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VIDEO- George Will: Donald Trump is a "low IQ... bloviating ignoramus... What [benefit] is Romney seeking?"


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On ABC's “This Week," conservative commentator George Will blasted Donald Trump. And if anyone needs blasting, it's Trump and his colossal ego:

I do not understand the cost benefit here. The costs are clear. The benefit — what voter is gonna vote for him (Romney) because he is seen with Donald Trump? The cost of appearing with this bloviating ignoramus is obvious it seems to me.

“Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics. Again, I don’t understand the benefit. What is Romney seeking?

Willard Romney is intent on proving to America that he has no judgment whatsoever. Yet he and his party insist that he is perfect presidential material. You just keep thinking that, GOP.

Oh, and speaking of colossal egos...


VIDEO- Here's the lesson Mr. Romney: Don't bet against America


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Tone deaf much?

Willard Romney: "Let them go bankrupt." What does that remind me of? Think... think... Oh, that's right:


VIDEO- Mitt Romney: Welfare recipients should be drug tested, "a great idea."


First there was Georgia, now there's Willard supporting Georgia, by saying he thinks drug testing welfare recipients is "a great", no, even better, "an excellent idea."

Civil rights advocates, meanwhile, have been quick to challenge the constitutionality of drug testing bills that were passed last year, and courts blocked similar bills from being implemented in Florida and Michigan.

Civil rights aside for just a moment, not only is the number of people who use drugs and who also benefit from government assistance extremely low, it's not exactly cost effective either. So, the "They're all addicts!" talking point has been debunked, and the program is costly.

And Wise Man Willard thinks this is a "great" idea. Of course, he thinks outsourcing is too, along with "personhood," corporate personhood, marriage inequality, and abusing his dog.


Quickie: Rick Perry's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Judgment


Today's Quickie:

Inept, bumbling Rick Perry is still running. People still vote for him, give him their money, and trust him to be their commander in chief and feel he'd be a competent world leader. Voters even continue to trust their children's future to him.

Now presidential hopeless hopeful Rick Perry has selected racial profilersadistic, negligent, failed-sex-crimes-investigator, racist, all-around putz Sheriff Joe Arpaio to serve as his campaign’s Arizona state chairman.

GOP: Opposite World.

That was today's Quickie. Will you still respect me in the morning?

H/t: Think Progress