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DSCC outraised NRSC again, this time nearly 2-1


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Here's what the front page of the NRSC site looks like. I added the arrow.

Eeks! Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer look so blue and skeery and evil!

Via Roll Call:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee outraised its GOP counterpart nearly 2-to-1 last month, marking the second month in a row it has brought in significantly more cash than the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

According to figures provided by the committees, the DSCC raised $4.3 million in February and had $5.1 million in cash on hand at the end of the month. The NRSC raised $2.2 million and had $3.1 million in the bank on Feb. 28.

we win

But the best part is that Paul Ryan's new, old, new again, old again, new yet again, old yet again budget gave the DSCC a big boost:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $500,000 in its recent campaign attacking House Republicans — and possible Senate candidates — for supporting Rep. Paul D. Ryan’s budget blueprint, according to fundraising figures provided exclusively to CQ Roll Call.


Last-minute $760K funneled to Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin" by NRSC was "misleading, dishonest, underhanded"



Todd Akin, who said Claire McCaskill was "like one of those dogs: Fetch"; who omitted information on financial disclosure forms; who said abortions were done “on women who weren’t pregnant;” and who infamously asserted that victims of ‘legitimate rape’ don’t get pregnant, had Republicans running from him faster than Paul Ryan in a marathon.

For awhile. Remember?

As it turns out, the GOP were for him before they were against him before they were for him.

Roll Call:

In the last days of the 2012 campaign, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent $760,000 to the Missouri Republican Party, which appears to have used the money to run TV ads for Rep. Todd Akin’s ill-fated Senate campaign.

They waited until the last minute to transfer the money, which they did on the first two days of November, so nobody could be sure where it came from until after the election.

Democrats would have had a field day with this, had they known it was from the NRSC. But they know now:

Democrats were quick to pounce on the news [...]

“It is not only wrong that the NRSC would provide funds to support a dangerous extremist like Todd Akin; it was underhanded and dishonest that they would purposely mislead the public about their actions,” said Matt Canter, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Another example of the unsurprising lack of judgment that the GOP so frequently demonstrates, especially considering the poll numbers, which showed McCaskill well ahead.

Another example of unsurprising GOP secrecy.

And it's also another example of the unsurprising tone deafness that ultimately lost them the election.


Republicans Release April Fools Day Ad for Obama Re-Election


Um, lame? If that stuff is the worst you can say about Obama, then this is going to be an interesting election. Plus, unicorns and rainbows in the same place at the same time? Never happen.


Dems rake in cash


This may be the best fundraising month in six years, but somehow I don't think that will matter much when the GOP has the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spending over ten million a week from undisclosed sources on their candidates:

(CNN) – Polls and pundits may have Republicans winning Senate seats in the November elections, but it's Democrats who are the recent money winners - the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) raised $27 million in the last three months, according to a statement released Friday.

Over $15 million of that total was raised in September, a figure that trumps the $8.3 million the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) raised in the same month, according to their statement.

"Democrats are increasingly unified and motivated in the final stretch of the midterm elections," J.B. Poersch, Executive Director of the DSCC said in the statement. "As Republicans nominate extremists who want to return to the failed Bush economic policies of the past, Democrats are ready to fight."

We have $25.6 million in the bank, the NRSC has $19.2 million.

As for that "ready to fight" thing, I know I am, but the way the Dems are being portrayed in the media, you'd never know they were.