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Courageous Bundy Ranch supporters strategized to use women as human shields during the standoff


This is a repost via of an article on our friend Anomaly's FreakOutNation site. Thanks, Anomaly!

Courageous Bundy Ranch supporters strategized to use women as human shields during the standoff (via FreakOutNation)

The  Conservative site The Blaze reported on the Bundy Ranch ‘range war’ and revealed that Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack and other organizers who joined the protest during his land dispute with the feds planned to put women on the front lines…

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GOP woos the Jews: The Awkward Moments


GOP woos the jews chris christie Sheldon Adelson Jeb Bush

Potential Republican 2016 presidential contenders went out of their way to woo the Jews yesterday, specifically billionaire Sheldon Adleson. The elitest of the elite (read: wealthiest) GOP donors showed up in Las Vegas at a Very Special Event. Members of the Republican Jewish Coalition were holding auditions, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ohio Governor John Kasich, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush were strutting their cringe-worthy stuff in one way or another.

Citizens United does it again: How to win buy friends politicians and influence people elections.

Being one of many Jews who would never open my wallet for any of those possible candidates, I tend to find humor in situations like these. And this time I found it courtesy of an article in the Los Angeles Times that included some of the more awkward moments.

Let's begin with how Gov. "Heartbroken" tried to shake off his Bridgegate scandal and how determined he was to rescue his damaged career by kissing Adeleson's ass bank account:

For Christie, Saturday's tryout showed the potential for missteps when governors wade into foreign policy at this early stage. During an otherwise warmly received speech, Christie's mention of a helicopter flight over "occupied territories" — terminology used by Israel's critics — during his trip to Israel sent murmurs and whispers of surprise through the conservative audience.

Oops, "murmurs and whispers of surprise" couldn't have done much to salvage his image. So much for Gov. "Who Moi?" and his efforts to restore some of the credibility he never had.

Scott Walker's anemic overtures to Jews whom he couldn't believably relate to at all went this way:

The candidates' attempts to connect with the audience appeared awkward at times. Walker emphasized that he decorates his house during the holidays with Christmas lights as well as a menorah candle. He also noted that his son's name, Matthew, means "gift from god" in Hebrew.


You've heard of Christian Mingle? This "What Happens in Vegas Pays in Vegas Moment" was a little like Jewish Mingle. A speed dating version of courting a roomful of donors. John Kasich's version of flirtation was trying to ingratiate himself by flaunting his first-name basis palsy-walsitude with Sheldon:

Kasich, who had been sitting next to Adelson at the Saturday luncheon, addressed him by name repeatedly throughout his post-meal remarks, as if the conversation was one-on-one.

Allow me to address these opportunists by name: Chris, Scotty, John, Jeb, can we talk? Don't pretend you're BFF with obscenely wealthy Jews when you're not; don't try to impress Jews with embarrassing references to your trip to Israel; and pleaseohplease don't attempt to convince Jews that you, an Evangelical Christian, are "one of them" because your Christian kid's name happens to have a Hebrew origin or meaning.

Seriously, don't.

What next, asking Adelson if he's a Scorpio?

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Harry Reid's Sneaky Plan To Destroy Mitch McConnell's Reelection


Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell

According to Talking Points Memo:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said he won't campaign against his arch rival, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who is up for reelection in 2014.

"Oh, no. No, I -- that -- I'm a traditionalist here, and that isn't anything I've ever done and will not do," he told Bloomberg's "Political Capital with Al Hunt" in an interview set to air Friday night.

At first I was a bit surprised, even disappointed. First, there's no love lost between Reid and McConnell. And secondly, Kentucky Democratic senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes is really in a winnable dogfight that the would knock the sitting Senate Minority leader not only off his chair, but out of the senate all together. This contest sets up to be the most watched in recent history at the Senate level.

As Ludergan Grimes is hardly a household name, even in her own state where she serves as Kentucky's Secretary of State, you would think that she could benefit from the current Senate Majority Leader's support. So when he declared he's not going to actively take part or campaign on her behalf, I was wondering what's going on. Ginning up interest for the Democratic candidate, by a powerful Democratic leader, to knock off the most powerful opposing senator seems like an important endeavor. But Harry publicly says, "no."

Then I got to thinking about why Reid would sit this one out, tradition be damned. Leader Reid says it's customary for leaders of opposing parties not to take a direct shot at their cross-party counterparts. Tradition. Well, so was the filibuster rule in the Senate and Harry had no problems sidestepping tradition there. So why would this be any different?

