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Oops! Fox News [sic] misspells "Spelling Bee": VIDEO


fox misspells Spelling Bee


Fox News [sic] is even lamer and more inept than we thought, and that's saying something. We owe Politico big time for this one:

Psst! Fox News (Did I say "news"? I didn't mean to. That gives them way too much legitimacy.)! If you're going to make a typo, it's probably a good idea to avoid making one during a segment on a spelling bee, don'tcha think?

clusterfoxThen again, attention to detail and accuracy has never been their strong suit.

Or should that have been "deetale and akyurassy"?

Added: As @Xaron4 just tweeted to me, "Their viewers never noticed." Perfect.


Doonesbury: "Sorry, Prieb-Dawg" but "the GOP demo" is "angry old white guys." Comic-Priebus responds.


reince priebus prieb dawg

doonesbury reince priebus prieb dawg

Garry Trudeau is continuing the Mr. Kibbitz/Reince Priebus story arc, adding the element of Reince’s imaginary “GOP celebrity task force” and the complete lack of A-list celebrities, B-listers, and the  pathetic excuse for a C-List…

It just got funnier. No, I mean, it really it did. Come on: "Prieb-Dawg"?

By the way, the mental image of any A-lister-- or anyone else-- "getting in bed" with Prieb-Dawg is so not pretty and it should never be mentioned again under any circumstances ever in the history of ever.

And don't even get me started on the "Some of us aren't old" punch line.

laughing cat animated gif


SNL VIDEO: The Hagel confirmation hearing we didn't see. The "fellating a donkey" mention might be why we didn't.


snl fred armisen bernie sanders hagel confirmation committee

Saturday Night Live goes all out and skewers Senate Republicans in an unaired spoof of the grilling Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel got during his confirmation hearings on CSPAN. It was cut from the show at the last minute, but thanks to the Internets, we get to see an SNL Moment of Utterly Inane, and Not Yet Ready for Prime or Late Night Time Hilarity.

We see the GOP bickering, grandstanding, and falling all over themselves to compete over who loves Israel the mostest of all.

Before you know it, they go skidding into full-on SNLvision as John McCain demands to know whether or not Hagel would go on national television and-- wait for it-- "fellate a donkey if the survival of Israel were at stake."

Yes he says that.

but wait there's more

The Republicans then try to outdo each other to prove they would all have oral sex with a donkey-- or maybe a mule, since donkeys might be castrated-- if it meant a secure Israel.

Of course, Lindsey Graham says he'd "do it in a second, but then I grew up on a farm, so..."

And yes, tea bagging made its way into the sketch.

But you haven't lived until you've seen Fred Armisen stifling a laugh while doing his hilarious impression of Senator Bernie Sanders.

snl fred armisen bernie sanders

You're welcome.

Huge h/t: Taegan


PhotOH! Mitt Romney, unstuck!


Recently spotted in Tennessee... Via my Twitter buddy @DAKGirl.

A thing of beauty. Now if only someone could remove Willard M. Romney for free.


VIDEO snarkitude: Victims of... Obamacare! Oh noes! Who will hear their cries?


Leave it to my old pal Andy Cobb to be this brilliant.

Who will hear their cries? The Affordable Care Act has already
unleashed a plague on our country: butthurt conservatives, whose
butthurt medical needs are being completely ignored.

The sound, vigorous spanking by--of all people--Justice Roberts, 30 million Americans getting coverage, and because PREEXISTING CONDITIONS ARE IN THE CONSTITUTION OR SOMETHING has resulted in a wave of redness, welts, and soreness.

Judging from symptoms displayed on Facebook, there seems to be no balm, lotion or tincture to soothe their butthurtedness. They can't really move--every other advanced industrial nation has universal access to decent medical care. So that fucking sucks.

But remember, no whining! After getting all that health care LITERALLY SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROAT, that will only cause chafing and irritation.

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Directed by Andy Cobb
Written by Andy Cobb, Josh Funk, Marc Warzecha, Michael Damanskis
Produced by Jeph Porter and Meghan O'Brien

Starring Brian Hunt and Steve Sears


VIDEO: David Letterman's simulation of GW Bush endorsing Mitt Romney as elevator doors closed


What, no car elevator?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Even better than I'd imagined. Leave it to Letterman.

Here's another moment of hilarity: GW is writing a book on "strategies for economic growth".


Because I just heard John Boehner's press conference and needed revenge


Just go to Vanity Fair, here. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get sick to your stomach, you'll thank me.

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