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Video Mid Day Distraction- Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?


Heh. Via.


Finally, a question to Pres. Obama about climate change... on MTV


The other day I posted that President Obama would be taking questions from young voters on MTV

He did just that. (Reminder: ) And because he did, we finally got to hear some discussion about climate change. Not that Baked Earth is a concern that was worthy of mention in any debate or anything. Not that our future depends on the world's ability to take on the most enormous challenge possible, stat.

But at least someone finally brought it up.

Thank you MTV college person. Via Livewire:

"We're not moving as fast as we need to," Obama said. "This is an issue that future generations, MTV viewers, are going to have to be dealing with even more than the older generation is. So this is a critical issue -- and there's a huge contrast in this campaign between myself and Governor Romney. I'm surprised it didn't come up in the debates."

Obama said Romney "says he believes in climate change....but he says he's not sure that man-made causes are the reason" As for his own views, "I believe scientists who say we're putting too much carbon emissions into the atmosphere and it's heating the planet and its going to have a severe effect."... However, given China's and India's current reliance on coal, he added that "in order to solve the problem though, we're going to have to have some technological breakthroughs."

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?


VIDEO: President Obama to take questions from young voters on MTV


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I'd love to see Mitt Romney in the MTV hot seat. He'd sweat a lot, awkwardly borrow more of President Obama's answers, plead Romnesia, laugh nervously, recite "America the Beautiful" (or maybe do a rap version?), and then wonder why everyone was pointing and laughing.

The show will air Friday, October 26 at 5 p.m. ET (tape delayed PT):

CNN-- Obama will field questions from college students in Washington, D.C. and via Facebook, MTV said, in a conversation facilitated by the network's news correspondents.

"MTV's 'ASK OBAMA LIVE: an MTV Interview with the President' marks the first time in this campaign that either President Obama or Governor Romney have focused solely on young voter's top concerns - including jobs, the cost of college, rising student loan debt, social issues like LGBTQ rights, and immigration, to name a few - on a nationally televised program," MTV said in a statement.

MTV asked Romney to do a similar half hour special, too, along with a "sit down interview" before Election Day.

Don't hold your breath.

MTV has more.


Video- MTV to launch "Occupy Wall Street" reality TV show


Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street from Steven Greenstreet on Vimeo.

What better way to prove that OWS has gone mainstream? Via Boing Boing-

Make way for The Real World, Zuccotti Park. MTV television will premiere "True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street" on Saturday, Nov. 5, according to NYT media writer Brian Stelter.

Word spread of TV pilot plans after this casting call appeared on Craigslist. Perhaps the "Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street" tumblog gave execs ideas? A photo from that site is above.

A Boing Boing commenter points us to a standard-issue Real World talent contract, a good reminder that whatever ends up in the show may or may not be "Real" at all.