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McConnell & Ryan Vow To Become Hostage Takers


hostage taker

Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader is saying that he feels there won't be a clean debt ceiling bill. He's not alone. Two days ago Paul Ryan said the same thing. And you know something, they may be right. McConnell cites a few examples of significant legislation that have been attached in the past to raising the debt ceiling. Four of them, actually. Considering there's been scores of debt ceiling raises in the past, giving four examples is good for demonstration purposes, but not necessarily a mandated need based on past actions.

“I think the debt ceiling legislation is a time that brings us all together and gets the president’s attention, which with this president, particularly when it comes to reducing spending, has been a bit of a challenge..."

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. You're nose is starting to grow. You know that during Obama's residency in the White House, the deficit has SHRUNKEN by nearly a half. So I'm not sure where you're coming off making that kind of bold face lie. Wait. I take that back. You're a Republican leader. You possess that inbred trait to rise to leader.

Okay, putting that aside, I will agree that this debt ceiling approval should be accompanied with some sort of demand and I've got just the one. How about a joint request from you and Paul Ryan for the President to accept your letters of resignation. Save yourself the embarrassment of being the first sitting Senate Majority Leader since Tom Daschle to lose in general election. As for Ryan, he's proven himself worthy of a trip to the sidelines when he sold the conservatives down the river with his recent budget bill. If the Democrats wrote it themselves, they couldn't have done much better. Way to go, Paddy Murray.


Volcanic Eruption On Floor Of Congress -- GOP President Pro Tem Destroyed


immigration bill

It's easy to lose track of how many times Congress has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act -- even members who voted on don't know for sure, 42, 45? Actually, the current number by my understanding is 46 times. Now if that's not a waste of valuable tax payer money, I don't know what is.

Then you come to immigration. In the House, that's been brought to the floor what, six times? Two times? Oh, actually the number is ZERO times. So you can easily see why immigration reform advocates are quite tired of mispent time and money when it comes to the 113th Congress. The Senate passed their version of the immigration reform bill months ago. John Boehner just hasn't gotten around to bringing it up for a vote. He's been too busy bringing up bills to nowhere -- like Obamacare repeals.

This past week, Rep. Joe Garcia (D-Florida) decided to speak up about the real people effected by the lack of immigration reform action. He spoke eloquently and acknowledged a family sitting in the gallery. That was just too much for the presiding officer of the House, Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Indiana). She warned Rep Garcia not to refer to people in the gallery -- in this case people from his own district who are pushing for the bill to come to the floor for a vote. People directly impacted by the proposed bill.

volcanic eruption

Well, that personal rebuke by president pro tem Walorski toward fellow congressman Garcia was immediately jumped on by Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado). He held back nothing in blasting the Republican puppet. He put the Republican president pro-tem in her place -- speechless and cowering --  and this will leave you cheering. Congressman Polis wasn't going to take any sh##. The fireworks begin around 2:37 of this short video, but these earlier moments set the stage for what is nothing short of amazing.


Cancer Strikes ACA Critic Day After Publicly Denouncing Pre-Existing Conditions Mandate


Ralph Hudgens

Ignorance isn't covered under the Affordable Care Act as a pre-existing condition. Perhaps it should have been. You're about to see why.

In Georgia, the Peach State, they have a Republican State Insurance commissioner named Ralph Hudgens. One could make a pretty good argument that he would have a working knowledge of insurance, what it is and how it works. Now that's an assumption but I think we can grant that much. We're not edging out too far on a limb.

So when he tackles an insurance issue in his state, there's reason for the people of his state to listen. Or so you'd think. Back in August, he told people in his state that he would do everything in his power to be an obstructionist to the upcoming Affordable Care Act.

Earlier this week Commissioner Hudges took to the dais and told the audience that he was firmly against Obamacare. His main target was pre-existing conditions and why he felt that forcing insurance companies to provide coverage to those so afflicted was wrong. In his analogy, it's like calling a car insurance company the day after you've been in a car accident that WAS YOUR FAULT and asking for collision coverage. A purchase after the fact. So in essence, he's equating a pre-existing condition to being your fault.

Hopefully Karma is covered under his current plan. This week, after speaking out against Obamacare and it's pre-existing coverage, he was diagnosed as having prostate cancer. I'm not wallowing in that, by any means. It's terrible and I hope he can be treated and live a long life, though politically, I'm hoping he's not as lucky. Maybe he should consider this. Without the ACA going into effect January 1, 2014, his coverage would very likely be dropped and no other company would pick him up -- because of a pre-existing condition.


Hudgens was forced to swallow his words Wednesday after the Georgia Democratic Party circulated footage of him comparing pre-existing conditions to at-fault car wrecks. Making the case against Obamacare's requirement that insurers accept those with pre-existing conditions, Hudgens suggested that such conditions were the fault of those who have them, in the way a car accident is the driver's fault.

Now prostate cancer, to the best of my knowledge isn't the victim's fault unlike his car accident analogy. Now perhaps he'll temper his public displeasure with the healthcare law, maybe even come to embrace it, because Obamacare could be all that separates him from financial devastation.

This is the problem with the Republican unified opposition to the ACA. They just don't know what they're talking about. It's trying to fight a law that helps, not hurts so many. Illness or discovery of a condition can come at any time, at any place and at any age, to anyone.

Republicans are currently targeting young people, "the invincibles" as they are called, and telling them they don't need insurance. They're being encouraged to break the law and not sign up. That's wrong. Tragedy doesn't have a calendar or timeline. It doesn't have a calendar you can look at in advance. So, you carry insurance, just in case your number gets called, like Ralph Hudgens.

Just watch Commissioner Hudgens the day before he got his health news -- he's laughing and making fun with a horrible analogy between a car accident and Obamacare. I bet he's not laughing so hard now.


Here's Why Republicans Can't Be Elected President


Seal of the President

The Grand Outdated Party. Yes, the familiar GOP.

Just look at them. Decaying echoes of a long time ago. Their hero has been dead for nearly ten years and who last held the reins some 24 years ago. Since then they haven't been able to find anyone to aspire to be. Like Moses, they'll be wandering in the desert for 40 years, the time it'll take for all first hand knowledgeable people of 'the Gipper' to have passed on.

And who was Ronald Reagan? A fair actor, destructive governor, and a criminal president -- Iran Contra and Arms for Hostages, lest you forget. Funny how these grey dinosaurs only remember Ronnie as that doting mannequin who ruled for 8 years. Eight years where our public services eroded as quickly as our infrastructure. Where the lead adviser to the president, was his wife's astrologer, Joan Quigley.

The reason for the rant will be evident shortly. The man who is still the Republican gold standard is a man who they wouldn't even let into the party today. He signed the immigrant amnesty bill. He raised various taxes 11 times. So much for the Grover Norquist pledged Republican.

During the Reagan years, the real glue and backbone in that family was Nancy. And during the last two years of her husband's administration, he wasn't well enough to govern. Nancy ran the show, and a good argument could be made that she actually was the first woman president of the United States.

So when I look at this video, I celebrate the strength of women politicians all over the world. And I lament how the GOP can turn their back half of our population. Actually, if you throw in Blacks, Latinos, Asians, the poor, the elderly, and immigrants, the GOP represents the interests of very few. Continuing in the direction they're going the GOP will become the G-O-N-E.

gone with the wind

The future of both parties is in the video below. This thought provoking piece shows you how out of touch the Republicans really are. Look at all of the perceived GOP contenders for President. Not one woman. Look at the Democrats, two of the three main considerations, Clinton and Warren, are outstanding women.

When you look back 24 years for your last hero, what's that say about your future? Think about it, GOP when you watch the this:

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