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Your Weekly Upchucks: Shocking Religion News by Author @KCBoyd3



Please welcome back regular guest contributor, author of Being Christian and the go-to blogger on religion, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state,  K.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. You can link over to her site here for the rest of this post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a ton of great upchuckable stuff, including antidotes! These are but a few of her weekly "where religion meets your rights" collection:

Your Weekly Upchucks: The place where religion meets your rights

The Weekly Upchuck - November 9, 2014

Abortion, Contraception And Other Women’s Issues

  • Chuck Hucks: FACT: the IUD is not an ongoing abortion in the body.
  • Opened, We Upchuck: Tennessee Ballot Initiative Could Open Floodgates for Anti-Choice Measures
  • Sooner Upchuck Than Recognize Women” As The Country Is Focused On The Election, Oklahoma Is Quietly Attacking Abortion Rights
  • To No Avail Chuck: Black Women Speak Out Against Tennessee’s Extreme Amendment 1
  • Read Her Lips Chuck: Joni Ernst Endorses Full Personhood Rights for Fertilized Eggs from the Moment of Conception
  • Sisterhood Of Upchuck: Women’s Greatest Enemy Is Evangelical Women, Not Republican Men å
  • Personally Regurgitative: Personhood: Perpetually Rejected. So Why Does It Continue To Rear Its Head?
  • The Morons Of Upchuck: Tennessee Voters Approve Measure to Allow Restrictions on Abortion
  • And So It Went Chuck: Antichoice PersonhoodSupporter Gardner Defeats Mark Udall in Colorado Senate Race
  • By Hook Or By Crook Chook: Despite personhood defeats, anti-choicers move forward on plans to shut down abortion providers
  • Licking Their Lips Chuck: Personhood Group Thanks Joni Ernst For Sticking With Them
  • Hangers, Alleys And Other Unseemly Upchuck: What Seeking an Abortion Was Like Before Roe v. Wade
  • The 2014 Summary Of Upchuck: Of 87 new Republicans in the House, an astonishing 80 are anti-choice. Also 12 new pro-life Senators.
  • Women Hating Women: The Warrior Wives of Evangelical Christianity

Christian Nation



  • The Fear Of Knowledge Is Perhaps The Worst Upchuck Of All: A former US Marine is refusing to allow his child to complete a world history class because Islam’s on the curriculum

End Times And Israel

  • Faust Hurls: Christian Zionist advocacy groups are making efforts to shape U.S. lawmakers’ understanding of Jerusalem and its holy sites, particularly the Temple Mount, through visits aimed at convincing them that Jews (and Christians) face religious persecution there.

Fifty Shades Of Hate

  • West Of Upchuck: Allen West Sez Dems Are Still The Party Of Voter Intimidation And The KKK ‘Except With A Different Type Of Tactic’

