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VIDEO: "Now step away from the teleprompter," said Sarah Palin reading from a teleprompter at #CPAC2013


sarah palin cpac 2013 big gulp animated gif

Apparently Republicans are still, still, making idiotic references to President Obama's use of teleprompters. I've called out their hypocrisy on that repeatedly, and I've also written a few times about why teleprompters are a good thing. Please link over to read why they’re not as terrible as the GOP keeps saying they are.

In fact, Rick Santorum actually said, “It should be illegal to read off a teleprompter.”

And back at CPAC 2010 "Genius" 14-year-old speaker made a lame teleprompter joke. By the way, he's older, wiser, and no longer a conservative.

Did I mention that Marco Rubio mocked Obama’s teleprompter…while in front of a teleprompter?

Oh, and there's this:

palin teleprompter1And this:

palin teleprompter2

And now this:

"Now step away from the teleprompter and do your job!" said Former Half-Gov Hypo McCritical as she read those words from a teleprompter.

palin cpac 2013 teleprompter

Via @MzYun

I taught comedy for years, and there are a few rules that anyone attempting humor in front of an audience and who has the least bit of comedic talent knows. Palin broke at least three of them: 1) Be, you know, funny 2) Be fresh, don't rely on the same old stale material, and 3) Know when to stop.

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PhotOH! President Obama's handwritten edits of his inauguration address


obama inauguration speech notes via Pete Souza

The White House has released a very cool photo of President Obama editing his inauguration address in what appears to be very legible (albeit too small for us to see clearly) handwriting.

Is anyone else geeking out in a good way over this image?

(CNN) –The official White House photo was taken by Obama's top photographer Pete Souza. The caption says Obama was working with Jon Favreau, his outgoing speechwriter, in the Oval Office on January 16.

I zoomed in and tried to sharpen it up a little, but it's still too small to read. Follow the CNN link for more:

obama inauguration speech notes via Pete Souza closer

That's about as easy to decipher as this:

scott brown tweets  bqhatevwrOh but I kid the president.



PhotOH! Gabby Giffords used these handwritten notes for her testimony in Senate gun violence hearings


gabby giffords senate hearings gun violence

Earlier today, Paddy posted Gabby Giffords statement at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on preventing gun violence. If you watched that without tearing up, then watch it again, this time with a box of tissues nearby.

And if that fails to choke you up, check out her handwritten notes for her testimony. They were posted at the Facebook page for Gabby Giffords' PAC, the Americans for Responsible Solutions:

 gabby giffords notes senate hearing gun violence

Those are the words of a real hero.

"Speaking is difficult but I need to say something."


"We must do something. It will be hard." Understatement.

"Be courageous." Gabby Giffords speaks from experience.

"Thank you!" No, thank you.

H/t: BuzzFeed


Mitt Romney: Commander-in-Cheat?


UPDATE: This post is not a comment on President Obama's performance one way or another. The questions raised have nothing to do with how he did. This is about Romney and only Romney.

So there I was on Twitter last night, minding my own beeswax, when suddenly I got all kinds of tweets asking me if Willard M. Romney brought notes to the debate. If he did, that's against the rules. If he did, it's a quite a statement about what's left of his character, if anything. If he did, then he's even sleazier and more dishonest than I thought.

The Big Question o' the Day is: Did he or didn't he? I retort, you deride:

All you need to watch is the first 11 seconds.

UPDATE: Here it is in slo-mo, h/t @MzYun:

More video here.

I wasn't going to post about this, but the story is growing, and now Los Angeles radio hosts are all over it, among others. So what do you think?

H/t: Mo'Kelly, host on KTLK radio for "Commander-In-Cheat"


There goes another GOP talking point: Pres. Obama switches off his teleprompter


Image via

I've written a few times about why teleprompters are a good thing. Please link over to read why they're not as terrible as the GOP hypocritically says they are... ahem:

I've never understood the fake outrage over using teleprompters. But okay, since it's something Republicans feel is so very important, here we go.

The Hill is reporting (and you may have noticed just by watching the president at campaign stops) that President Obama has been speaking more from notes (no, not on his hand) and less from the 'prompter. He's weaning himself off of the very thing that the GOP loves to pick on (so idiotically) as they continue to rely on them themselves.

Every time Willard M. Romney speaks extemporaneously, he finds himself YouTubed for at least one humiliating news cycle (how about them "chocolate goodies" folks?), so Republicans should be buying stock in and collecting millions in donations from Teleprompters Inc. instead of dissing them:

At recent campaign events in Pennsylvania, Virginia and again Monday in Ohio, Obama spoke to crowds in high school gymnasiums and at crowded outdoor events without his teleprompter, instead using written notes. [...]

Team Obama thinks the switch, or partial switch — the president is not giving up the teleprompter entirely — will help him better connect with voters.

He's right. Connecting with voters, using eye contact, directing attention at them as often as possible is the way to go. Audiences need that bond. However, notes are crucial to accuracy, and all that parsing by commentators keeps speakers on their toes.

A senior administration official acknowledged the shift in the president’s style, saying Obama is speaking “more extemporaneously.”

But the senior official said the lack of teleprompters has “less to do with image and more to do with upping the tempo” at campaign events, while creating more unscripted moments.

Not using a teleprompter lets Obama be more spontaneous on the stump. Since making the shift, the president at times has ad-libbed remarks while playing off his supporters’ reactions, something that had been difficult with a teleprompter.

Bam. It's all about communication, but unfortunately, every one of the president's words is scrutinized, and he does have to be precise with his message and careful not to say something he'll regret, as do Romney and any other public figures.  But at a rally or other more casual setting, teleprompters can seem too formal and restricting.

And from what I've seen, the president wins crowds over even more when he speaks off the cuff. So it's a win-win for him: He's more engaging and improvisational while at the same time eliminating one (rather juvenile) weapon that his opponents love to use against him.


Note to Readers:


By GottaLaff

Paddy's cable went kablooey, and I'll be gone for a couple of hours, so it will be light posting for just a little while.

Thank you.

The Mg'ment.


VIDEO: Sarah Palin writes on her hand because she is just like God


By GottaLaff

This is so jaw-droppingly convolutedly typical:

Sarah Palin Speaks at the Ohio Right to Life fundraiser on March 5, 2010.

Via Gryphen:

[...] I heard NUMEROUS reporters and pundits call her out on both the content of what she wrote on her hand during the teabagger convention as well as the fact that she had to write it down to remember it. NOW look who is making things up.

I particularly enjoyed the part about GodClone McJustify's compulsion to scribble a dollar sign on her hand. I'm surprised it wasn't tattooed:

I wonder how much Jesus was paid for HIS speeches?

We know one thing about Jesus: He was no quitter. Sweartogod: