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The 2016 elections "will be crazier than Norman Bates on peyote riddled with corn fungus"


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Today’s guest post by the one, the only, Will Durst:


And now, this week’s freshly updated, highly speculative, oddly prescient, extremely long- range, totally indispensable, magically delicious, 2016 Presidential Campaign Alert. Pay no attention to that bilious sensation you are experiencing. It is simply sweet anticipation swelling into full bloat boogie as the race for the White House floats tantalizingly around the corner. Admittedly, a wide corner. Multiple lanes. Many laps to come. Think Talladega, baby.

Putatively premature perhaps, but hey, it’s the only game in town. What else you got inked on your critical political calendar? The upcoming Arkansas Gubernatorial election? And come on, Arkansas guber? How redundant is that? Like saying Hollywood façade? Or New York attitude. North Dakota drowsy. Congressional disappointment.

Part of our fascination with the upcoming Presidential replacement process is a termed-out incumbent insures competitive action on both sides of the aisle will be crazier than Norman Bates on peyote riddled with corn fungus. Exactly why for the next 38 months we can count on machinations wilder than a singles bar rest room during the zombie apocalypse. Motives more convoluted than press releases from Alex Rodriguez.

Democrats seem intent and content to hurtle headlong, arms akimbo, down the path of least resistance, envisioning some sort of loosely recollected Clintonian squishy soft landing. While over on the GOP side, the road promises to be just a tad rockier with immense and immovable internal obstacles to be negotiated. And no, we’re not talking about Chris Christie.

At least a baker’s dozen GOPers have had their names bandied about as prospective suitors for the top slot of their party’s ticket. Rand Paul, Christie, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Mike Beebe. Then don’t forget the old stand byes- Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. And it would be most unwise to write off a possible spontaneous Cheney incursion.

This particular nomination process is primed to probe identity: party purity pricking the pragmatists. The true believers versus the moderates. Ideologues taking up arms against those who do what ever it takes to assist their constituents, even if it means consorting with Democrats. You know, traitorous toads.

Threats of boycotts and arguments over government shutdowns and distractions involving dual citizenships have already filled the air like Syrian shrapnel, making it impossible for any individual candidate to gain traction.

Then you factor in further slippage on all the mud being tossed at each other by Christie and Paul, the party’s version of the Battling Bickersons. Added onto the slippery slope created by absolutely everyone tarring absolutely everyone else as a RINO and it’s a miracle any conservative is still standing.

Desperate to throw a positive spin onto things, Reince Priebus, chair of the RNC, said these “debates” are good for the Party. Yeah. “Good,” which is national party chairman code for “you’re killing us here.” Also, to call these barbed attacks “debates” is like calling a sledge hammer- the finger massage.

So, put on your Kevlar aprons kiddies, because it’s only going to get hotter in the GOP kitchen. This war is just beginning and looks destined to culminate in nothing less than a fight for the very heart and soul of the Republican Party. Although, many folks would be willing to debate whether either of those objects actually exist.

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All that mudslinging "is making all the GOP candidates less likable to independent voters."


The Republican presidential candidates are throwing mud nearly as passionately as they're throwing money. They literally have their grubby little hands so full of grime, cash, and grimy cash that they seem to have forgotten about voter backlash. And if the polls are any indication, independent American voters are not exactly loving all the negativity emanating from the GOP PAC pack.

What happened to all that march-in-lockstep, stick-togetherness they're so famous for?

The L.A. Times' Doyle McManus:

Fiscal conservatives don't have much use for social conservatives. Libertarians and moderates don't get along with either camp. "We are factionalized now as a party," lamented Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). "We have to come together."

She's right. Why? Because the long and relentlessly negative campaign is making all the GOP candidates less likable to independent voters, who will probably determine the outcome of this fall's general election.


To add to the muddy fun, Rick Santorum is now attracting more attention after his three recent victories (I will not succumb to "coming from behind" and "surge" jokes, I will not succumb to "coming from behind" and "surge" jokes, I will not succumb to "coming from behind" and "surge" jokes...).  Some commentators are speculating that he could even become the nominee.

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In a Fox News poll last month, GOP voters ranked Santorum first among the candidates as a "true conservative," well ahead of Romney and Gingrich. And in the ABC-Washington Post poll, they ranked him roughly on par with Romney as "honest and trustworthy" — well ahead of Gingrich, whom only 7% considered the most honest. (Even most Gingrich supporters said they didn't consider him the most trustworthy candidate.) 

The more America sees, the less they like. Join the club, Republicans, welcome to our world.

Oh, and thanks for doing the Democrats' work for them.


VIDEO: GOP mud fight!


Sununu is going after Newt Gingrich and his rich backer, casino owner Sheldon Adelson who is financing the attacks on Romney’s as “corporate raider” at Bain Capital.

Ruh roh! Sununununu is not-so-hint-hinting that the Big Buckaroos will punish Mr. "Pious Baloney" for financing attacks on quarter-billionaire, government-bailout-accepting Willard Romney. I smell trouble a-brewin' for the GOP!

Stay tuned.

And this concludes another episode of "Republicans Eating Their Own."


Video Added- Republicans demand Warren Buffett’s tax returns


Careful what you wish for guys, this could open quite a can of worms for our side. Koch brothers ring a bell? Still, they're just nasty rumor mongers looking for more mud to sling.

The GOP is making a concerted effort to pressure billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett to release his tax returns to the public.

Republicans say Buffett — the public face of Obama’s proposed “Buffett rule” to increase taxes on the wealthy — needs to reveal his finances if his views on tax rates are going to serve as the basis for Obama administration policy.

“Will Warren Buffett release his tax returns so we can see why he should be the standard for tax policy?” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) questioned in a tweet Thursday.

“If he’s going to be the gold standard, so to speak, in terms of what our tax policy should be, yeah, let’s look at it [his tax returns],” Cornyn told ABC News.

UPDATE- LOL, JMM is calling them "Buffett Birthers"-

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE- Laugh's on them asshats, Buffett gave his tax returns to Charlie Rose last month.