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Academy Awards sequel: "Gravity: #Christie stars as huge disintigrating space station."



It's Academy Awards Day! Yippee! Welcome to my vice, my chocolate, my drug of choice, and my food binge all wrapped up in one self-congratulatory, gaudy, narcissistic, glitzy, decadent, glamorous, self-indulgent crazy fun package during which nobody is allowed to call, text, email, or interrupt me in any way whatsoever.

Yes, I'm a twelve-year-old fan girl. But what else would you expect from a former TV/stage actress/writer/director? I live for this stuff, despite the embarrassing amount of money and attention spent on stars who regularly receive an embarrassing amount of money and attention.

I am a Red Carpet addict in search of a meeting:

"I am Laffy and I am an Academy Awards-aholic."

"Hi Laffy!"

I gobble this stuff up the way the media eats up Hillary Clinton 2016 speculation. However, I don't give one damn about who is wearing whom, and I resent every swag bag handed out to 1%ers who need freebies the way John Boehner needs another drink.

I do find myself ogling, admiring, and critiquing the Botoxed, lifted, tucked stars morphing into mere shadows of their pre-altered selves; and I have no problem snarking about every minute of the festivities-- including the embarrassingly groveling interviewers-- with Mr. Laffy while guzzling wine from my Sippy Cup.

Did I mention how grateful I am for high def Tee Vee Machines? Say it with me now: I am an equal opportunity Academy Awards reveler in the good, the bad, the ugly, the glammy, and the inevitably awkward.

I laugh, I groan, I get misty-eyed, frustrated, angry, and triumphant for three-plus seemingly endless hours of long-winded self-promotion by the glitterati and ABC alike.

So I admit it, this is my one Very Special night to be as superficial, catty, annoyed, and appreciative as I want, and often bored. I own it without reservation. So there.

Which brings me to this excellent series of images by Steve Brodner. He calls the collection "This Year's Oscar Nominees Kickstart Next Year's Sequels." The following is but a taste of how beautifully he combined the world of politics with 2014's Best Picture nominees, so please go here for the rest:

Oscars and politics cartoon Academy Awards Chris Christie, Koch Brothers via Steve Brodner


Wanted: Dimples, optimism, and innocence. Paging Shirley Temple!


optimism via FunnyJunk dot comVia

As you probably know by now, Shirley Temple Black passed away, and with her, a spirit of optimism and joy that this country sorely needs today. This is one of those times that a tribute is in order, not only because a beloved legend is gone, but so is much of what she represented.

Shirley Temple gave the nation hope during the Great Depression (so that's where all that "hope and change" stuff started). She made fans, both adults and children, feel like smiling again, because everything would be okay, even during an era so bleak that Americans were literally committing suicide. She brought fleeting Moments of Happy just as millions felt hopeless.

When I was three years old, my mom wanted to surprise me, so she thumb-tacked her "Animal Crackers in My Soup" sheet music to my little bulletin board. I promptly took out a purple crayon and scribbled all over the adorable, dimpled face on the cover, because I was so envious of that rotten, cheerful, little kid and all her talent. My mother was furious with me, asking why I would do such a thing! I was confused and way too young to articulate my motives, so I simply apologized. I never forgot how upset I made her. I'm sure Shirley wouldn't have been too thrilled, either. Did I mention I managed to vandalize a collector's item?

Throughout my childhood, Shirley Temple was a role model to me, my friends, and of course, to multiple generations throughout the decades. She was smart, she was funny, she made Little Orphan Annie look like a pessimist, she could tap dance up a storm with the amazing Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and she could hold her own against Lionel Barrymore.

By the time I was an actress in my twenties, she even helped contribute to my a-lot-to-be-desired-impressionist skills in a routine I did in a local Hollywood play. The original stand-up wasn't strong enough, so the author let me run with my own "saccharine off" between Temple and Hayley Mills (known for her "Glad Game" in Disney's "Pollyanna"). "Shirley" won. Even she couldn't take all that happy clappy Glad Game jabber and told "Hayley" to shut up. Literally.

That was then. Now we could sure use a big dose of Shirley and Hayley's sunny attitudes, even if sugary musicals aren't your thing. What little Curly Top provided was a way out, a respite from all the doom and gloom. Today we not only have a struggling economy to contend with, we have crescendoing belligerence, bullying, obstruction, and bellicosity blaring at us from our Tee Vee, Radio, and Internet Machines 24/7. No matter how hard we try, we can't avoid the noise.

Over time, even our favorite escape hatches-- movies-- have become louder, harsher, and more violent. There are no more Shirley Temples out there to sing and dance us back into our lost innocence, elusive personal triumph, and buoyancy of spirit, mindsets that are all too quickly becoming idiosyncrasies relegated to distant memories.

