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NE mayor: "Take me to fucking court because I don't care. Minorities are not going to run my city."


Nebraska Mayor take me to fucking court Kindig

Nebraska Mayor "Take Me to Fucking Court" must be taking his cues from Ben Sasse. I recently posted about how Ben Sasse (R) will "promote almost anarchistic vision" as Senator: Religion trumps law. I wrote the following:

So, according to Mr. Freedom, if someone's religion promotes discrimination against another person's religion or sexual orientation or race or gender or belief, that's cool by him. Really? What about the discriminatee's rights?

Sasse is Nebraska's GOP nominee for the United States Senate.

Today I ran across this piece from the Daily Beast reporting on yet another Nebraskan who said something equally disturbing:

For Robert Fuller, a La Vista citizen and board member of Omaha Atheists, the blurred line between a very specific religion and the local government was frequent enough to merit a face-to-face with Mayor Kindig. According to a press release from Omaha Atheists, Fuller approached Kindig after the “Faith and Freedom Day” Memorial Day service with the intent of leaving his business card with the mayor in hopes of discussing his concerns about church-state separation issues. It was his taxpayer dollars, after all, that had gone to funding these explicitly religious events. That’s when Kindig dropped the other F-bomb: “Take me to fucking court because I don’t care,” according to Fuller. “Minorities are not going to run my city.”

How outreachy of him.

The Daily Beast has  more.


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Ben Sasse (R) will "promote almost anarchistic vision" as Senator: Religion trumps law


ben sasse Nebraska senate nominee

Ben Sasse is now Nebraska's GOP nominee for the United States Senate. As Think Progress notes, Nebraska is a solid red state that backed Romney over Obama by "a massive 21 point margin in 2012." In other words, he's a shoo-in to win in November.

And as a U.S. Senator, conservative candidate Ben Sasse is promising to fight for the proposition that “[g]overnment cannot force citizens to violate their religious beliefs under any circumstances.”

Here’s a screenshot from Ben Sasse’s own website stating as much:

Sasse screenshot

And you thought the Supreme Court's decisions were a threat to democracy as we once knew it? Most of us (hopefully) still believe that so-called "religious liberty" nomatterwhatanyonesayssotherepfft! does not trump law.

His proposed rule — that government cannot require someone to act counter to their religious beliefs “under any circumstances” — would mean that literally any law could be ignored by someone who held a religious belief counter to that law.

This guy won the primary. Think about that. This. Guy. Won. The. Primary. That should make America's skin crawl.

So, according to Mr. Freedom, if someone's religion promotes discrimination against another person's religion or sexual orientation or race or gender or belief, that's cool by him. Really? What about the discriminatee's rights?

By his standards, if a person of the I Hate People Different Than Me religious affiliation didn't like gay individuals, because they were, you know, icky and gay, they could refuse service, kick them out of their establishment, or even kill them. And they would be justified. In the name of religion.

If an I Hate People Different Than Me-ist didn't approve of inter-racial marriage, they could try to imprison or execute couples and be immune from prosecution. In the name of religion.

Under Sasse’s formulation of religious liberty, a person who killed his own sister because he believed he was under a religious obligation to do so would be immune from prosecution for murder.

Legalized bigotry and racism, Ben Sasse? This is how you'd "act in accordance with your conscience"? What conscience?

Is this part of that new and improved outreach the GOP has been touting?

Someone's faith, their beliefs (keyword: beliefs) should not supersede our legal system, or common sense, or mutual respect, or equal rights, or our ethical standards. Period.

ThinkProgress contacted the Sasse campaign to offer them an opportunity to clarify whether the candidate truly believes that any practice, including “stoning adulterers or putting to death those who work on the Sabbath” should be allowed if it is justified by a religious belief. As of this writing, we have not received a response.

separation of church and state Jefferson


Congressman Lee Terry, You Asked For It


oops, did I say that

We know that Congressmen and woman tend to say some wacky and crazy things, whether on women's reproductive issues, immigration smugglers with fat ankles, or even the debt ceiling. But mixed in with those wackadoos is Congressman Lee Terry. And for his "Jackass of the Month" comments, he's gotten his reward. A Democratic challenger in the next election.


Earlier this month, Terry brushed off some his colleagues' decisions to refuse or donate their paychecks for the duration of the shutdown, dismissing the gesture as a publicity stunt.

"Whatever gets them good press," Terry said. "That's all that it's going to be. God bless them. But you know what? I've got a nice house and a kid in college, and I'll tell you we cannot handle it. Giving our paycheck away when you still worked and earned it? That's just not going to fly."

Here's a video that lays it all out for you. It's from Cenk Uygur

So, the good congressman, seeing the evil of his ways, apologized. But evidently the people of Omaha City aren't accepting his shallow apology quite so quickly.

A Republican congressman who caused a stir after refusing to give up his pay during the government shutdown has picked up a Democratic challenger.

Omaha city councilman Pete Festersen (D) will challenge Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) in his 2014 reelection bid, the Omaha World-Herald reported Saturday.

Now nothing would please me more to see you lose this upcoming election -- then maybe you'll appreciate how hurtful and shameful your words really were at a time when people, who wanted to live in a nice house, were cost their job because you were so cold and calloused.

