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Utah Seeks Political Power By Giving Up 3/4ths Of It


Salt lake city

Aside from salt and religion, not too much comes out of Salt Lake City -- well, unless you're a Mormon. And most of what I know about being a Mormon I learned from The Book Of Mormon -- the musical. I can't say that lifestyle is for me.

But I don't think that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints members are stupid by any means. They may be horny  (Utah leads the nation in pornographic purchases) but they are pretty savvy as a whole. They number 15 million members world-wide. Yet if they are the motivating factor in this latest scheme to become more relevant in the political world, they may have crested with Mitt Romney and now are walking back from that experiment.

According to The Hill:

In 2016, an unusual state could snatch the coveted first-primary spot away from New Hampshire if its legislature gets its way: Utah

The Utah state House voted overwhelmingly on Monday in favor of a bill that would allow the state to hold its presidential primary a week before any other state in the nation, via an entirely online system, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

This is quite interesting on a number of levels. First, the primary is to be totally online. Yep, no open polls. Only internet voting. That's pretty progressive if you ask me. The state is 68% Mormon. I just never thought of all of those folks as being so progressive. Actually, the opposite might have been my first thought. I see now that I was wrong. You learn something new every day.

Yet here comes the confusing part. The state wants to up its profile as being politically meaningful. By pushing to become the first state in the nation to hold a primary, a spot normally held by New Hampshire, Utah very well might become more relevant. It could happen. But there's something else that could happen too if they choose to make this move. They'll have to face the wrath of Reince Priebus and the entire RNC.

Currently the state sends 40 delegates to the GOP nominating convention.

If Utah goes through with the change, its 40 GOP delegates to the national convention will be cut down to just nine.

Nine voices for a state that could have 40. That's roughly a 3/4 cut. Does that make them more or less relevant and meaningful or just another small voice at the convention?


Weekly Upchuck: The Most Shocking Religion News of Last Week, with Mega-Antidotes!


what's up chuck 3 religion news Please welcome back regular guest contributor, author of Being Christian and the go-to blogger on religion news, hypocrisy, and all things church v. state,  K.C. Boyd. You might remember her from her earlier posts. You can link over to her site here for the rest of this post. It’s well worth a look, because I left out a ton of great upchuckable stuff, including antidotes! These are but a few of her weekly "where religion meets your rights" collection:

The Weekly Upchuck

– by K. C. Boyd


  • Say What-Chuck? Inn of the Fetus? Pro-life VA Senate values rights of fetus over those of ‘host,’ which ‘some refer 2 as mothers’


  • Never Stopping-Puke: Missouri Bill Would Allow Students To “Opt-Out” of Learning Evolution.


  • Stockman Campaign-Chux: Obama Administration Marriage Equality Stance ‘Setting Up For A Dictatorship’ \

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  • Cult-Like, Corrupt and Christian Conservative-Regurgitus: Inside the Campus Group Creating Wal-Mart Managers

Fifty Shades of Hate

  • Invoking the Worst-Chuck: Bryan Fischer supports AZ’s anti-gay discrimination law because gay activists are “jack-booted homofascist thugs”:
  • No Surprise Here-Chuck: How Fox News Helped Promote State Anti-Gay Segregation Bills

Fifty Shades Of Loony

  • Thank God For Magic Underwear-Chuck! Mormons Declare War on Masturbation (Hint:U Can B Cured)

Sausage Makers and Their Sausage

  • Sponsored By Hate Inc.-Chuck: Missouri lawmakers introduce ‘right to refuse service’ religious freedom bill.
  • Simple Vomit: Louie Gohmert: God ‘answered my prayers’ by creating the Tea Party

Same Sex Issues

  • So Much For Jesus-Chuck: 50 Michigan pastors speak out against gay marriage on eve of lesbian adoption trial
  • Hate Lobby-Spews: Lobbyist drafts bill to ban gays from the NFL



  • Up Your Chuck-Chuck: Should you doubt it’s theocracy they’re after: GOP Senate candidate Paul Broun vows to vote only for ‘biblical’
  • Tea-Puke: And should you doubt the Tea Party is but a wing of fundie Christians, there’s this: Kansas Tea Party urges state senators to legalize discrimination against LGBT citizens:

Women’s Issues

  • She Made Me Do It Vomit-Upchuck-Hurl-Barf: Christian colleges, in their male dominance/female subservience culture, blame rape victims for enticement

And for "A Great Week For Antidotes" and more Upchucks, follow the link to K.C.'s page.


Thursday Links


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"God-- I Love The Guy But The Fan Clubs Freak Me Out"



What happens when you have a debate between an Atheist, and a Christian? You get fireworks, a surprising argument and some wide-eyed discussion. Oh, and believe it or not, lots of laughs.

One of the points brought up by John Fugelsang, representing the Christian point of view, is his own background. He describes his family this way, "my mother was an ex-nun and my father was a Franciscan brother.

I'm the whitest guy in this room but you could say my mother was a Sister and my father was a Brother.

That's religion for you. It makes for some pretty strange bedfellows.

