idiocy to being "passionate about his beliefs" and declared that he holds " no animosity toward anyone by virtue of their gender or sexual orientation." Sure. Anything you say, Lawrence. I'm passionate, too, about exposing you, an elected official, who has displayed a jaw-dropping lack of judgment, sensitivity, awareness, and basic knowledge on the taxpayer's dime.

Mike Tipping has much more, including:

“In the overwhelming majority of cases, people are dying because of their addiction to sodomy,” Lockman wrote in a 1987 letter to the editor to the Lewiston Daily Sunarguing against funding for AIDS education. “They are dying because progressive, enlightened, tolerant people in politics and in medicine have assured the public that the practice of sodomy is a legitimate alternative lifestyle, rather than a perverted, depraved crime against humanity.”



Minnesota Catholic school fires second teacher this year... for being gay


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Back in August I wrote a piece about a California teacher being fired after marrying his partner. He got booted because he dared to legally marry the man he'd been with for ten years, and school officials happened to see photos of the wedding in a local newspaper.

The lesson that taught his students was that it's okay to be gay as long as you don't audibly express feelings for your loved one or commit to him/her in public. That's wrong. Being honest and proud of your monogamous relationship is wrong. You can only be a certain amount of gay, the private kind of gay.

Or as John Oliver put it:

So you can have gay desires, you just can't take gay action. Which I guess means you can listen to "YMCA," but you may not under any circumstances do the hand gestures.

Gay men can have sex, as long as it's with lesbian women, within the confines of a loveless marriage. Just as God nearly intended.

In that post, I wrote the following:

Dear School Officials:

Being gay is not a "lifestyle choice," and getting married is not a "public display of behavior that is directly contrary to church teachings that are inconsistent with these values." Getting married is one of those family values you're so fond of espousing (no pun). But, darn! You happened to spot a photo of a ceremony in which two men made their devotion to each other legal, and that made you feel all queasy and icky inside, so you fired a well-qualified, popular teacher.

It's 2013 and marriage equality is here to stay, so try living in the present instead of your very intolerant, unaccepting past. Consensual love is a good thing, remember?

"Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love." Author: Billy Graham

Here we go again, this time in Minnesota, and this time the teacher had worked at the school for 18 years. Then she came out. It only took one day to fire her. Via MinnPost:

After enduring the Catholic school version of “don’t ask/don’t tell” for several years, Totino-Grace High School English/religion teacher Kristen Ostendorf unexpectedly came out to her colleagues at the 47–year-old Catholic school in Fridley on Aug. 21. “I’m gay, I’m in a relationship with a woman, and I’m happy,” Ostendorf blurted out to a roomful of 120 fellow teachers at a workshop. She was asked to resign the next day.

She didn’t, the school terminated her, and in a matter of moments the 43-year-old Ostendorf had become the second Totino-Grace educator to part ways with the school over sexual identity this summer (president Bill Hudson resigned in July after acknowledging he is in a committed same-sex relationship).

Ostendorf said, "Growing up, I never knew anyone who was gay. ... So I think that maybe, just maybe, kids, adults, and whoever can say, 'OK, there’s a real human being who really means to be herself and live her life and does it with integrity. She’s gay.' That’s a big deal. Instead of, 'That person’s a criminal.' I’m not a big fan of silence.... And the sad story is, I’d like to be the last person to be fired for who I loved, or for the gender of the person I love. But I won’t be, probably, and the silence around it terrifies me."

Silence is not always golden, and nobody deserves to be terrified of revealing their devotion to a loved one. Nobody.

family values my assMuch more at the link.


VIDEO-- Anderson Cooper: Pat Robertson's like "elderly relative who doesn't get out of bed much, blurts out nonsensical sentences"


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Here's how Anderson Cooper described Televangelist Pat Robertson:

"He's sort of like that elderly relative who you only see at Thanksgiving, doesn't get out of bed much, and he's sitting around the table and suddenly blurts out nonsensical sentences in between chewing on soft foods."

And then he proceeded to show clip after clip of Robertson atrocities.

Did I mention that this is the same Pat Robertson, former Chairman of the Board of the cable network The Family Channel, where I worked as a TV comedy writer? And that he censored one of my jokes because I used the words "toilet paper"? True story. And the joke wasn't about anything remotely "off color."

However, everything Robertson said in the above video is beyond "off color," yet nobody censored a word. Mocked, yes. Censored, no.

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H/t: Taegan


VIDEO-- NJ GOP Sen. candidate Lonegan on "gay vote," Booker: "I like being a guy. I don’t like going out for manicures, pedicures."


Here's what Chris Christie’s guy, GOP Senate candidate Steve Lonegan said:

“I have no interest in paying for your health care. I’d hate to see you get cancer but that’s your problem, not mine.”

Here more Lonegan upchuck:

  • “People are going to say, well doesn’t this mean a tax increase for the poor? And the answer is yes, it does.”
  • “… Medicare and Medicaid… both of these programs are destined for destruction for the next generation, and I think they should be done away with and privatized. That’s what I think.”

Now, per Think Progress, he's going after rival Cory Booker for being cool with anyone who might thing he's gay, accusing Booker of trying to cater to “the gay vote.”

Via Right Wing Watch:

Steve Lonegan thinks it's "weird" that Cory Booker won't answer if he is gay because "I personally like being a guy."

Did I mention that Lonegan is the former New Jersey head for the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity?

Here's what Steve "I'm No Icky Homo, I'm a Guy, Dammit!" Lonegan said to Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg:

As a guy, I personally like being a guy.

I don’t know if you saw the stories last year, they’ve been out quite a bit, about how he likes to go out at three-o’clock in the morning for a manicure and a pedicure.

Maybe that helps him get the gay vote, by acting ambiguous.

Although I don’t like going out in the middle of the night, or any time of day, for manicures and pedicures. It was described as his peculiar fetish, is how it was described.

I have a more peculiar fetish: I like a good Scotch and a cigar, that’s my fetish. But we’ll just compare the two.

Conclusion, if you're a conservative, Chris Christie-endorsed bigot named Steve Lonegan:

  • If you're a gay male, you're not really a guy.
  • If you get manicures or pedicures, you're gay and not really a guy.
  • If you drink Scotch and smoke smelly, cancer-causing cigars, you're straight and a guy, because no gay man would EVER do manly, macho, hairy-chested guy-things like that.