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2013 Was A Kick Ass Year -- According To The Song


Troye Sivan

YouTube pop star Troye Sivan put out a song about 2012 last year and it went viral. So, when you've hit gold once, you go for it again. His tribute to the social phenomena, the political events and the year's pop culture in 2013 are amusing, poignant and very addictive. It may not be "Dumb Ways To Die" in its 'can't get it out of your head' quotient, but it sure is light, breezy and fun. So here it is for you. Look back at 2013 and it's cultural imprint (including, twerking, Nelson Mandella, Robin Thicke, the royal baby, One Direction, the LGBT world, the government shutdown and the Harlem Shake.)

Enjoy: (warning, adult language)


Cartoons of the Day- GOP Gibberish



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Mandela v Mahony. A "stark, stomach-churning contrast."


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mahony cover up
mandela mahony LATimes letters

I usually post letters that strike me emotionally one way or the other, but today I had to augment these with a screen grab of the images that were included with them. They hit home and deserve a good long look.

And with that, here are today's Los Angeles Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Mahony's sins," Letters, and "He made the world better," Mailbag, Dec. 7

Just imagine if the opinion section had had no words. Imagine if the only pieces on Saturday's page had been those two pictures, which stand in stark, stomach-churning contrast to each other in several ways.

At the bottom of the page was a small, black-and-white picture of Nelson Mandela in his former prison cell; he was captured by the camera with a look of compassion on his face. At the top of the page was a much-larger picture, in full color, of Cardinal Richard M. Mahony sitting outside, free as a bird, with his back to the camera.

Sometimes, pictures tell the story better than words.

Thomas Mann



I read both articles, and what a contrast they were.

The Mahony letters were all about a person forgetting his ethics and only thinking about aggrandizing himself, while the Mandela letters praised a common man who did the right thing to make a better world by his high ethics. Which one has won the respect of the world?

I am a Catholic, and I wish church leaders would keep Mahony out of the public's view.

Gloria T. Estrada

West Covina

Here are enlarged versions of the images above:

mandela mahony LATimes letters 2


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