Fugelsang argues that those who hold the bible so dear to themselves would have trouble these days with electing Jesus for public office. After all, he was:

...a socialist. peaceful, radical non-violent revolutionary, hung out with lepers, hookers and crooks, never spoke English, wasn't an American citizen, was anti-wealth, anti-death penalty, anti-public prayer (Matthew 6:5) never anti-gay, never anti-abortion, never anti-premarital sex, long haired, brown skinned and a Jew.

And that's the Christian making that argument. Does make you pause.

On the Agnostic side, you get Jamie Kilstein who explains his disappointment with creationism by referring to how the majestic beauty of Niagara Falls wasn't part of the God's original plan. Sort of an afterthought.

So for sure you'll be entertained and enlightened with this humorous debate. You don't have to agree or disagree with either side -- but listening to it is fun. At least I hope you find it so.


Why Are Red States Red? Internet Porn Has Something To Do With It


Adults only sign

Okay, let's be honest. Who hasn't looked at porn at one time or another on the Internet? Who hasn't been sent some "X" rated picture or video clip from a friend, a co-worker or a hijacked AOL account?

Let's face it, porn is here. You may not wish to embrace it, but it's not going to make it go away. And from some recent surveys done by the indisputable free porn distribution leader,, there's very definite trends in states and search terms. From that data, HuffPo reports some interesting findings:

We now know Alaskans love a good view (no, not of Russia). California is all about staying young. Connecticut embraces motherhood. And education always comes first in the state of Illinois.

The winner for longest average duration spent on the porn site? It's the state with the most letters, M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. The shortest amount of viewership? Rhode Island.

If a picture's worth a thousand words -- no, I'm not showing any porno pictures -- take a look at some of the more popular searches and where they come from. Is your state among them? More importantly, are you among them? Sorry. That's your business. Speaking of business, where's porno thriving (aside from everywhere)?

movie viewer

Here's a breakdown:

Most Searched Terms by Region:

Northeast: 1. College, 2.(tie) Compilation, 2.(tie) Milf

Southeast: 1. Milf, 2. creampie, 3. teen

Midwest: 1. teen, 2. creampie, 3. MILF

Southwest: 1: creampie, 2. compilation, 3. 5-way tie

West/northwest: 1. teen, 2. compilation, 3. (tie) Asian & creampie

And if you were wondering where the people spend the most time watching porn, the top seven states by usage are:

1: Mississippi, 2: Arkansas, 3: Alabama, 4: Louisiana, 5: Oklahoma, 6. Georgia, 7. Utah

See anything in common among those seven? Looks like those all are red states. Here I thought they were red because of their political leanings. Maybe they're red because of embarrassment.

Isn't it the least bit odd to you that the most amount of time spent on porn comes from the traditional, religious bible states? I just can't seem to get that out of my head-- or the pictures they must be conjuring up in their minds when they listen to Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin and Kelly Ayotte.



Teens flee polygamist sect of Mormon Church, learn what the president & saltwater are, women aren't subservient "poisonous snakes"


escape key

Zach Bowers is a "plig." No, I'm not being insulting, nor was that a "pig" typo. "Plig" is short for polygamist child, and Zach and his brother grew up in a Utah polygamist compound. His dad married two sisters and raised 32 children.

About four years ago he had an argument with Polygamist Dad, left home, and joined an ongoing exodus-- read: escape-- from the sect. Of course, not all Mormons practice polygamy. The main Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints disavowed that a century ago, but per a report in the Los Angeles Times, Zach defected from "the secretive Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a breakaway sect of the Mormon Church that practices polygamy, dictates almost all aspects of people's lives and casts women into subservience."

He's 18 now, and he, his older brother, and his younger half-brother live northeast of Las Vegas with a caring married couple, along with their two kids, in a six-bedroom house.

They're adjusting well, but learning about "the intimacy of a nuclear family" with "parental figures" and living a more mainstream life has been challenging:

On his first ocean swim, Zach gulped water and nearly vomited: He'd never heard of saltwater. They've learned how to talk to girls, whom church elders warned "to avoid like poisonous snakes." [...]

Sect members who escape their compound are largely invisible to society, and are often without birth certificates or Social Security numbers. [...]

Zach was home-schooled — lessons involved reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon exclusively — and he was forbidden from watching TV or reading newspapers. He left the sect with little grasp of math, science or history. Multiplication tables baffled him and his reading skills were below normal. Zach admits he didn't know who Osama bin Laden was until the terrorist leader was killed in 2011.

"I didn't even know what the president was," he said. "I knew there was somebody over the United States, but I didn't know they called it the president."

Both Zach and Isaiah were once told how to wear their hair, what type of shoes to wear. They could never take off their long-sleeved shirts in public and had to wear long underwear year-round.

No birth certificates or Social Security numbers would make it impossible to vote for a president they never knew existed, as well as any other candidate or issue.

It took a few months for Zach to realize girls weren't poisonous snakes and to realize what "Star Wars" movies were. And understandably, the brothers now distrust organized religion.

But because of the couple that took them in, they are learning what a loving family really is.


Quickie- Bush Had More Mormon Support Than Romney


Why yes, I am still schadenfreuding. Via.

Pew Research finds that Mitt Romney won 78% of the Mormon vote in the 2102 presidential election.

In 2004, George W. Bush was backed by 80% of Mormons.