So it's up to us, every person for him/herself, isn't that what Republicans keep telling us? As Shirley might have said, that's a lot of hooey. And as Hillary wrote, it takes a village. Times are tough, so it's time to take a page or two from the Book of Temple:

Remember the Golden Rule.

And keep smiling:


Shirley Temple Black Dies at 85



(CNN) -- Shirley Temple Black, who rose to fame as arguably the most popular child star in Hollywood history, died late Monday night, her publicist said.
She was 85.
Temple Black, who also enjoyed a long career as a diplomat, died of natural causes at her Woodside, California, home. She was surrounded by family and caregivers, a statement from Cheryl Kagan said.
She began acting at age 3 and became a massive box-office draw before turning 10, commanding a then-unheard of salary of $50,000 per movie.

Here's more from CNN

The Little Princess: Shirley Temple - the Beginning


Twinkies, Skittles, Popcorn -- All Justifiable Causes of Gun Deaths


Orville Redenbacher theater popcorn

No, nothing's gotten out of hand. The world isn't off it's rocker. Sanity hasn't taken a vacation. The trouble today is a four letter word -- guns.

It doesn't matter what side of the Second Amendment you personally come down on, it's really only a matter of time before people finally start figuring out that uncontrolled gun usage is going to kill us all.  And it'll all be justified. But no blame will be on the fact that we allow guns everywhere with no real restrictions. That's because guns don't kill. It's true. The NRA told me.

Think about it this way. We regulate the safety of food. Of the air we breath and even the medications we take to cure us. But the one item sure to cause our death is something off limits. Taboo.

Here's the latest wackadoodle story. We've already lived through the San Francisco killing that was justified by the assailant eating too many Twinkies -- the victims, Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone of San Francisco.

After that there have been many others, cops shooting handcuffed suspects, naked unarmed suspicious suspects shot 12 times and allowed to bleed to death under the banner of justified. Oh, and what about the justifiable murder of Trayvon Martin. His crime was walking while eating Skittles. That is surely one of Florida's finest moments.

But Florida is not just the Sunshine State. It's also the "We try harder" state -- kind of the Avis of the 50 United States. The Orange Juice capital of the world didn't cause enough racial animus with George Zimmerman and the "Stand Your Ground" law, they've taken that to new heights.

It's called the popcorn defense.

Evidently the retired cop took the title of the movie, "LONE SURVIVOR" too literally.

Instead of letting management handle the situation, the cop engaged the texting man in an argument, which led to the angry father tossing the ever dangerous contents of a bag of popcorn -- that deadliest of weapons when it's butter topped -- on the shouting and enraged ex-cop. The next action was the former officer, a man trained to quell arguments with the least amount of hostilities, did what any true blooded second amendment American would do.

He drew his peacemaker -- a snubnose .38 caliber pistol -- and shot. The bullet first hit the texting man's wife's hand which she instinctively put up in fearful reaction, and then went straight through it, finding it's final resting spot in the heart of her husband. He was pronounced dead on the spot. One bullet. Two victims. Tell me this isn't a trained cop.

When brought into the police station where he served for nearly 20 years, the officer gave his statement. He was in fear of his life when he drew his gun and that is "stand your ground." It was the popcorn tossed on him that put him into fear for his life and allowed him to draw upon the unarmed man and his wife.

No one yet knows what the outcome of this will be, or if it will even get to trial. But I have heard rumors that Orville Redenbacher has been retained by the defense as an expert witness.

To borrow from Will Durst, the problem isn't too many guns in schools, it's too many schools. In this case, it's not too many guns in movie theaters, it's too many movie theaters. Aurora Colorado. Carson California. Now Tampa Florida. Where's the popcorn insanity going to lead us? Be careful at the hot butter topping dispensary at your movie house. Can't you just see the trouble brewing there?


Video- 2013 Golden Globes: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Full Monologue



Video Overnight Thread- The BLADE RUNNER Holiday Special


Snort. Via.


2013 Was A Kick Ass Year -- According To The Song


Troye Sivan

YouTube pop star Troye Sivan put out a song about 2012 last year and it went viral. So, when you've hit gold once, you go for it again. His tribute to the social phenomena, the political events and the year's pop culture in 2013 are amusing, poignant and very addictive. It may not be "Dumb Ways To Die" in its 'can't get it out of your head' quotient, but it sure is light, breezy and fun. So here it is for you. Look back at 2013 and it's cultural imprint (including, twerking, Nelson Mandella, Robin Thicke, the royal baby, One Direction, the LGBT world, the government shutdown and the Harlem Shake.)

Enjoy: (warning, adult language)