For a long time I've heard that the generally laconic Harry Reid didn't become Senate Leader without having some political savvy. And then it occurred to me, he is using it right now.


Reid is being cagey like a fox. He's not avoiding this showdown. He's actually, by drawing attention to his not taking sides, helping Alison Lundergan Grimes. What he's doing is very smart. He's appearing to back his comrade McConnell by not only ignoring the urge to say politically damaging things about the Minority Leader, he's making it sound like they're friends. They agree on a lot of things. They can work together. Talk about backhanded praise. There isn't a conservative Republican or Tea Party member in Kentucky who wants to accept compromise and a willingness for their representative to work WITH the Democrats.

Therefore, a vote for Mitch is to vote for the democratic way of thinking and of compromise. Or at least that's the vapors Harry Reid is putting out to Kentucky.

Republicans would rather stay home, than vote for a Mitch McConnell republican the way he's being painted. Democrats will turn out to support a change -- to Alison Ludergan Grimes.

You go Harry, you sneaky fox. Keep saying nice things about your ability to work with Mitch McConnell. Alison Ludergan Grimes, the more Harry "stays out of your campaign," the easier your path to the Senate Chamber is going to become.


Moms, children to hold Mother's Day events in 8 states to raise gun violence awareness. Details here!


guns mothers day Christina-Taylor Green

A press release from Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

Gun Violence Survivors Will Deliver Mother's Day Cards to Senators Who Voted Against Background Checks on Friday, Rally Against Gun Violence on Saturday
Roxanna Green, Daughter Killed in Tucson Mass Shooting, Releases Video Message
Mothers, children, and others who have been affected by gun violence will gather in eight states for Mother’s Day events this Friday and Saturday to raise gun violence awareness. This week those affected by gun violence gathered to create Mother's Day cards for their U.S. Senators, urging them to stand with moms across the country to prevent gun violence. They will deliver those cards to their U.S. Senators at Friday events and rally to end gun violence at events on Saturday. Recent independent polls that have found that more than 90 percent of Americans support background checks for all buyers.  
Americans can sign a Mother’s Day card urging their Senator to take action on gun violence here.
In addition, to mark Mother’s Day and the nationwide events, Roxanna Green, whose nine-year-old daughter Christina-Taylor Green was killed in the 2011 Tucson mass shooting, released a video message. Link to the video here.
The events and rallies will be held in states of Senators who voted against bipartisan legislation proposed by NRA A-rated Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey that would have closed the loopholes that make it easy for criminals and other dangerous people to get guns, including: Senators Kelly Ayotte (NH), Richard Burr (NC), Saxby Chambliss (GA), Dan Coats (IN), Jeff Flake (AZ), Dean Heller (NV), Johnny Isakson (GA) and Rob Portman (OH).
Event details are below (all times local.)
What: Mother’s Day Card Signing Rally – Mothers will then deliver cards to Senator Flake’s Tucson office 
Who: Jocelyn Strauss, Chapter Leader of Moms Demand Action; Mayors Against Illegal Guns, concerned citizens
Where: Fort Lowell Park: 2900 North Craycroft Rd, Tucson
When: Saturday, May 11, 10 AM
What: Moms Demand Action Mother’s Day Walk and Rally Against Gun Violence 
Who: Co-chapter head of Moms Demand Action of Georgia Piyali Cole, Co-chapter head of Moms Demand Action of Georgia Melinda Ennis, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned Georgians
Where: Piedmont Park, 400 Park Dr. NE, Atlanta
When: Saturday, May 11, 11:00 AM 
What: Mothers deliver Mother’s Day cards to Senator Coats’ Indianapolis office
Who: Moms Demand Action Chapter Lead Nicky McNally; Joantyonette (Tony) Grundy, whose husband and son were both shot and killed in Indianapolis; Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned Hoosiers
Where: Senator Coats’ Office: 10 West Market St, Indianapolis
When: Friday, May 10, 11:00 AM 
What: Mother’s Day Rally against Gun Violence
Who: Susanne Rallis of Moms Demand Action, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned North Carolinians
Where: Freedom Park, 1500 Princeton Avenue, Charlotte 
When: Friday, May 10, 3:15 PM
Winston Salem
What: Mother’s Day Rally against Gun Violence and Petition Delivery 
Who: Brandon Dandy, who lost his brother to gun violence; Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned North Carolinians 
Where: Senator Burr’s Winston Salem Office: 2000 West First Street, Winston Salem, NC 
When: Friday, May 11, 2 PM 
What: Mother’s Day Rally Against Gun Violence 
Who: Kaaren Haldeman of Moms Demand Action; Joslin Simms, who lost her son Rayburn eight years ago to gun violence; Yolanda Bagley, who lost her son Jelani four months ago to gun violence; Brenda James, who lost her son Randolph five years ago to gun violence
Where: Sister Cities Grove at Durham Central Park, next to the Durham Farmer's Market at 501 Foster St, Durham, NC 
When: Saturday, May 11, 11:30 AM 
Las Vegas
What: Mothers and children deliver Mother’s Day Cards to Senator Heller
Who:  Local activist and concerned mother of four Leisa Moseley, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned citizens 
Where: Lloyd D. George Federal Building, 333 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas 
When: Friday, May 10 at 4 PM
What: Mothers and children deliver Mother’s Day cards to Senator Ayotte's Nashua office
Who: Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Granite State Progress and concerned Granite Staters 
Where: Senator Ayotte's Nashua Office: 1444 Main Street, Nashua 
When: Friday, May 10 at 12:00 PM 
What: Moms Demand Action Mother’s Day Walk and Rally Against Gun Violence
Who: Cleveland lead for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Jane Burgett; Pastor Kristine Eggert, Disciples Christian Church; Christina Antenucci, MD, Doctors for Healthcare Solutions; Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned citizens
When: Friday, May 10 - 11:00AM
Where: Public Square, Corner of Ontario St. and West Superior Ave, Cleveland
What: Mother’s Day Rally Against Gun Violence
Who: Mother of gun violence victim Felicia Saunders, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and concerned citizens
When: Friday, May 10 at 4:30 PM
Where: Worthington Village Green: corners of SR 161 and High St, Columbus
What: Mother’s Day Rally Against Gun Violence
Who: Marsha Grayson, mother of Honor Student Jeron Grayson who murdered while home on Spring Break; Ms. Sharon Fields of Healing Wounds Family Support Group; Reggie Roberts of Ceasefire-PA, State Rep. Ed Gainey and Mayors Against Illegal Guns 
When: Saturday, May 11, 11:00  AM 
Where: Rodman Street Baptist Church, 6111 Rodman Street, Pittsburgh

