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Surprise: Newest American Saboteurs are Democratic Senators



When you hear names like Charlie Schumer, Mark Warner, Cory Booker, Kay Hagen, Mary Landrieu, Bob Casey and Richard Blumenthal, you usually hear that some Democratically sponsored bill has their support. And usually you're right, give or take one of the above.

Yet recently, led by Senator Bob Menendez, these US elected officials to the upper house have been sold a bill of goods. And it's not a jobs or education bill. Nor is it some health plan or civil rights issue. It's war.

Real war. A potential nuclear war.

Why these guys? This isn't the Republican Party war stalwarts, Lindsay Graham and John McCain. These are normal people -- at least as normal as it gets in the senate.

The truth is these new Hawk senators are on the dole. Not necessarily news there -- all elected officials are influenced by lobbyists. But this time, and I'm going to take heat for this, it's the Jewish Mafia. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). It's the most influential Jewish lobby group in the US. And historically they have backed candidates who fight for justice and equality in social issues, and political ones when it comes to Israel.

Now Israel has a special place in my heart. Not just because it's the Jewish homeland and I was born a Jew, but my wife is a Sabra, a native born Israeli. And once you have that in your blood, you're generally a dyed-in -the-wool supporter of anything the Israeli Knesset (parliament) proposes.

This brings us to war and peace. For nearly 30 years we've been in a cold war with Iran. We've had no formal diplomatic talks with them and we've been the world leader in getting other nations to impose austere economic sanctions against them. That was until about four months ago. There was a breakthrough. John Kerry reported back to the US that talks on stopping or at least tightening nuclear safeguards with Iran were possible. But like all negotiations, there's a bit of 'give a little' to 'get a little.' The price for us was to hold off on further economic sanctions while negotiations would take place (a six months moratorium). The price to the Iranians is to allow open international monitoring of the Iranian nuclear program -- full inspections.

This was a great tit for tat -- especially as pressure was building for war between our two countries.  That would ultimately would result in a nuclear conflagration. There's no way around that. Yet here's a potentially peaceful solution at hand. The only ones unhappy in that region are Saudi Arabia (remember where the 911 trainees spent much of their pre-attack time) and Israel -- the other nuclear armed country in the region who doesn't want any competition in weapons superiority. And I can understand that.

Obviously those in the pocket of the neo-cons -- the entire GOP party hierarchy -- were against this. But the Democrats? How could they be against peace -- especially one their President is working so hard to accomplish? And if you're looking at public opinion, over 60% favor a peaceful solution with Iran over war. So how could 16 Democrats come out and favor new sanctions which would lead to Iran pulling away from the negotiating table?

Obama was told in no uncertain words that new sanctions  against Iran would be a line in the sand by the their President. Secretary of State Kerry was told the talks would be DEAD if Congress passed new sanctions by the Iranian Foreign Minister. So until we find a reason not to, why not give peace a chance?

The Republicans want war and they've been able, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. to stir the pot and brainwash the Jewish senate members (or those gentile members who aren't totally anti-semitic) by selling a bill of goods that peace negotiations can't be trusted. Netanyahu along via the dangerous and borderline deranged John McCain (who's totally bonkers) contacted his influential PAC, the AIPAC, and forced them to exert pressure on the weak and vulnerable among the Democratic senators. Face it, backbone is not a prerequisite for being a Democrat.

But don't take my word for it. Here's Chris Hayes:

Finally, some sense of sanity. Obama spoke to the Democratic Senate Caucus last night and evidently they've seen the light of their wayward ways.

UPDATE: Since this airing, according to WAPO:

But editorial boards and commentators have harshly condemned the push for a vote. Many Senate Democrats have continued to remain silent, which could well be a sign of an unwillingness to sign on to the bill. A couple Dem senators have come out against it in the last couple of days, joining 10 Dem committee chairs who have already done the same. At last whip count, this bill will not get past Harry Reid and is now considered dead.


There Once Was A Speaker Named Boehner


painting of Boehner

There once was a Speaker named Boehner
Whose leadership couldn't be vainer
He followed the extremist tea party
Which proved he wasn't a smarty
So now he’s known as John No-brainer.

His leadership was drifting away,
At least that’s what the pundits say.
With a government shutdown
Blame going all aroun’
He was a train wreck every step of the way.

When the going got rough for the Speaker
He tried to get tough but grew weaker
Down with what’s fair
To the budget he’d pare
His conscious was that of a tweaker.

Soon the public demanded his head
And his face became ever-more red
John wouldn't give in
He’d not committed enough sin
There was still some blood to be shed

He feared the loss of his gavel
Especially as things would unravel
Having hitched up with Cruz
Bedding with him he did choose
Now control in the House would travel.

A gun he did put to Barack’s head
Demanding his ego be fed
“Sacrifice your baby
And maybe, just maybe
I’ll bury you next to Senator Ted.”

So surrender to my ransom demand
Or you’ll never again see command
Now give in to me
Or I’m going to be
Late to my booth to get tanned.

Boehner went back to his House
Feeling defeated and much like a tit-mouse.
Wouldn't it be rich
If just like Gringrich
He became former Speaker and head louse?


Video- The Daily Show: Republican Hostage Negotiation


In This Corner, Barack Obama. In the Challenger's, John Boehner



It takes two to tango, so we're told. And the two we need to tango right now are Barack Obama and John Boehner. So far,only Obama seems to be moving with the rhythm. He's agreed to sign a clean continuing resolution at budget limits billions below his suggested levels. He's willing to move things ahead, forgo any negotiations for the short term in order to keep the government open.

What about Boehner? He seemed as recently as two weeks ago to agree to this, but then he found religion -- evil, dark, sinister black magic. It's called, in shorthand, Tea Party-itis. It's cauldron of bubbly poison is being stirred by Rafael 'Ted' Cruz and his minion, Mike Lee.

If truth be known, and it is in the video below, this pot has been simmering for some time. But it wasn't until the noxious brew was forced down Boehner's throat by the demonic Cruz-Lee duo, that the devil within has been released.

What's at the root of the Obama/Boehner feud? Take a look.