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Fla. GOP conservative candidate's double life as bizarre vampire


Jacob Rush double life vampire gop florida 2

Jacob Rush double life vampire gop floridaPhoto via St. Peters Blog

Here we go again, another "conservative" candidate for U.S. Congress (this time from Florida) leading a double life and revealing himself to be a complete crackpot. No hype, this guy's got serious issues. St. Peters Blog has the full report, and it's a must-read.

Here's how Jacob A. Rush, "conservative straight shooter," wants us to see him:

However, in his super duper ultra secret double life, Rush belongs to "a nationwide community of gothic-punk role-players who come together to take on personas of vampires and other supernatural beings" who deal with "night-to-night struggles 'against their own bestial natures, hunters, and each other.'” I'msorrywhat?

What is up with conservatives named Rush? But I digress.

One of his supernatural personae goes by the name of "Chazz Darling" (Carlos Danger's swashbuckling unbuckling, brother?), a member of the Mind’s Eye Society, aka “Camarilla.”

fear 2

St. Peters Blog:

Among the photos still available on the wiki are:

Burning books
Aiming shotguns at dogs
Dressed as a vampire
Dressed as a demon
Satanic symbolism
Being chained and gagged
Bloody angel wings

Note: For the uninitiated, a succubus is a female demon who appears in dreams, usually in human form, to seduce men through sexual activity.

hiding under covers fear

This is what he wrote, as "Chazz Darling":

At first I thought you were just stupid and I wanted to stick my dick in your mouth to shut you up while I snorted a line off my new machete that was blessed by Rui (sic) but then I remembered that you were typing so my dick would really have to be in your hands to keep you from typing but since you are walking in Omaha that’s not really realistic right now.

I’m sorry, I tried.

Rae tells me that you are a Maiden, and it’s your job to be kind of stupid and that I’m not supposed to have intercourse with Maidens.

You shouldn’t believe everything that people tell you or you’re going to end up naked and sore, tied to the floor of a van marked “Free Candy.”

And stop letting people torpor (sic) you.

Except for the run-on sentences, poor word choices, perversion, vulgarity, and apparent mental illness, ol' Jake shows real promise! He'll fit in just fine in GOPland. He won't even need a speech writer, what with all that literary talent oozing out of what's left of his mind.

And hey! Nothing says "family values" like a "conservative straight shooter who wants "to stick my dick in your mouth to shut you up while I snorted a line off my new machete."

That should go over well with conservative voters.

family values my ass


Ex Rep Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh for Governor in 2014?


Just as long as he has no chance of winning, I'd love another campaign season for him to show what a huge jackass he is. Either that or MSNBC should snap him up as a Talking head. h/t Taegan.

Q. What about a bid for governor for you? A possibility?

A. You know that I believe fervently in that vision. I don’t know of many other candidates who articulate that vision. Am I going to do something? Oh gosh, I don’t know. People approach me every day and ask, “Walsh, are you going to run for the governor? Are you going to run for Senate?” I want to do my part to lead a movement to present a vision to this. I’d rather go down fighting. Democrats have ruined this state but they’ve been able to do it because the Republicans have allowed them to.

Q. Others say you would make a great political pundit on television. Any thoughts on that?

A. I’m a policy guy. My background is policy. I’m moved by ideas. Whether that means I run again or whether that means I’m doing something else, writing about or speaking about ideas, I don’t know. Somehow or other I’m going to be connected around them. We have a dearth of conservatives in the state. I’ve got a lot of flaws as a candidate. But I can talk to any person in everyday language. We desperately need that. This party that I’m part of, that I love, needs to be purged.


VIDEO: Has Herman Cain completely lost his mind? Or does he just like dead things?


Via , who else?

Hermie Cain just gets more and more bizarre. First he comes out with an ad that appears to show a child killing a goldfish. Then it was a bunny.

Now, a human being is attacked and killed by ... a chicken. That's so plucked up.


VIDEO: "Rick Perry thinks lying is fun, that's why he's a birther."


The blog title comes from a tweet by John Dean, which got my attention immediately. Rick Perry the birther strikes again. "It's a good issue to keep alive."

What fun! Questioning the first black president's citizenship! Hey, R.P., that is SO five billion racist insults ago! But we're all thrilled to pieces that you're enjoying yourself.

Meanwhile, there are a few things he might try addressing, like how many jobs have the Republicans created? Who eliminated Osama bin Laden again, and what exactly are your foreign policy positions? How about those Occupy protesters? What might possibly be bothering them?

In short, while there are many, many more urgent issues at hand, Ricky is fixated on having all kinds of fun kissing Donald Trump's ass, perpetuating lies, and failing miserably at attempts to sound coherent during the endless Teabates.

H/t: Think Progress


Rick Perry the Birther


Remember when the Loon Rangers, Rick Perry and Queen Birther Orly Taitz, hearted each other in public?

Ricky the Birther strikes again:

“I don’t know [if I believe what has been released]. I had dinner with Donald Trump the other night,” Perry said. “He doesn’t think [President Obama's birth certificate] real."

I don’t have any idea. It doesn’t matter. He’s the president of the United States. He’s elected. It’s a distractive issue,” Perry added.

Yet Ricky didn't refuse to answer, nor did he refuse to definitively state that President Obama is a U.S. citizen, period. So, he perpetuated the "distractive issue".

How many white presidents have had their citizenship questioned? None. (Although Chester Arthur was running for vice president at the time.)


Orly Taitz may challenge Dianne Feinstein for U.S. Senate because "I do speak Spanish & I speak Hebrew."


Big mouth birther, dentist, lawyer, and all around tse-tse brain Orly Taitz is back in the news yet again. Only a few days ago, she couldn't resist telling us that she couldn't resist Rick Perry.

Now she is "absolutely" mulling a run for U.S. Senate, and may challenge my very own senator. Yes, Dianne Feinstein, watch out, Orly's out to get you! 

Via the Sacramento Bee:

"I think I do have a chance specifically because I do speak Spanish and I speak Hebrew," Taitz told The Bee after attending a town hall-style event on Latino issues at the California Republican Party convention in Los Angeles.

She feels that another failed run for office would give her "a platform to talk about the issues that corrupt establishment... are refusing to talk about."

Just what we need. If Californians are forced to listen to Orly talk... and talk, and talk... we will be in dire Taitz.

Our previous Taitz posts can be found here.


VIDEO- The Loon Rangers: Birther Orly Taitz and Gov. Rick Perry heart each other.


 Just when you thought politics couldn't get any more harebrained, along comes Orly Taitz--again-- to drive home the point that reality and right wing extremism are mutually exclusive. [Previous Taitz posts here]

Orly: "I’m pretty sure they will [use the birth certificate issue], but I’m also sure that their strategy will be to wait and use it at the last possible moment to make sure that there is no primary challenger in the Democrat Party."

Yes, because that whole citizenship thing ended so well for the birthers.

These two loons deserve each other. But what makes this so creepy is that they're not only mildly entertaining radicals, they're dangerous radicals.

Via Think Progress:

Standing in the rope line after Perry’s speech, Taitz spoke with the Texas governor as he wrote on her sign, “♥ Rick Perry”. Audio of the exchange was difficult to make out, but according to Taitz, she told Perry that he will “get Obama” and “will have him in prison for Social Security fraud.”

Who's going to put Perry in prison for negligence?