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Photo: TechnologyReview

For Swiss Data Industry, NSA Leaks Are Good as Gold

For $3,500, a Spy-Resistant Smartphone

Out of Control (Why are Transponders So Easy to Turn off?)

Beijing Loves Sochi (Deja Vu at the Olympics)

28 Incredibly Beautiful Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

What the world will look like if Elon Musk becomes the next Henry Ford

What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden

How Statisticians Could Help Find That Missing Plane


Saturday Links

Ukraine Kiev links

Ukraine Offices Abandoned By Police / links

Saturday Links from The Political Carnival

Ukraine Crisis: President's Kiev Offices Abandoned by Police (BBC).

Ukraine crisis: Opposition takes control of presidential compound as Viktor Yanukovych 'flees Kiev'

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych decries 'coup', refuses to quit

Pussy Riot Sochi

Pussy Riot Sochi

Russian deputy PM dismisses assault on Pussy Riot

Venezuela says CNN can stay, a day after saying 'get out'

Union appeals Volkswagen workers' rejection in South

Ole Miss Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Suspended, Noose Suspects from Georgia Kicked Out

Six attorneys general won’t defend their own state’s gay-marriage bans

This Adorable Home Isn't What You Think It Is (PHOTOS)


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SochiDisplacedHomeownerw396h264Sochi Olympic Winter Games at root of residents' housing woes

A Violinist's Triumph Is Ruined by Thieves

Not a headline, just an interesting article on the history and impact of the Grand Coulee Dam.
The Cost of the Grand Coulee Dam

You might want to rethink that 'The Bible is the Literal Truth thougt...
Christians Might Be Surprised to Find That Not God, But Men, Decided What They Would Believe

So where do you get water on Mars when you're thirsty? From the red dirt, of course.
Mars water surprise in Curiosity rover soil samples

Pussy Riot's Stars Tossed Out of Pussy Riot


Overnight: Because of Mom (Olympics)


Photo: P & G

Photo: P & G

This is a commercial but one of the most understated I've ever seen. You'll see who it's by at the end. It's a tribute to mothers who encourage their children to get up when they fall, to help them along their way to wherever they want to go, even to the Olympics.