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PhotOH! Post SCOTUS marriage equality rulings, an excellent New Yorker cover: Bert and Ernie’s “Moment of Joy”


gay rights liza minelli sign
new yorker cover bert and ernie gay rights

Fan. Tastic. Kudos to Jack Hunter, the artist.

Nobody can explain to my satisfaction why oh why anyone would object to two consenting adults who love each other wanting to commit to a long term, healthy relationship.

Where does anyone get off denying the same rights to loving, committed gay couples that straight loving, committed couples enjoy?

Where does anyone get off making someone else's intimate relationship matter so much that they feel compelled to interfere?

Where does anyone get off insisting that another couple's personal relationship is the least bit relevant or threatening to their own?

Do the same people who want to deny equal rights to gay couples also scrutinize opposite sex couples' lives? ...

...I mean other than intruding on women's private lives by forcing trans-vaginal ultrasounds into them and demanding they ignore the law of the land, their own doctors' advice, and their own personal choices.

Why would anyone feel compelled to deny anyone else their "Moment of Joy"?

I have yet to get a reasonable response to any of those questions, because there is none.


PhotOH! Gun problem solved


guns problem solved

(Sent to me in an email, no attribution available.)

Sometimes a visual and/or a little pointed, dark humor gets the message across better than a long, involved post filled with outrage.

And no, I do not condone shooting oneself. I would hope that is obvious.

For good measure, I'd like to share this Art Spiegelman New Yorker cover from 1993 that was also sent to me in an email:

new yorker cover kids guns

Twenty (corrected) years later the same cover is still relevant and equally disturbing. How sad is that?

(Laffy Note: I'm on no sleep. Error is now corrected thanks to reader Steve Hychka.)


PhotOH! New Yorker: Mitt Romney's tattoos. Oh, and new poll says Pres. Obama leads in Ohio 51-47



And this just in, via PPP:

PPP's newest Ohio poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 51-47, up from a 49-48 margin a week ago.

It's starting to look like Obama might have turned the corner with his wins in the second and third debates. ... Obama's approval is on positive ground at 51/48, while Romney's favorability is in negative territory at 47/51. Ohioans trust Obama over Romney on both the economy (52/46) and foreign policy (54/44).

Obama's built up a big lead among early voters in the state.

More at the link.

I love this post.


New Yorker magazine cover: Romney, Ryan giggly over prospect of tar-and-feathering a dog



Yes, Willard and Paul are luring a dog with a chicken leg so they can tar and feather it. Aren't they presh?

But, see, they make up for all the highjinks and merry little pranks with snuggly bedtime storytelling, Lady and the Tramp drink sharing, and shirtless car fixing like the real men do!

Don't they make the cutest couple ever?


PhotOH! Best New Yorker cover ever, thanks to President Obama


Please go here to see the artist's comment, which will be worth the effort.

President Obama hit a home run, while Etch a Sketch Romney can't even justify his contradictory "states' rights" vs. "federal marriage amendment" positions.


New Yorker magazine covers, Occupy Wall Street edition




And via Mark Karlin at BuzzFlash at Truthout:

[T]his is not just an issue of struggling unemployed workers; it's an issue of a financial system that needs systemic reform. Second of all, it's not a minor issue of "excesses" as if the chairman of the Bank of America had an extra bottle of champagne for dinner on the company account. It is, as Kristof writes, "another form of bank robbery." Obama, his Treasury secretary and his attorney general are doing very little to prosecute those who conducted the bank robberies, but they are tolerating the arrests of those who are witnesses to the crime.

Click on the link for more. It will provoke some of you, and have others nodding in agreement.


Commenter in "New Yorker" seeks info on tortured, murdered uncle/detainee's body


By GottaLaff

Jane Mayer has a piece out in the New Yorker that is a must-read. It concerns the death of a detainee, and includes a revelation about the unintended identification of the detention C.I.A. officer who was allegedly responsible:

In an apparent oversight, however, the identity of the manager of the Salt Pit at the time of Rahman’s death appeared recently in a public document. The officer, who continues to work for the C.I.A., is mentioned by name in a footnote in the October, 2009, legal response to allegations of unprofessional conduct filed by lawyers for Jay Bybee, the former head of the Office of Legal Counsel. The Bybee document was released last February by the Justice Department. Apparently unnoticed at the time, it revealed both the surname of the Salt Pit manager and the identity of the victim, Rahman.

[UPDATE, April 1, 6:40 P.M.: In an interesting disappearing act, unspecified government officials have now mysteriously redacted the name of the C.I.A. officer in charge of the Salt Pit from the public record described above. The document is easily accessible on the House Judiciary Committee’s Web site (pdf). But where footnote No. 28 previously identified the surname of the Salt Pit manager, as of April 1st, the name has been blacked out. The victim’s name, however, is still visible. It was evidently too late to keep that out of the public eye after the A.P. story.]

can you please tell us about the death body of rehman from where we can get it i am his nephew

Posted 3/31/2010, 11:32:10pm by sulimankhail

Think about that for a moment.

A news story about the death of a detainee at a black site causes a person who identifies himself as family, as the nephew of the victim, to try to locate the body after eight years... in a comment under the post.

He is asking for help in getting the body of a family member back. In Comments.

Assuming "sulimankhail" is who he says he is, what does this tell you? How does it make you feel that torture and murder has been done in our name... and now a prisoner's relative has to leave a comment under a story in the New Yorker in order to find the remains of his uncle?

I'm ashamed, and I am sickened.

A related story drives the point home:

Michael Sulick, head of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, told a student audience last week that the spy agency has seen no fall-off in intelligence since waterboarding was banned by the Obama administration.

Be proud, BushCo.


All my previous posts on this subject matter can be found here; That link includes one specific to only Fayiz al-Kandari's story here. Here are audio and video interviews with Lt. Col. Wingard, one by David Shuster, one by Ana Marie Cox, and more. My guest commentary at BuzzFlash is here.

Lt. Col. Barry Wingard is a military attorney who represents Fayiz Al-Kandari in the Military Commission process and in no way represents the opinions of his home state. When not on active duty, Colonel Wingard is a public defender in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you are inclined to help rectify these injustices: Twitterers, use the hashtag #FreeFayiz. We have organized a team to get these stories out. If you are interested in helping Fayiz out, e-mail me at The Political Carnival, address in sidebar to the right; or tweet me at @GottaLaff.

If you'd like to see other ways you can take action, go here and scroll down to the end of the article.

Then read Jane Mayer's book The Dark Side. You'll have a much greater understanding of why I post endlessly about this, and why I'm all over the CIA deception issues, too.

More of Fayiz's story here, at