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Biggest Gaffe Ever At MSNBC?


Lindsay Lohan

In the words of of Belle Carroca (Lanie Kazan) in the film classic, My Favorite Year, "This I did not even know."

And I'm willing to bet, MSNBC didn't know it either.

Joy Reid needed smelling salts after collapsing on stage hearing this. Reports are that she's fully recovered and won't miss any additional work at MSNBC.

MSNBC Fact checkers? Can you please clean up the mess in front of the White House lawn. Her name is Chris Jansing and she needs some schooling. Oh, and a washcloth to remove the egg from her face.

It seems the mush-headed thinking reporter, Jansing (who must have taken too much of her medication before going on air) claims she was talking about the President's father, not the President.

But if you hear her go on, she's absolutely talking about the President as she refers to his election and his expectations he'd do great things for Africa after his election sure make this reporter look awfully unprepared and quite ignorant.

The President's Kenyan father was never elected to anything as far as anyone fact checking can find. Quite a gaffe from a woman who will most certainly be the laughing stock of MSNBC for years to come. Her next assignment will probably be getting someone coffee at the news outlet, not reporting from the White House.


The Daddy's Girl, Liz Cheney, Goes Medieval on President Obama


Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney Oh look, you're still here

Few women annoy liberals (and most Dems) like CheneyCo's next creation, Daughter and self-branding Cowgirl, Liz.

She may never her garner her openly gay sister Mary's attention again, idiocy is such an insecure mode to flow in.

Currently, Liz Cheney has a swarm of bumblebees in her bonnet. Any guesses? He's the decidedly Not Pale president of most of the United States … Barack H. Obama.

I suspect that Liz thinks she inherited political cred and viciousness from her Daddy Dick - a guy who allegedly still has a warrant out on him in nearby Brattleboro, Vermont.

Steve Benen of The Rachel Maddow Show had a terrific write-up on the horribly sad father/daughter mentality.

Note how the Cheneys have gradually made an awkward transition – from incompetent public officials to right-wing activists to lazy Internet trolls.
Al Qaeda and its affiliates are resurgent and they present a security threat not seen since the Cold War. Defeating them will require a strategy – not a fantasy. It will require sustained difficult military, intelligence and diplomatic efforts – not empty misleading rhetoric.


Is America even remotely comfortable with this severe degree of Idjut political malarkey …  going to this extreme? 
In effect, the Cheneys seem to believe President Obama wants to hurt America. It’s not the result of the administration’s policies, they effectively argue, it’s the goal of these policies.


Cartoon-courtesy Adam Zyglis, The-Buffalo-News

Cartoon-courtesy Adam Zyglis, The-Buffalo-News

The Cheneys – the Cheneys – want to talk about the scourge of “misleading rhetoric.” Let that thought roll around in your head for a moment.
Despite clear evidence of the dire need for American leadership around the world, the desperation of our allies and the glee of our enemies, President Obama seems determined to leave office ensuring he has taken America down a notch.

Image, Cagle

Image, Cagle

Darth Vader Dicque Cheney seems to be avoiding the locals? How rude.


Now there's a politician clearly speaking out on all the sides of  her conservative sanz truth mouth.


Lizzie was much more comfy over at Fvx Noise this week, "He takes no responsibly … at all", blasted Cheney 2.0:


Image courtesy of Asshole of the

Image courtesy of Asshole of the


Lawrence O'Donnell's First Week Back Rocking His 30 Rock Desk


Lawrence had one long taxk-crash-in-Cuba hiatus!

We've all been in cabs, foreign or domestic, that had us wondering if we'd survive to make the flight, the dinner reservation or zee occasional STAT run to Walgreens in the middle of the night ... but poor Lawrence O'Donnell actually had the serious Taxi Accident of city-dweller/tourist angst, and just barely finished his first week back on MSNBC's (more sane) evening 30 Rock line-up.

After a three month medical sabbatical. Lawrence, we missed ye well. Not that Ari Melber didn't do a Yeomen's Work.

please tread on me

Do we truly realize just how much has happened in three months?!??!


For true fun, check out Lawrence's perspective on that hiatus, and his Last Word on a week back at his anchor chair at 30 Rock [his earlier programs had been coming to us Live from NBC's Cali HQ].

He is by far one of our finer pundits. A highlight this week was his Opinion segment on 'legitimate rape', which is so worth the minutes to see or see again.

In the wake of Hobby Lobby and the Latest Regressive Right Idjit Moves to send our culture back in time, having someone of Lawrence's calibre unpack the current Fvx Hysteria is soothing.

There is intelligent life on television, he and Maddow prove it. [And Saturday Night Live but they are in reruns for a bit longer.]



Paul Bremer Gets Reamed A New A**hole By Erin Burnett


Burnett Bremer

Sometimes watching someone squirm makes us feel uncomfortable. But when they bring it on themselves, not so much. CNN's Erin Burnett had Iraq Warlord and Bush confident and liar-in-chief Paul Bremer on her show last night. He didn't last long. A bob, a weave and then Burnett landed blow after blow against this fraud masquerading as a man. Without any doubt, he's lucky Obama didn't prosecute him for war crimes and treason against this country. And how does he repay this generosity? He blames Obama for what he (Bremer) left behind.

If you want to see the Thrilla in Vanilla, The Battle of the B's, or The Bremer's Bash, here you go-- front row seats. Better put on some plastic clothing. Erin draws blood early. Watch the cut over Bremer's eye when Erin quickly attacks on this CNN clip:

"People, a lot of people are watching you right now and they're —they're hearing you give your ideas of what to do. And they're saying, 'but aren't you the guy who got us in this mess?'"

"Look, you're the guy who ran Iraq for George W. Bush."