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Pablum for Simpletons



Congress has it's share of crazies, just like all large groups or families. Living up to the adage, "it's better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it," Michele Bachmann once again took away all doubt. After the denunciation of DOMA, the lame duck (or to many, just plain lame) Minnesota congresswoman proclaimed, "Marriage was created by the hand of God. No man, not even a Supreme Court (6 men, 3 women), can undo what a holy God has instituted." She would resume that line of attack later during a press conference, calling the Court's decisions "an affront to the Constitution."

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, when asked what she thought of Bachmann's intense denunciation earlier in the day of the Supreme Court's historic rulings in favor of gay marriage, replied with a shrug: "Who cares?"

How's that for some plain talk?

But go a step farther. Somehow the press finds it necessary to give coverage to whack-jobs and ass hats like Bachmann, spewing pure garbage, but neglects to adequately report on medical, scientific, environmental, discriminatory and economic issues that matter to us all. After all, the Voter Rights Act got five minutes of coverage and those stupid gay rights findings by SCOTUS were interfering with the real news -- the stuff on TMZ. Did you know that he 17 year old witness at the Zimmerman trial had her hair styled and bangs cut specifically for the trial at Demond D's Salon and that she was wearing a new dress off the rack from K-Mart? Now that's breaking news!

News organizations are sending 200 reporters to cover the Travon Martin case and the Aaron Hernandez murder arraignment. How many are actually on the border covering issues of the dangerous crossings there? The human coyotes raping, beating and robbing those who wish to chance crossing the border in search of a better life?

Starving U.S. children, crumbling American infrastructure, women's health issues,  hijacking of state legislatures -- these hardly get a mention. When the Jody Arias sentencing hearings start up again in July, I wonder how many hundreds of reporters will be in Arizona. Human interest trumps human need to know. Maybe the press should be more concerned with what's really going on in order to produce well-informed citizens. It's certainly much more than just pablum for simpletons.

For those who care, give us news. Cover heroic efforts like Texas Senator Wendy Davis'  standing up for women everywhere. How about some reporting on the tragedies of the human trafficking going on in this country? Or the inept LA police shooting randomly into groups of suspected marijuana users who at worst, should have been ticketed? Where's the public information on the struggles of the poverty stricken living among us? Are those just for the back pages of the editorial sections of the newspapers? Filler coverage for network news? For those who don't wish to think, give us Harvey Levin's TMZ or Michele Bachmann's blather on the steps of Capitol Hill. For those of us who do care, get off your asses and do some real reporting. Carry on in the immortal words of Paul Harvey and give us the rest of the story.

There are important things happening in the world. Shine some light on them. Isn't that the main purpose of the fourth estate?


VIDEO-- Nancy Pelosi: John Boehner is projecting his own failure onto President Obama



Nancy Pelosi nailed it. As Rachel Maddow has noted repeatedly, VIDEO: “John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job”:

“Nancy Pelosi never lost a vote. She never once got so confused and lost such control of the group she was supposed to be leading that she did not know what they were going to do… She was good at her job. John Boehner is not good at his job.”

John Boehner is, in fact, bad at his job.”

He is so bad, in fact, that he has resorted to projecting his own baditude onto the president. Of course, he also fails to acknowledge that Obama has been blocked at every turn by Republicans in the House and the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi:

"I don’t understand that, because he’s a gentleman, the speaker is. But that remark was -- I mean, it was almost as if he was projecting onto the president his lack of being able to pass any bill that created jobs since he became speaker."

Chris Cuomo:

"You think the speaker is projecting onto the president his own failure?"


"Exactly... Because he hasn't been able to deal with his own party. There isn't anything that he passed that we haven't delivered the votes for him that has been job-creating."

projection Via smaller


Audio- Fox's Mike Gallagher Tells Chris Wallace To "Throw A Bucket Of Water" On Pelosi And "See What Happens"


I once spent alot of very expensive cell phone minutes waiting on hold to speak to Gallagher. I've never called into a radio talk show before but he was ranting and raving about how all the housekeepers (don't think he called them that) don't speak English and that he wasn't leaving tips unless they spoke English and why in the WORLD are they taking Real "Muricans jobs? I was lived. My folks came over from Ireland and Poland by way of South America in 1960. When they got here the only jobs that were available to them were manual labor picking apples and cherries on a farm in Michigan. My mom spoke 5 languages (including English with an accent), my Dad 3 (including English with a HEAVY accent). That. Was. All. That. Was Available.

Manual labor and unskilled work is the stepping stone for those who don't speak English. How do you get instructions from a boss if you don't speak English? You don't unless the the boss knows Spanish, which is more common now but still is a sticking point. If you're hired as unskilled it's pretty clear what you need to know, so no special instructions need apply and if they do you can work it out. I wonder what kind of jobs Mr Gallagher's forebears worked when they first got here?

Sorry, I tend to get worked up over that second rate piece of slime. Via.


AUDIO-- The always classy Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) insults Pelosi... again: "There’s no facelift with John Boehner. He is who he is."


louie gohmert


"So basically John Boehner became Nancy Pelosi without the charm?"


"For the last two years. Let’s give him credit. There’s no facelift with John Boehner. He is who he is."

The above clip is from GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert's conversation with guest host Larry O’Connor on the Dennis Miller Show, courtesy of Think Progress.

