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This Should Scare The Bejesus Out Of You


Plum Island sign

Run by the Department of Homeland Security, Plum Island is a top secret facility. Situated on a tiny parcel of land lurking a mere ten miles off the coast of Connecticut, and two miles off the tip of New York's Long Island, this place is the epicenter of U.S. top-secret biowarfare research.

TRU TV  reports this:

The U.S. government acknowledges that the island is home to a scientific facility. Its stated purpose is to study animal-borne diseases. But investigators are beginning to uncover startling new facts about this forbidding place. Insiders and ex-employees have come forward to tell their stories. From security breaches in germ labs, to escaped diseases and potential mass epidemics.

So just how safe are we from this facility? Here's an interesting thought. Do you remember the stories of the atrocities committed by the Nazi's during the war? Well what if they continued their abominable scientific experimentation after the war? And what if they took place on American soil and were not only condoned by the US Government but backed by them?

Welcome to Project Paperclip. If you thought Area 51 was some kind of freaky government secret facility...


This Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) recruited German scientists post-WWII. These (in many cases war criminals) and their families were relocated together on... wait for it, Plum Island.

From Project Paperclip's website:


TO: Members of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments
FROM: Advisory Committee Staff
DATE: April 5, 1995
RE: Post-World War II Recruitment of German Scientists - Project Paperclip

At least 1,600 scientists and their dependents were recruited and brought to the United States by Paperclip and its successor projects through the early 1970s.

In recent years, it has been alleged that many of these individuals were brought to the United States in violation of American government policy not to permit the entrance of "ardent Nazis" into the country, that many were security risks, and that at least some were implicated in Holocaust-related activities.

The reason we should be interested in this comes from the not-so-distant past outbreak of Lyme Disease. The disease is named after the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme, Connecticut, where a number of cases were identified in 1975. Those two cities are just a few miles from Plum Island.

From Rense Watch:

An important chapter in the story of how the inquiry into the possible link between Plum Island, Erich Traub's (resident of Plumb Island under Operation Paperclip) work on behalf of the US and the spread of Lyme Disease concerns the work of former Justice Department prosecutor John Loftus. In his book The Belarus Secret, Loftus referred to work done on Plum Island in the early 1950's in which Nazi scientists were experimenting on diseased ticks.

Well, if that's not cause to pause, consider this: the high potential for terrorist attack on this facility.


 In 2002, Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, well known for his contacts and sympathies for Taliban was captured in Afghanistan with a dossier in his possession on Plum Island.

His goal was to steal pathogens from Plum Island and turn them into a human biowarfare agent.

Ah, but the good Sultan wasn't alone in this germicide warfare. PJ MEDIA:

In 2008 Aafia Siddiqui was the FBI’s most wanted woman in the world. Now the U.S.-educated, Pakistani mother of three is being held in New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center facing attempted murder charges.Among the documents in her possession were handwritten notes referring to a “mass-casualty attack” listing locations commonly known to be targets: Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Plum Island and the Empire State Building.

Here's what our GAO (Government Accountability Office) reported on security at the Plum Island:

Security at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center has improved, but fundamental concerns leave the facility vulnerable to security breaches. First, Plum Island's physical security arrangements are incomplete and limited. Second, Plum Island officials have been assuming unnecessary risks by not adequately controlling access to areas where pathogens are located. Third, Plum Island's security response has limitations. For example, the guard force has been armed but has not had the authority from USDA to carry firearms or make arrests. Moreover, Plum Island's incident response plan does not consider the possibility of a terrorist attack.

plum Island facility

One thing's for sure, this is one hell of a frightening and dangerous place. We can't keep sequester cuts and risk security at places like this. Maybe the conversations in Washington need to shift from budget cuts and government shutdowns to reinforcement and even whether or not there's a need for facilities like this one.


Video Mid Day Distraction- Secret film made by French prisoners of war in WWII


Grainy but fascinating. Via.


Video- Fox News Contributor Compares President Obama to Nazis




A second “white nationalism” group registers to lobby in Washington


Per The Hill, we have brand new insiders in DC! Welcome Crusaders For Yahweh-Aryan Nations LLC! See, they're fretting about white folks, see, because all those poor, persecuted Caucasians are feeling threatened by big bad scary minorities.

