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Marijuana is Safer



Okay, we all know what it looks like, and without putting anyone on the spot, I'll say we've all tried it or know someone who has. (How's that for covering your ass?) I'll come right out and say it, during my college years and for many afterwards, it was my recreational drug of choice. While others were popping down to bars and wine tastings, I was blazing up a doobie or heating my vaporizer. Volcano had a new meaning for me. (If you get that reference, you'll surely get this commentary)

So, it's with great amazement that I saw this commercial -- something I never thought I'd see in my lifetime. It's an ad that met spectators in front of a recent NASCAR race,  the NASCAR Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Okay, before you go all Mike Tyson on my ass, or more accurately bite off my ear, let me point out that I didn't make this commercial. From an article by Nick Wing:

The ad, titled "New Beer," is from the Marijuana Policy Project -- the nation's largest pro-marijuana legalization advocacy group -- and will air dozens of times beginning Friday. It marks the first time a pro-pot ad has been shown at a major sporting event, though technically it is being shown outside the stadium's grounds.

So be prepared. Hemp is coming. Ganja is no longer just gangsta. The grass is becoming greener. And "Wanna get high" is going to be heard as often, if not more than "wanna go grab a brewski?"

Might as well get used to it. Same-sex marriage took a while, but it finally arrived. Legal marijuana is next up. And you know what? I'm glad. I'd rather people didn't need anything to relax, but if they do, I'd prefer grass to someone who's had a glass. As for safety, right now statistics are in Mary Jane's favor.


Video- President Obama Honors Tony Stewart’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship


Just the prez doing his thing.


More Mitt Romney terrible horrible no good very bad gaffes



Earlier, Paddy posted Willard Romney's little gem, “I have some great friends who are Nascar team owners.”  Now if that's not a way to show you're one of the 99%, nothing is.

See how "just like us" he is? He loves to drive that point home over and over again, like how he knows where the best deals on grave sites are, claims to feel the pain of being “unemployed”, yet “likes being able to fire people,” but says he knows what it’s like to get a pink slip, yet thinks corporations are people and believes banks aren’t bad people,” and somehow thinks any criticism of him is due to envy.

His response to those who can't relate to his brand of "I'm you"? “If people think that there is something wrong with being successful in America, then they better vote for the other guy."

Just a wild guess, but it's safe to assume that, after that insensitive comeback, many voters will heed his advice.

And just when you think he can't get any more tone deaf, this happened at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida:

New York Times: But the crowd initially booed Mr. Romney, who occasionally struck a discordant note, as when he approached a group of fans wearing plastic ponchos. “I like those fancy raincoats you bought,” he said. “Really sprung for the big bucks.”

What a knee slapper. Especially if you can't afford a, you know, rain coat.

And then there was this gem that took place at a Michigan factory, via WaPo:

“By the way, how was the paczkis this morning? Yeah, yeah! That was very good,” Romney said. His message: We are not so different, you and I. We have both just eaten the same food! But then Romney began talking about the powdered sugar on the paczki.

There was no powdered sugar. The doughnuts were glazed and bare.

“Reminded me of what’s going on outside,” Romney said, comparing the falling snow to a doughnut that people had not eaten. (Had he not really eaten one of the paczki, after all? Had Romney’s campaign given the naked doughnuts to the crowd, while Romney was eating upgraded, sugar-dusted ones backstage?) It was one of several unforced errors. Romney also referred several times to “my state” — and meant Massachusetts, not Michigan.

Maybe Willard should rethink his approach:


Audio & Photo- Mitt Romney: 'I Have Some Friends Who Are NASCAR Team Owners'


It's a little uncouth for me... Oh Mitt. Via TP.


LOL. From twolf via Watertiger.