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A Lot of Smart Women Swear, Tricky Dick Nixon!


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The odds were that in some of the newly released Nixonian audio trove, he'd let fly with one fine misogynistic remark to mark the occasion with.

Richard Millhouse, you did not disappoint.

Because it also includes an informative Vanity Fair segment, and a Morning Joe Schmoe segment that brings Vanity Fair to the table is always worth a peek … have a Nixon listen.

Mark Halperin was there to try to destroy the experience, but we are all used to auto-tuning Halperin out.

Talk amongst yourselves about the Christie freshness, but can I get a WTH?! On Nixon?!? Bella Abzug must have sent him into fits. From the Vanity Fair piece, linked above, an excerpt that covers Dick's incredulity about females and language.

Nixon: I mean, you’ve got to stop at a certain point. Why is it that the girls don’t swear? Because a man, when he swears, people can’t tolerate a girl who is a—

Haldeman: Girls do swear.

Nixon: Huh?

Haldeman: They do now.

Peace, I'mOut

Nixon: Oh, they do now? But, nevertheless, it removes something from them. They don’t even realize it. A man drunk, and a man who swears, people will tolerate and say that’s a sign of masculinity or some other damn thing. We all do it. We all swear. But you show me a girl that swears and I’ll show you an awful unattractive person. . . . I mean, all femininity is gone. And none of the smart girls do swear, incidentally.

It was almost worse that he doubled down on the judgment at the end, there … as if he was giving the matter due process of thought, then said, "Naah - I'm Dick Nixon and I'm right" and did away with generations of intelligence in a casually arrogant sentence; man to man.

We met Pat. Something tells me she was a Nixon with a vocabulary tailored to match her voluble husband's.



Eric Holder Handily Annihilates #TundraTwit Palin's Impeach(!) Hysteria



We already discussed La Palin's latest idiocy, she looked out from her porch and declared "Impeach!!" last week in some sorta' Independence Day Fvx Nation Tea-hysteria about still wanting 'their' country back.

Enter Attorney Eric Holder, a guy who knows a tad about racially motivated movements and a skosh about the law. Enjoy his ABC decimation of the half-Governor, a.k.a., John McCain's biggest effing mistake.

Enjoy it again in print. BURN!

La Palin: "Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president. His unsecured border crisis for me it’s a last straw. It makes kind of a battered wife say no mas. That’s enough. It’s time to impeach."

Rational Human Being Eric Holder: "She wasn’t a particularly good vice presidential candidate. She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why."

Phase Two has already begun, Fox Noise will jump aboard Palin's hay wagon and try to morph this into some kind of 'strong stance', 'real leadership', from a woman so full of feck she can hardly get out of bed in the morning unassisted.


This cage-match was inevitable, Holder has spent decades fighting xenophobia and racist tendencies, while the half-Governor has used that time to narrow her focus.

Particularly after Grampy McBombBombs unleashed Palin, #TundraTwit of all time, on the lower 48 and had the audacity to put her on the same global stage as Barack Obama.

She may be fit to talk about battered wives … The Party of Palin does little but demean, belittle and destroy women and their collective rights and independence; and her Bible must tell her to 'submit' to any man who finds her sponge-worthy.



Image, The Sacramento Record.


Pardon the Ick Level.

For a little more jaded nastiness, we have Morning Schmoe Joe Scarborough slinging the blood-red rare conservative New York Strip for his un-compassionate conservative base.


Sarah Palin needs to crawl back into the A-las-kan cave she stumbled out of, and hibernate for the next five decades, minimum.

Then she can reemerge and start screeching about the Mad Men era again. Happily a lot of us will have walked on and will be spared the recap of Tundra Twit's inane idea of 'reality'.



Morning Joe Backs Gov. Good-Hair Perry on the Texas Tea Obama Wackadoo



Slightly better than giving you Fvx at this hour, Morning Schmoe is semi-back from break, and Scarborough is all about kicking some PBO hiney about the humanitarian crisis at the Border. Governor Good Hair Rick Perry's stretch o' the fence.

We have all said or thought this a gazilion times about some of the asshats he has to interact with, but "Poor President Obama."

This time it's a Hairy Perry bully demand, not a respectful request for a presidential visit from a sitting governor. Perry has puffed out his Texas chest and bellowed that he wouldn't be doing any handshake on the tarmac with Barack Obama.

This comes on the egregious heels of Perry's Tin Foil Hat PBO latest … Obama himself is behind the humanitarian crisis at the Border. [Perry may be even less in touch with reality than we currently suppose.]


