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Tea Party Kills Job Creation In North Carolina

Film North Carolina

Image: North Carolina Film Office

Nice going, Tea Party! Looks like you - and hard right multimillionaire Art Pope, who has essentially bought the legislature and state house - have dealt another blow to state jobs by driving television and film production out of state! As California moves closer to quadrupling tax incentives for film production, North Carolina is moving in…


Black voters in South could play big role in midterm elections


chris christie fear of black voters

Republicans don't treat black voters well at all. They disenfranchise them, they suppress their votes, they make it nearly impossible for them to get to the polls, they put up all kinds of obstacles to keep them from registering, and they do everything they can to make those Voter I.D.s they insist upon as inaccessible as possible.

Or as I like to call it, GOP outreach.

Thank you, Supreme Court, for your decision last year to gut the Voting Rights Act. How impartial of you.

Consequently, African American voters won't exactly flock to the Republican party any time soon. Nor will they be inclined to fill in a dot next to anyone with an R after their name on the ballot. Can the GOP be any more shortsighted?

Ironically-- with a twist of karma-- black Southern voters are about to play a prominent role in the November elections.

Via Nate Cohn for the New York Times:

Nearly five decades after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, black voters in the South are poised to play a pivotal role in this year’s midterm elections. If Democrats win the South and hold the Senate, they will do so because of Southern black voters. [...]

This year’s closest contests include North Carolina, Louisiana and Georgia. Black voters will most likely represent more than half of all Democratic voters in Louisiana and Georgia, and nearly half in North Carolina. Arkansas, another state with a large black population, is also among the competitive states. [...]

If Democrats win this November, black voters will probably represent a larger share of the winning party’s supporters in important states than at any time since Reconstruction. Their influence is not just a product of the Senate map. It also reflects the collapse in Southern white support for Democrats, an increase in black turnout and the reversal of a century-long trend of black outmigration from the South... Southern black turnout today rivals or occasionally exceeds that of white voters.

You know what this means, right? Say it with me:

gotv 3

As Cohn reminds us, black voters played a big role in Thad Cochran's primary win against a tea party candidate. Please read his chock full o' info, background, and history article in full, here.

And then help everyone you can to register, and in November, to get to the polls. Swarm the polling places. Vote in droves. Use your voices. Because it doesn't do much good to have winning numbers without access to the ballot box.


Who Hurts GOP Women The Most, Men Or Women?



"Why, I do declare," Miss Elmers said," how awfully hard these men folk make it on us demure ladies. Seems so burdensome, doesn't it now, with all those fancy big numbers and those complicated words they use. Why, it's all a woman can do to not take to the salts and feel the vapors without a man at her side to tell her what she should think. Another Mint Julep?"

If you think that awful made-up dialogue is from some old MGM costume Civil War piece, it certainly could be. But this kind of talk is actually being spewed right now as we speak. And it's being done by a North Carolina congresswoman, Renee Ellmers, who believes that the Republican Party would make more headway with women voters if it could bring policy discussions “down to a woman’s level.”

Raw Story:

The problem, she said, is that male politicians are making the policy discussion too complicated for women to understand.

“Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level,” Ellmers said. “Many of my male colleagues, when they go to the House floor, you know, they’ve got some pie chart or graph behind them and they’re talking about trillions of dollars and how, you know, the debt is awful and, you know, we all agree with that.”

“We need our male colleagues to understand that if you can bring it down to a woman’s level and what everything that she is balancing in her life — that’s the way to go,” she said.

Can you really believe this woman was elected to her office in Congress? She's about as contemporary as a hooped skirt and a whale bone corset. What is going on in this country that backwards thinkers like this are being allowed to ruin the lives of other women?

North Carolina by its mere antiquated, backwards and restrictive actions has a lot to apologize for -- but Renee Elmers's election to Congress might take the cake.

Wake up people. Your votes count. Make sure you use them and use them for your best interests. You don't need someone to tell you what's right nor do you need someone to talk down to you. You deserve better than this.


Regressives Hand Out Emergency Care Death Sentences in North Carolina



Most liberals were impressed by Republican Mayor Adam O’Neal of the small North Carolina town of Bellehaven, who went to the mic and the mat for a small rural hospital under threat of closure if the pinch-pursing asshattery didn't get Medicaid expansion moving along.

“The path the legislators are on right now has already caused stress on our hospitals; and especially rural hospitals,” Mayor O’Neal said. “Our rural hospitals could hardly survive in the past due to the reimbursement for indigent care. Without Medicaid Expansion the reimbursements are falling and hospitals like the one in my hometown are on the brink of possibly even closing. ... If you do not have critical access hospitals, people needlessly die. That’s a fact.”

That hospital is resigned to closing its doors as of yesterday.

What the hell is wrong with the Right, that their regressive hysteria about money and contraception have us letting our neighbors die? This isn't ideology anymore, this is actual blood sport.

You're so concerned with every pregnancy on the planet coming to term ... do you now expect women to be birthin' their own babies at home?

Right under our noses these arrogant, stingy men like Rick Perry and Chris Christie and Scott in FloridaFloridaFlorida have had the audacity to make the Imperial Proclamations that THEIR America won't have any part of the abomination of Obamacare ... whether their constituents need it or not.To survive.

Lawrence O'Donnell covered it beautifully last night. Have a gander and I'll meet you on the other side with commensurate outrage.

Background footage from June. Rural health and emergency care has GOT to be looked after in this country ...

Southern Republican defies party to come out... by ewillies

I can speak to this personally.[Dear Liberal Readers, feel free to skip this or even return, I was just too impassioned not to include my own experiences.] A little over two years ago there was a [second] Vermont redneck-ish Nascar ambulance run to get my bleeding-out self from our local regional medical center (basics only) to the trauma center in Burlington, 67.2 miles north. Over mountain roads.

The two rides of note were 25 years of chronic illness apart, and the sad political statement about rural healthcare advancements wasn't lost on my parents and husband when I got to their ER and ICU just in time to be crash-carted and get a few pints of high test. Five to fifteen more minutes would have been a very different ending, and I owe my life to the driver that broke his peer's previous record for that one early evening run, and the medic that talked me through the race.

Not three months ago, someone as dear as a brother to me [and partner at my 6-year home blogging base Free Range Talk], suffered a heart attack that then led to the insertion of some high tech intertubings … but was just able to get ambulanced to his incredibly fine Dallas Urgent Care within minutes, within the seconds, really, that his (formerly behaving) ticker had left to tock. That was but a two to three minute grace period in a major American city. Terrifying. In his own words:

Yes, the infarction was a bit of a shock. I felt like a vampire with a stake being driven through my heart. Barely made it, I was in surgery within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital (which luckily is less than 3 minutes from my house.)


How are those stories possible in 2014 in the United States of America?! Never mind hospitals and clinics closing despite more incoming patients. It's beyond Opposite World.

Republican Regressive backlash is now beginning to distill the bitter results of its parsimony - people in the age of the iPhone 6 still need ambulances, trained emergency personnel and Actual hospitals in order to have a functioning society.

Image, Cagle Cartoons

Image, Cagle Cartoons

These petulant obstructionist governors should each be faced by a Mayor O'Neal and publicly shamed out of their public manses housing. And off their tax-payer funded helipads.

Jesus for damned sure wouldn't be shutting down hospitals in the sticks of North Carolina, let a non-believer declare that.