See ya, Congressman Terry. "Vote for me so I can keep my nice house and pay my kid's tuition."


VIDEO: This would "probably be the top politics story in the country if #GOPshutdown were not happening."


abortion ban cartoon choice  nebraska

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A Nebraska anti-choice bill states that anyone under 18 who wants to have an abortion needs written permission from a parent or guardian or she can't have it. She would be blocked from getting an abortion.

Written consent from a parent or guardian is required.

A 16-year-old foster child in Nebraska requested to get an abortion without consent, but she can't, because her parents no longer have the right to be considered her parents. They abused her, so their parental rights were stripped by the state.

The teen felt she couldn't support a child financially or "be the right mom that she would like to be" and felt she needed to end the pregnancy, but no parents were available to give written consent.

Watch the video for more details, but the upshot is this:

A male judge was the one to decide for this high school student whether or not she could have an abortion, because she wasn't "sufficiently mature and well informed enough" to decide on her own.  So, again, if you live in Nebraska and you're under 18 and pregnant, you are forced to give birth against your will.

If you're under 18 and pregnant, Nebraskan legislators think you're too immature to have an abortion, but apparently not too immature to be forced to become a mother.

Abortion in Nebraska is legal for adults, but not for this teenager, because see, she was beaten up and neglected by her family, so the state made the decision for her.

And now, in addition to coping with her violent past, she must carry her pregnancy to full term, go through the trauma of a delivery and any possible complications, put the baby up for adoption, because, see, she's mature enough to handle all that-- all while trying to keep up with school and life in general-- but not grown up enough to decide what to do with her own body.


Tracing The Butterfly Effect After Walmart Killed Man's Wife


Butterfly effect

We've all heard of the Butterfly Effect -- where something small or insignificant changes the course of events and over time is responsible for something catastrophic to happen. Well now multiply that to the millionth degree and file a wrongful death suit. You might just make a ton of money, or become the laughing stock of the world.

Ever go shopping and while carrying in the groceries the cheap plastic bag broke and your purchases fell to the ground? Aside for grumbling about the need for double bagging, you retrieved your items, grumbled a bit more as you picked them up.

Recently things got a little out of hand. Take the case of Nebraska resident William Freis. He suffered a tragic loss of his wife, Lynette. Via Gawker in an article titled, "Husband Says Defective Shopping Bag Caused Wife's Death."

Walmat plastic bag

In a wrongful death suit filed in February by Lynette's husband William, three defendants are blamed for setting in motion the chain of events that led to the Plattsmouth native's death: Wal-Mart Stores, for failing to train its employees in the art of double-bagging; Hilex Poly Co., for manufacturing a "defective" plastic bag; and Bunzi Distribution, for distributing a "defective" plastic bag.

In addition to $657,000 for medical and funeral expenses, William is also seeking an unspecified amount on behalf of his wife for her pain and suffering as well as the "loss of consortium."

That's the butterfly effect taking over your mind as it did with William Freis.  Here's a bit more detail.

The Nebraska woman was being rung up at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Bellevue on April 16th, 2010, when the cashier decided to place the two 42-ounce La Choy cans she purchased as well as a two-pound bag of rice in a single plastic bag.

While walking back to her car, Lynette's bag failed, causing one of the La Choy cans to fall on her right foot, resulting in a deep cut and the fracturing of her big toe.

She soon developed an infection that neither antibiotics nor two surgical procedures were able to cure, and ultimately passed away on March 12th, 2011.

Death is never funny. Well, once it was -- "Chuckles Bites The Dust" episode of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW. But this is real life or death and certainly the state of Nebraska is taking this all seriously:

The case was transferred this week to the U.S. District Court in Omaha at Walmart's request.

This woman's death is tragic, but has nothing to do with Wal-Mart, training in double bagging, or the plastic bag companies involved. That fact that this case has even come to court is ridiculous. Why are we wasting our time on frivolous law suits?

This calamity is worthy of our do-nothing congress, but not of local jurisprudence.


Nebraska GOP Lt. Gov. resigns abruptly after newspaper reports 1000s of late-night calls to women


gop family values

Nebraska, you've got some 'splainin' to do. Well, not all of Nebraska, just their Republican Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy. In fact, he owes Nebraska thousands of 'splanations.

(CNN) – Nebraska Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy resigned on Saturday following a newspaper report that he used his state-issued cell phone to place thousands of late-night calls to women.

The Omaha World-Herald reported it had uncovered around 2,000 calls to four women. The calls were “long conversations held in the wee hours of the night,” according to the paper, which said it had requested records related to the calls.

Gov. Dave Heineman said, “I had trusted him and that trust was broken."

Sheehy and his wife had filed for divorce last year. They'd been married for 29 years, a marriage his ex called “irretrievably broken.” Gee, can't imagine why. He seems like such a fine, trustworthy sort.

UPDATE via the L.A. Times:

Sheehy sometimes made calls numerous times a day, with the conversations lasting anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour. One woman he frequently called, Dr. Theresa Hatcher of Bellevue, Neb., told the Associated Press that she and Sheehy had maintained a long-term relationship after they met during a meeting of emergency responders Texas in 2008.