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What Would You Do? More Importantly, What Will You Do? SOS Children


SOS Children

Norwegian Boy Freezing - SOS Children

A social experiment was done recently in Norway. Hidden cameras were set up to cover it and the results show something in the human spirit, no matter whether in the US or abroad, that gives hope that we as people really care.

An 11-year-old boy sat shivering, freezing, and jacket-less at a bus stop in Oslo on a cold winter's day. Others saw him, alone and chilled to the bone. Watch and see how they reacted. How would you have handled this? What would you do?


The experiment was filmed by the Norwegian branch of the SOS Children's Villages International charity as part of a campaign to provide warm clothing for displaced children in Syria, according to The Nordic Page.

"People [everywhere] should care as much about children in Syria as they care about this boy," Synne Rønning, the information head of SOS Children's Villages Norway, told The Local. She also noted that the child was a volunteer who was never in any danger during the filming.

Doesn't this video show us that we do care? Now how about those hundreds of thousands of displaced children in Syria? Want to help? Here's how:

To learn more about SOS Children's Villages International click here.


APOD Video Overnight Thread- Time Lapse Auroras Over Norway


Time-Lapse Auroras Over Norway
Credit & Copyright: Terje Sørgjerd; Music: Gladiator Soundtrack: Now we are Free
Explanation: Sometimes, after your eyes adapt to the dark, a spectacular sky appears. Such was the case in 2011 March when one of the largest auroral displays in recent years appeared over northern locations like the border between Norway and Russia. Pictured in the above time-lapse movie, auroras flow over snow covered landscapes, trees, clouds, mountains and lakes found near Kirkenes, Norway. Many times the auroras are green, as high energy particles strike the Earth's atmosphere, causing the air to glow as electrons resettle into their oxygen hosts. Other colors are occasionally noticeable as atmospheric nitrogen also becomes affected. In later sequences the Moon and rising stars are also visible. With the Sun currently hovering near its time of maximum activity, there may be many opportunities to see similarly spectacular auroras personally, even from areas much closer to the equator.


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Norway shooter: Ammo was from U.S. legally


All on the up and up no less. Now we're exporting our stupidity. Sigh. From Ben's tweet. Much more at the link.

The Norwegian madman who killed dozens at a kids summer camp claims he legally bought high-capacity ammunition clips by mail from the United States, prompting Capitol Hill’s leading gun control advocate to say on Thursday that America should be ashamed such purchases aren’t against the law.

Anders Behring Breivik wrote in a 1,500-page manifesto that he bought 10 30-round ammunition clips for his .223 caliber rifle from an unnamed small U.S. supplier, which then in turn acquired the clips from other suppliers. Norway forbids the sale of magazine clips for hunting rifles that hold more than three bullets, according to Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.


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CHART, VIDEO: Blowing the rush to blame Muslims for Oslo attack to smithereens.


Thom Hartmann has been referring his listeners to the FBI website, specifically its counter-terrorism division, even more specifically its chronological summary of terrorist incidents from 1980-2005, which of course includes September 11, 2001.

Now why would he do that? Because immediately after the monstrous attack by Anders Breivik, who held deeply anti-Muslim views, right-wing pundits jumped to blame Muslims and "Jihadists" for them. If that isn't bad enough, Peter King will still target only Muslims in his terrorism hearings.

So Thom did a little digging, and then I did a little digging after hearing about his digging, and I ran across this chart that summarizes the FBI statistics. It pretty much blows all those "Muslish" (see video below) headlines to smithereens:

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database

That's right, Islamic extremists were responsible for only 6% of terrorist incidents. Oh, and there was this:

The majority of domestic terrorism incidents from 1993 to 2001 were attributable to the left-wing special interest movements the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Right-wing extremism, however, primarily in the form of domestic militias and conservative special interest causes, began to overtake left-wing extremism as the most dangerous, if not the most prolific, domestic terrorist threat to the country during the 1990s. [...]

The terrorist preventions for 2002 through 2005 paint a more diverse threat picture. Eight of the 14 recorded terrorist preventions stemmed from right-wing extremism, and included disruptions to plotting by individuals involved with the militia, white supremacist, constitutionalist and tax protestor, and anti-abortion movements.

Here's another chart that Think Progress posted:

Which brings me to this must-see Colbert Report video:

We really must stop all that "rushing to accuracy" because it's "safer go with Muslims. That's not prejudice, that's probability." Gold.