This would be the same Louie Gohmert, a birther, who recently pushed a theory that President Obama helped oust Muammar Qaddafi “so that al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood could take over Libya”; who wants to arm teachers with assault rifles; who said that the shootings that took place in the Aurora, Colo. movie theater were a result of “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs” and questioned why nobody else in the theater had a gun to take down the shooter; who cast President Obama as an "evil emperor"; who joked about hitting “Nancy Pelosi” with a golf club; who lied at tea party rally: "I brought an abortion to show you"; who suggested that NYC 9/11 trials would be an "insane" gambit to create more jobs?...

You get the idea.

This man is an elected representative. Elected!

And because he represents those who voted for him (they did what again?), then clearly, many of his fellow Texans feel it's acceptable to desperately resort to jokes about a fellow Congress member's appearance.

Then again, she's just, you know, a woman.


Nancy Pelosi supports use of 14th Amendment to hike debt ceiling


boehner blue

In my buddy Dave Johnson's Don’t Feed The Debt Ceiling Trolls, he advises the following:

This advice also applies to the right-wing nutcases threatening to bring down our economy by refusing to raise the debt-ceiling limit. They won’t get any traction on this unless Democrats engage with them. So ignore them, isolate them and scorn them but do not engage with them. Their billionaire & Wall Street funders will stop them and the pubic will see them for what they are, but only if we all just leave them alone. They aren’t really going to hold their breath until we all die.

And if they actually did take down the economy (they won’t), the country will be better off in the long run because it means the end of the radical right as a force in our politics.

So let them hold their breath until the country turns blue. [...]

Seriously, they threaten to destroy the economy if they don't get what they want? And what they want is things that make our lives harder and less healthy? Really? Then just let them shout it, and let the voters see it, and hold them accountable.

As you can see from my Photoshopped Boehner, he's already starting to turn as blue as this country will become if he and his buddies persist. Please read Dave's entire article, it's a good one.

blue america

President Obama has promised not to negotiate over the debt limit:

Now, one last point I want to make -- while I will negotiate over many things, I will not have another debate with this Congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they’ve already racked up through the laws that they passed. Let me repeat: We can't not pay bills that we've already incurred. If Congress refuses to give the United States government the ability to pay these bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy would be catastrophic -- far worse than the impact of a fiscal cliff. 

People will remember, back in 2011, the last time this course of action was threatened, our entire recovery was put at risk. Consumer confidence plunged. Business investment plunged. Growth dropped. We can't go down that path again.

Now Nancy Pelosi is going a step further by coming out in favor of using the Fourteenth Amendment if it comes down to that. The Hill:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Friday amplified her support for a constitutional solution to the debt-ceiling increase.

The California Democrat said that, given the opportunity if she were president, she would not hesitate to invoke the 14th Amendment in order to hike the debt ceiling without congressional support — a move the Obama administration has rejected outright.

"I've made my view very clear on that subject: I would do it in a second," Pelosi said Friday during her weekly press briefing in the Capitol. "But I'm not the president of the United States."

The amendment states that the “the validity of the public debt … shall not be questioned."

As The Hill noted, the White House has already made it clear they won't go there. In fact, Press Secretary Jay Carney said, "This administration does not believe that the 14th Amendment gives the president the power to ignore the debt ceiling — period."

And so it goes.

troll spray smaller


John Boehner Now Seen More Unfavorably Than Nancy Pelosi



After all those years, all those hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on ads demonizing Nancy Pelosi, and it come down to this. The truth.

House Speaker John Boehner has now unseated his Democratic predecessor Nancy Pelosi as the least-liked major congressional leader, a title Pelosi has held for several years.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters now view Boehner unfavorably, while 50% feel that way about Pelosi. Just 31% have a favorable opinion of the Ohio congressman, compared to 37% who look favorably on the San Francisco Democrat.


VIDEO-- Nancy Pelosi: No deal without ending Bush tax cuts for the wealthy


Martha Raddatz asked if a deal without including an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy was acceptable.


Well, no, I mean, the president made it very clear in his campaign that there is not enough — there are not enough resources.  What you just described is a formula and a blueprint for hampering our future. You cannot go forward — you have to cut some investments. If you cut too many, you’re hampering growth, you’re hampering education, our investments for the future. If it’s going to bring in revenue, the president has been very clear that the higher income people have to pay their fair share.

As you can see, Martha Raddatz's interview with Nancy Pelosi was on ABC's “This Week,” and Pelosi flatly stated that without ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, by simply closing loopholes and capping tax deductions, there would be no deal on the "fiscal cliff" aka fiscal curb, fiscal slope, fiscal speed bump, etc.

John Boehner would disagree. ABC:

Pelosi’s position puts her directly at odds with GOP House Speaker John Boehner, who said tax rate hikes would be ”unacceptable” during an interview with ”World News” anchor Diane Sawyer earlier this month. Boehner has said he is open to rewriting the tax code and closing loopholes, which would result in additional revenue for the federal government, but has ruled out rate hikes for the wealthy.

Pelosi made it clear that she also doesn't want to go over that fiscal speed bump:

 "The spirit at the table was one of everybody wants to make the best effort to get this done. Hopefully that is possible; hopefully it is possible by the middle of December so the confidence of the markets and most importantly the confidence of the consumers returns to infuse our economy with demand, which creates jobs."

She made a good point: It's consumers who are the job creators.