So, according to MSNBC sourcing, the president and the guv'nah will be meeting behind closed doors … and we so wanted a 'shake your fist in Obama's face' photo op, blast. Which fired Ole' One Way Joe, have a gawk for yourself and I'll see you with shared frustration on the other side.

The smug is getting worse as Obama gets closer to the clean exit, it's like Regressive Right blood in the water.


Perry and his glasses may not be running again (Hah!) in 2016, but as Rachel Maddow illustrated Monday night, he has some culpability in this Border Crisis.

President Obama does head out to Texas today, for two days of fundraising and with no advance-noticed plans to visit the border … which some have blown up into a faux Fvx Hair Aflame Scandale, and some conservative hate baiter editorialized this - ahead of time - "Obama's Katrina Moment."

Horse shite.

President Obama isn't a showman. He's not going to announce ahead of time that he is going to go down to the borders and see what is happening to the women and children, primarily, caught in this tragic cycle of entry, detention and legal action.


There are not many good options. The president visited the border from Texas in 2011, and though no official plans have been put forward for Obama to re-route there in the next couple of days, liberals can easily seeing him doing that.

Without the hype and Regressive Right sportscasting. For a sane look at the immigration crisis, Lawrence O'Donnell had a factual look.

Praise Jeebus for the evening Voices of Reason.



Pres. Obama and Justice Roberts, Their Former Law Professor Compares


We The People Equality

Laurence H. Tribe, former law professor at Harvard Law and highly familiar with two prominent political figures in 2014: President Barack Obama and Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

The conversation happened at the Morning Schmoe roundtable, with Morning Mika and Jon Meacham driving the rather fascinating discussion.

Professor Tribe has a perspective we don't get to hear very often, and if you are a bit of a history buff … you're welcome.

Have a look for yourself, and I'll see you on the other side.


The bits about ranking the various courts and President Obama's unique, long-range 'forest' focus are informative and give a unique look at these two powerful men … who were once both eager, hard-working young students.

Now how in the hell did we get to 2014 and the SCROTUS decisions of late, which have been little but Supremely Wrong, as Nicole Sandler reported on here at The Political Carnival and liberals are still in some justifiable shock over?!??

Hobby Lobby alone set us back decades.

The Regressive Right is counting on the bitter pinch-pursing ways of 'Justices' Scalia, Alito and Thomas to keep turning the clock back on American progress, and to continue the GOP War on Women, minorities and The People in general.



There is only one way to keep that highest Court on a more progressive path, and that is to get a lot more women and a whole lot more liberals up in there, on that highest bench. Which means voting in the next liberal president …

Get Out the Vote!! November is a breath away, and the Teabaggers are working overtime on making sure they drag us back by the hair to the Mad Men era (or the Edwardian one, to be frank).


We have weapons with which to fight - use your voices and your votes!


Image, CagleCartoons

Image, CagleCartoons


'Holler If Ya Hear Me', An Illuminating Look Back at Tupac

You might associate Tupac with a hammer-hard beat and some vernacular you're not always comfortable with hearing in your mother's company, or as the symbol of what is feared about 'rap' ... you'd be underestimating the young poet.
There's a new Broadway Musical with Saul Williams at the Helm showing at the Palace Theatre in New York City and focus of a Morning Joe segment you don't have to cringe to get through,
Win win win.
Tupac was born into an activist family, he was nearly born in prison because his mother was an active Panther - and was a 'Drama Kid' himself, performing a role in Raisin in the Sun before he even reached adulthood.
There wasn't much time for gang hanging, banging or any of the violent 'gangsta' culture he is assumed to have stood for. Even died for.


Allow this footage to disabuse you of that notion, and there's an excerpted review below to add background and more nuance to the fascinating story of this young man's contribution to our culture. Willie Geist is a fair hand at the entertainment interview, and Joe Schmoe was happily absent. (I went to Fvx, to see Zerlina Maxwell, as mentioned yesterday. Still nauseous and Phenergen is never far away from the cable remote control.)



My eldest nephew is 23, and I've been hearing his woofer up close and personal since he learned to bike, then drive to our house, and right up to a couple of longish 'visits' - I'm really starting to see why he relates to the raw emotion, the deeply honest lyrics that cut across a lot of culture lines.
Wish I could take him to see this show. Broadway's not that far from Vermont.



"The Pitchforks Are Coming for the Millionaires", says Zillionaire to Politico



Mike Allen swung by MSNBC to tell us just how up front even a center-leaning outfit like Politico is featuring on the stars of the new American plutocracy. Or oligarchy. The folks you see on the business end of a briskly waving pitchfork.

