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Big Brother cast member: Pres. Obama is a "Muslim monkey"


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Yes, I admit it, I watch Big Brother and have since Season One. Sue me. Mr. Laffy and I have no idea why we started, considering we're not fans of reality [sic] shows... which is ironic, because Mr. Laffy writes/produces reality shows. (Before you ask how one writes an unscripted show: He writes host dialog and figures out how to whittle down over 300 hours of footage to create a storyline for a 41-minute show.) So anyway.

Last year Big Brother had, erm, issues. Racist issues. Nasty ones. Ugly ones. Involving two blonde women targeting their fellow African American, Asian, and gay house guests. It was not easy to watch, the viewer backlash was loud and clear, and they both got fired from their jobs. But one of them came in second and was rewarded for her on-air behavior with thousands of dollars, despite her vile conduct.

Clearly, CBS, squirming amid the uncomfortable howls of protest, has learned a thing or two and is making every attempt to improve the screening process of this season's contestants.

The Los Angeles Times:

Absent in the promotion of the new season however has been any mention of the elephant in the "Big Brother" living room — the racist and homophobic comments that clouded last season, but did bolster ratings.

Key words: Bolster ratings.

In TV land, ratings are everything. Without ratings, shows go to TV Heaven (or Hell, depending on the show), with some exceptions of course. But CBS knows better than to repeat this particular mistake, especially one that was so egregiously offensive. Right?

But already a similar controversy is heating up. Fan websites discovered this week homophobic and racially inflammatory comments on social media from new cast member Caleb Reynolds, an "adventure hunting guide" who lives in Hopkinsville, Ky. In commentary on his Instagram account, Reynolds referred to President Obama as a "Muslim monkey" and used an anti-gay slur.

CBS's response? No comment. No comment about whether Racist Caleb will be a house guest. No comment about whether they knew about his disgusting racist, bigoted "commentary." Only silence, per the L.A. Times.

I guess they're weighing whether boosting the number of more rubbernecking viewers and spiking media coverage trump prejudice and hatred. That should be an easy choice. If CBS has to mull this one, then Big Brother will be evicted from my house.

big brother eviction


Quickie: TV ratings for RNC convention: Networks lose 17 million viewers vs. 2008


Today's Quickie:

TV Newser:

All told, just over 20 million people were watching last night on the Nielsen-rated networks, compared to 37 million for night two of the RNC in 2008. Night one of the 2012 RNC was roughly on par with night one of the 2008 RNC ratings-wise, making the gap all the more dramatic.

So Lyin' Ryan wasn't the big draw as the fawning "Wowee He's a Cute, Young Rock Star and Holy Cow Check Out Those Abs!" Republicans hoped he'd be.

Nor was Condi Rice.

Nor was John McCain, Susana Martinez, Tim Pawlenty, or Rand Paul.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?


Rachel Maddow wins cable news ratings Friday night (viewers 25-54)


Note: Blog title edited.

Great news for Rachel Maddow... and MSNBC. Mediaite has more so please see their other chart:


•MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had the highest-rated show in cable news Friday night in terms of viewers 25-54

Good for her, good for us!




How many ways can Donald Trump fail? Let me count the ways.

One (via The Hollywood Reporter):

...NBC’s three-hour telecast — which saw Star Jones and LaToya Jackson fired and NeNe Leakes quitting -- didn’t fare so well: Celebrity Apprentice (7 million total viewers, 2.4 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic) was the lowest-rated spring telecast for the franchise, dipping 23 percent.

Two (via Ben Smith):

In April, the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey canceled its golf classic event at the Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia to protest Donald Trump's hissy fit over President Obama’s birth certificate. That's lost business.

Three (via TPM) (well, four, if you count Paddy's earlier post about Mr. Chump saying he's the "least racist person there is" because an African American won on his show six years ago):

"Apparently he doesn't like educated African-Americans very much," Kevin Allen, a final four contestant on the series' second season, said with a laugh when asked about Trump's recent attacks on Obama. [...]

Allen, a Wharton Business School grad, Emory MBA, and University of Chicago law graduate, was "fired" from the show after Trump criticized his "unbelievable education," and numerous degrees from elite universities.

Well, five if you count the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Well, six if you count his hair.

I'll stop now.