They represent themselves this way: “Pro-white Christian identity [and] white nationalism.”

They'd lobby on “any activities that adversly afect [sic] the White Race,” and as you can see by their spelling skills, the blindingly whitest of the "White Race" need all the help they can get.

A “white nationalism” group has registered to lobby in Washington, according to lobbying disclosure records... The American Nazi Party in April registered to lobby on “political rights and ballot access laws,” according to disclosure records.

I posted about that very thing in Nazi Party gets a Washington lobbyist: “When people see the swastika on the ballot, they’ll know what they’re getting.”

How about them fine "Christian values" folks?

It's so good to know the whitest, most racist, most afraid among us will be able to access and do their best to influence their favorite representatives. See? Democracy in action! Or hopefully in this case, "inaction"?


Video- Why The Poles Are Overreacting To Obama Speech Wording: BBC Expose On Racist Polish Soccer Fans


Seems like it's been going on for a bit. From Wikipedia-

According to The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism football stadiums in Poland are recruiting ground for extremist organisations.[39][40] Until a few years ago, Neo-fascist symbols were a common sight there.[39][41]

During the Extraordinary Congress of the International Football Federation (FIFA), held in Buenos Aires on 6–7 July 2001, the problem of racism in Polish football was discussed and Polish national football association was called to join the struggle against racism.[39] The problem of antisemitism in Polish football has drawn international criticism. Poland was named as one of the worst offenders, in British MP John Mann report, which describes anti-Semitic incidents in 18 countries across Europe. It was noted that Polish fans routinely call each other 'Jews' as a term of abuse.[42] In April 2008 ŁKS Łódź player Arkadiusz Mysona wore a shirt which said "Śmierć żydzewskiej kurwie" ("Death to Widzew-Jewish Whore", which is a word play, used by the LKS Łódź supporters, who call fans of their local rivals Jews) after a match in the Polish Ekstraklasa.[43] Mysona said afterwards that the shirt was given to him by a fan and he hadn´t checked it.

So, the BBC airs this documentary that gets the Poles all defensive, and the next day the President's speech writer makes a mistake and the Prime Minister gets all frothy over it. Totally overblown, but it seems to me that the PM should take a good look around his own house before he starts criticizing ours. h/t Sullivan.

Headline changed from "gaffe" to wording for obvious reasons. Grassy slag.


Nazi Party gets a Washington lobbyist: "When people see the swastika on the ballot, they’ll know what they’re getting."


John Dean tweet:

That's right, the American Nazi Party has registered its first lobbyist. I guess they're real Washington insiders now, huh?

ANP member John Bowles registered with House and Senate offices and plans to lobby on “political rights and ballot access laws.” His lobbing "ventures" include issues of civil rights, healthcare and immigration.  One can only imagine...

To quote John the Nazi, who, by the way, was a presidential candidate in 2008 (via The Hill):

“You know, congressmen and congresswomen have always been telling the American public that they were open to other viewpoints... I’m going to see if they were sincere about that, or I’m going to call their bluff. [...]

"In the future, when we get people on the ballot, when people see the swastika on the ballot, they’ll know what they’re getting. [...]

“One of my goals is to make it easier to get on the ballot. Trying to get on a ballot in some of these states [is difficult].”

He doesn't think he'll have any problem getting meetings with Congress members. Hey, nothing says democracy better than a confident Nazi. I'm sure our elected officials will welcome him with open wallets.

Bowles also said he won't focus on racial issues or use “racial slurs,” but will stick to facts. Aw, he's going out of his way to avoid using the N word? Who could ask for more?

But wait! Bowles added a twist! He's showing what a stand up guy he is by doing this for free, and said he decided to register as a lobbyist because he was inspired by-- Cue Willard Romney reciting "America the Beautiful"-- reading the Constitution. . What a guy. What a patriot. What a sick joke:

“When I saw in there we had the right to petition government, I figure, why not?”

And when I saw this story about the Nazi party's new DC lobbyist, I said, "Why?"