Personally, the Koch Broz. seem more like oligarchs, but that may because I always picture them in crowns that would put the ones adjacent to the Great Tower of London in the shade.

That's why they, the 1%er oligarchy plutocrats like the Koch Sons-a'-Bitches Brothers are so easy for us pitchfork wielders to find … they're large and sparkly. And probably slow.


Image, Cagle Cartoons

Image, Cagle Cartoons

Give a gander to mogul and model of American capitalism, Nick Hanauer. He kinda sorta helped blow up Amazon. And he's the one saying "I see pitchforks."


The actual article over at Politico is worth the read, excerpted here for a quickie.

Memo: From Nick Hanauer
To: My Fellow Zillionaires
You probably don’t know me, but like you I am one of those .01%ers, a proud and unapologetic capitalist. I have founded, co-founded and funded more than 30 companies across a range of industries—from itsy-bitsy ones like the night club I started in my 20s to giant ones like, for which I was the first nonfamily investor. Then I founded aQuantive, an Internet advertising company that was sold to Microsoft in 2007 for $6.4 billion. In cash. My friends and I own a bank. I tell you all this to demonstrate that in many ways I’m no different from you. Like you, I have a broad perspective on business and capitalism. And also like you, I have been rewarded obscenely for my success, with a life that the other 99.99 percent of Americans can’t even imagine. Multiple homes, my own plane, etc., etc. You know what I’m talking about. ...

Now I own a very large yacht. But let’s speak frankly to each other. I’m not the smartest guy you’ve ever met, or the hardest-working. I was a mediocre student. I’m not technical at all—I can’t write a word of code. What sets me apart, I think, is a tolerance for risk and an intuition about what will happen in the future. Seeing where things are headed is the essence of entrepreneurship. And what do I see in our future now?

Cartoon, Jeff Danziger,

Cartoon, Jeff Danziger,

I see pitchforks.
Now that is refreshing. A rich guy who remembers what it was like to take his first big risk - who sees income inequality.

By Jeebus, he probably even believes in climate change. And I wonder what he thought about the SCROTUS Hobby Lobby debacle.



Hillary Clinton Aces CNN and Fox "News" - Morning Joe: Not So Fast


Whether you love or hate Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the term 'polarizing figure' may have had her iconic profile next to it in our collective political dictionary for over two decades … you have to cheer her as a non Neo-Con for trouncing the Asshat Nation at Fux Fantasy Central Fox News Channel.

Rather than inflict Fox video upon you, allow this disappointed Teabagger Tweet to inform you. To catch up on all the footage of the CNN and Fux interviews however, click this link to catch the handy summary video lineup over at Deadline.

The Benghazi culprit apprehension timing was so fortuitous it was of course a Conspiracy Thesis before actual tea-time yesterday. Everyone from Limpbaugh to eager Lipton Brigadiers tittered and finger-pointed and generally made even larger fools of their rabid Silly Season Selves.

As fellow Morning Schmoe addicts [shamleless one, here, still looking for that Twelve Step Program but in the meantime blogging about the idiots is sanity-saving, so thanks to m'cohorts out there] would have anticipated, Scarborough wasn't content to let HRC have a good ten minutes.

Scarborough even got on the 'suspicious timing' bandwagon, must have gotten a call from Bill Kristol with the talking points at 3:00 a.m. - and went on a rant about "how long it took to get the guy". [As opposed to BushCo's speedy successes.]


And Mika -- have ya' noticed (??) -- has a slight distaste for the former First Lady, Senator from New York and Secretary of State … whether it has anything or not to do with Papa Zbig not being in the Clinton White House; do feel free to speculate away with me. It's way too early and waaaay too obvious.

A couple shots about how 'poorly the book tour is going' were fired across the M.J. Bow before 6:02. P-pow. P-pow. By 6:03 Mika had made a sly reference to how HRC would have to answer to questions about Putin. Because Mika has already launched and begun tearing down her campaign.

Time for the good Orvis Waders, and Method™'s Antibacterial Troll Repellent, we're going in. First block.

The real action came when Nicole Wallace jumped on gleefully to offer her BushCo take on it all. Such a joy. [I need several size 7 1/2's lined up to hurl.] Happily Sam Stein was on for a voice of sanity.

Don't you just resign Mika to Madeleine Albright's Special Level of Hell at least twice a morning?!? Which is sad, she could be using that seat and platform for good. Not pseudo-modeling and mugging for the camera.

Nicole Wallace is no slouch at skewering HRC, either. She is headed for Peggy Noonan territory, that one. Just a tad of Clinton Derangement Syndrome lingering there.

Politics truly is a Carnival.