Teens flee polygamist sect of Mormon Church, learn what the president & saltwater are, women aren't subservient "poisonous snakes"


escape key

Zach Bowers is a "plig." No, I'm not being insulting, nor was that a "pig" typo. "Plig" is short for polygamist child, and Zach and his brother grew up in a Utah polygamist compound. His dad married two sisters and raised 32 children.

About four years ago he had an argument with Polygamist Dad, left home, and joined an ongoing exodus-- read: escape-- from the sect. Of course, not all Mormons practice polygamy. The main Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints disavowed that a century ago, but per a report in the Los Angeles Times, Zach defected from "the secretive Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a breakaway sect of the Mormon Church that practices polygamy, dictates almost all aspects of people's lives and casts women into subservience."

He's 18 now, and he, his older brother, and his younger half-brother live northeast of Las Vegas with a caring married couple, along with their two kids, in a six-bedroom house.

They're adjusting well, but learning about "the intimacy of a nuclear family" with "parental figures" and living a more mainstream life has been challenging:

On his first ocean swim, Zach gulped water and nearly vomited: He'd never heard of saltwater. They've learned how to talk to girls, whom church elders warned "to avoid like poisonous snakes." [...]

Sect members who escape their compound are largely invisible to society, and are often without birth certificates or Social Security numbers. [...]

Zach was home-schooled — lessons involved reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon exclusively — and he was forbidden from watching TV or reading newspapers. He left the sect with little grasp of math, science or history. Multiplication tables baffled him and his reading skills were below normal. Zach admits he didn't know who Osama bin Laden was until the terrorist leader was killed in 2011.

"I didn't even know what the president was," he said. "I knew there was somebody over the United States, but I didn't know they called it the president."

Both Zach and Isaiah were once told how to wear their hair, what type of shoes to wear. They could never take off their long-sleeved shirts in public and had to wear long underwear year-round.

No birth certificates or Social Security numbers would make it impossible to vote for a president they never knew existed, as well as any other candidate or issue.

It took a few months for Zach to realize girls weren't poisonous snakes and to realize what "Star Wars" movies were. And understandably, the brothers now distrust organized religion.

But because of the couple that took them in, they are learning what a loving family really is.