Fifty Shades Of Stark Raving Mad

Politics Nation

  • Off With Their Exemptions Chuck: Churches Endorse Candidates; IRS Ignores Them Again
  • Thou Shalt Upchuckably Lie: Anti-Choice Groups Launch Dishonest Ads Against Colorado Pro-Choice Legislators
  • Modern KKKchuck: Rick Perry, Ron Johnson And Jeff Sessions To Join Anti-Muslim Activists At Florida Beach Resort Confab
  • Gag Us With Upchuck: Dear John Kasich: ‘I’m pro-life’ doesn’t explain ‘rape-gag’ rule
  • It’s About The States Chuckie: The most consequential races on Tuesday were likely those in which you don’t recognize the names: the elections for state legislators, and they matter.
  • Off With Their Exemptions II: Rogue pastors endorse candidates, but IRS looks away
  • Add Him To The Roster Chuck: All-star Christian Fundamentalist wins in landslide in ‘Evangelical Springs.”His “faith in God and America grows stronger every day.”
  • Upchuck Matters: Conservative Christians made up 32% of 2014 electorate, voted 86% for GOP & 12% Democrat.
  • Lions And Tigers And Spew, Oh My! Agenda 21, gay recruitment & Blood Moons: Newly elected Republicans are paranoid conspiracy theorists
  • They Said It Couldn’t Happen Chuck: Homophobic, neo-Confederate theocrat Peroutka wins Anne Arundel council seat
  • Off With Their Exemptions III: The midterm election results were partially influenced by church politicking and the IRS must act
  • Chap-A Quit-It: Meet ‘Dr. Chaps’ Gordon Klingenschmitt: Colorado’s New Anti-Gay, Demon Hunting State Legislator
  • Pat’s A Lustin’: Pat Buchanan: Joni Ernst A ‘Gal’ With The ‘Same Kind Of Attractiveness’ As Sarah Palin
  • Son Of God Poops: Christians prompted by churches & faith-based organizations flooded the polls yesterday in the name of Jesus.
  • The Weasels Of Hurl: Voters of faith are GOP foundation. Without their overwhelming support, there is no GOP majority. Glen Bolger, Public Opinion Strategies
  • Tell It To An Indian Tribe: Ralph Reed: “There is no road to the presidency for a Republican candidate in 2016 that doesn’t require going through the toll booth of faith-based voters.”
  • Chapped Chuck: The Most Extreme Election Winner You Have Never Heard Of–Except we have.
  • Hardly Opaque Puke: Intentions revealed: GOP Senate’s First Priority Should Be Blocking All Judicial Nominees
  • Bibi Barf: Netanyahu now has big cannons in Congress to ‘bomb’ the White House
  • The Jesus Budget: Oklahoma’s senator-elect to use ‘biblical worldview’ to defeat the national debt
  • Herding Upchuck: Why Right-Wing Christians Believe GOP Lies

Same Sex Marriage

  • In My Mind, I’m Going To . . . . Upchuck: South Carolina’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Faces Another Challenge
  • Class Act Chuck: Thousands Rally Against LGBT Rights In Houston
  • Vomit On The Least Of You: Homeless LGBT youth: Shunned by religious families
  • Who’s In Danger Now Chuck? GOPer who wants to ban Gay Straight Alliances and calls homosexuality a threat to public safety wins in Michigan


Sausage Makers And Their Sausage

  • It Can Happen Here Chuck: A proposed ballot initiative in Mississippi would declare it an officially Christian state.
  • Setting The Stage For Arma-Upchuck: Advocacy groups woo US lawmakers amid fervor over prayer at Temple Mount
  • Groups organize trips for US Congress members as rhetoric, tension over Jerusalem intensify



  • Kenyan’s Own Christian Hillcox: Prayer Predators” Kenya TV exposes ‘prophet’ Victor Kanyari as a crook
  • Aussie Scammery: Australia’s Genesis II Church of Health and Healing’s ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ slammed by AMA as ’snake oil’
  • Seeking: God’s Rapists? Man sentenced for raping women he met on Christian Mingle,

Science – - Or Not

  • Perky Puke: “Climate Change Alarmists” Want to Turn People Gay
  • When The Last Tree Dies-Chuck: The Senate Environment Committee is now going to be chaired by someone who believes the Old Testament disproves climate change.
  • Greed + Religion = End Times? A Big Win for Climate Change Denial: Republicans to Target EPA Regulations After Taking Senate
  • Even Worse Chuck: Not only Imhofe. Climate Denier Ted Cruz Is Poised to Become a Lead Senator on Science

Supremes And Lower Courts

  • Autrement Dit, Keep ‘Em Barefoot And Pregnant: Federal Judge Rules #POB Admin Didn’t Go Far Enough to Accommodate Opponents of birth control Benefit
  • The Vomit That Kills: Opening arguments heard in faith healing couple’s manslaughter trial
  • Citizens Divided, You Mean? Citizens United head is “very proud” that his Supreme Court case helped Republicans win the midterms
  • Oy Vey Chuck: Next Stop #SCOTUS ? Appeals Court Reinstates Gay Marriage Bans For The First Time



  • Supreme Court upholds NYC law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to tell the truth
  • Federal Judge Gives Secular Humanism Parity With Religion
  • Federal Judge Overturns Kansas Ban On Same-Sex Marriage
  • Boom. In a day of gloom. State Judge Overturns Missouri’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage
  • Pope demotes (uber-conservative) highest ranking U.S. cardinal to position with ‘no responsibilities’



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