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Needle In A Haystack Found -- On Google Earth


needle in a haystack

During this holiday season family plays a great part in our lives. Both our loved ones around us and those we've lost. For the "feel good" story of one lucky soul, a man named Saroo Brierley, his tale is made of the magic fairy dust which abounds this time of year. Abandoned at 5, adopted and raised in a foreign country, he had but a few precious memories of the time before his separation from his birth family -- a mother, and two siblings.

He never gave up hope, nor should we. He was filled with desire to someday find that needle in a haystack. Watch how he found the greatest treasure of all, thanks to modern technology, desire and a great memory:


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Aurora Shooting Victim Mother Confronts McCain- McCain: "You Need Some Straight Talk"



What's wrong with a simple, "We're doing everything we can? The "Straight Talk Express" got four flats back in '08 Grampy. Via TPM.

At one point, the mother of Aurora movie shooting victim Alex Teves took the microphone.

“My 24-year-old son Alex was murdered in a movie theater in Colorado,” Caren Teves said. “These assault rifles allow the shooter to fire many rounds without having to re-load. These weapons do not belong on our streets.”

McCain responded by sympathizing with Teves, then addressing her call for a ban on assault rifles.

“I can tell you right now you need some straight talk. That assault weapons ban will not pass the Congress of the United States,” said Sen. McCain.


NRA Double Standard: Black Woman Sentenced to 20 Years for "Standing Her Ground" in Florida


Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash, via my pal Mark Karlin:

The "Stand Your Ground" law is just a license to murder for white people in Florida. [...]

[Trayvon Martin killer George] Zimmerman's legal stance is that he was in compliance with the state's NRA/ALEC model "Stand Your Ground" law, which basically, in the absence of witnesses, provides a license to kill with impunity. However, the lethal irony of the law is evident in that one could make a strong argument that Martin, who was being stalked by someone who he didn't know and was armed, had a legal right to "stand his ground" due to the threatening nature of Zimmerman's actions. [...]

Yet, Marissa Alexander, a black victim of domestic violence, just received the full brunt of the racial double standard on "Stand Your Ground" NRA/ALEC laws. In Florida, where Martin was killed, Alexander was just sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing off a warning shot to fend off her abusive husband. It's important to note that Alexander received a sentence in jail, even though she was allegedly defending herself - and no one was hit or injured by the shot.

According to CBS News,

[...] "The Florida criminal justice system has sent two clear messages today," Rep. Brown said in a statement on May 11. "One is that if women who are victims of domestic violence try to protect themselves, the 'Stand Your Ground Law' will not apply to them...The second message is that if you are black, the system will treat you differently."

In short, if Alexander were white, she would probably be free and a poster woman for the NRA. She stood her ground, didn't she?

Please read the whole post here.


VIDEO: A message from Trayvon Martin's mother for Mother's Day; Trayvon Martin gun range targets sell out in 2 days



Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mom, released a video asking parents nationwide to support the Second Chance campaign, a new national campaign working to reform, repeal and prevent passage of new Florida-style "Shoot First" laws around the country.

The Second Chance campaign launched after Martin's death with the NAACP, the National Urban League, the National Action Network, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, VoteVets and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to oppose reckless Shoot First laws that are on the books of 26 states and pending in 10 more.

Second Chance members are offering their support, including Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City...

"I hope Sybrina Fulton’s courage will persuade state legislators to take a second look at Shoot First laws and take a second chance to get them right."

... and Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network:

"I join Sybrina Fulton and others in support of 'Second Chance on Shoot First.' Neither she, nor any other mother, should have to endure the loss of a child because of these laws, and as long as this law stands on the books in Florida and other states we consider this a danger and we are committed to fighting that law."

There are vile, irrational people out there who have the bad taste and insensitivity to openly mock and even make money off of Trayvon Martin, because, you know, his family hasn't been hurt enough yet:

 Click Orlando:

ORLANDO, Fla. -An unidentified entrepreneur admits he is trying to profit off Trayvon Martin's death by selling gun range targets featuring the teen who's death has sparked a nationwide controversy. [...]

According to an advertisement for the targets that had been posted on a popular firearms auction website, the sellers stated they "support Zimmerman and believe he is innocent and that he shot a thug."  [...]

The seller would not disclose how many paper targets had been made, but said in an email, "The response is overwhelming.  I sold out in 2 days." 

That online ad has since been removed. How comforting.

It's come down-- way down-- to this: profiting off of the slaying of an unarmed teenager.

Happy Mother's Day.


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