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Wisconsin Dems aren’t waiting around, already taking aggressive steps to defeat Walker, regain Senate in 2014


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Wisconsin Democrats are no dummies. They're not sitting around and waiting until six months before the 2014 elections to get off their hineys to start an "unprecedented" statewide organizing strategy, nosireebob.

Via the LaCrosse Tribune:

Starting later next month the party plans to put people on the ground in an effort to build on the momentum of the 2012 presidential race and to address what the party chairman called “underperformance” in state legislative races. [...]

[Party Chairman Mike Tate] said the effort — expected to cost about $500,000 a year — is geared toward defeating Gov. Scott Walker, regaining control of the state Senate and making gains in the heavily GOP-controlled Assembly. [...]

“We’re not going to beat Scott Walker on money,” Tate said. “But we believe people are on our side.”

Tate went on to say that their goal is attainable. We do know one thing: It's far more attainable with aggressive plans like these. If only Democrats in every state had this much energy, foresight, and ability to aim high and follow through.

We can't afford to lose in 2014, in state elections nor nationally, especially considering all the dirty tricks the GOP has been pulling. Even smaller local elections are important, so heads up, Dems. Follow Wisconsin's lead.


White House to Dems: Don't back down on tax debate



(CNN)The White House is encouraging Democratic allies in Congress to engage in a debate on taxes after the Supreme Court's ruling on President Barack Obama's health care law brought the issue back into the national spotlight.

David Plouffe, a senior adviser to Obama, wrote in a memo delivered to House and Senate Democratic caucuses Friday that Democrats were eager to debate their GOP rivals on taxes. Plouffe pointed out the Obama administration's achievements on lowering rates for middle class Americans.

See what a couple of Supreme Court victories can do for a campaign? A little confidence can work wonders.

Plouffe wants Democratic lawmakers to just full on go for it:

"We welcome this debate on middle class taxes, and we urge you to seize this opportunity to go on offense to illustrate how the President and Democrats in Congress are standing up for the middle class... For those that can afford health insurance but stay uninsured-- forcing the rest of us to subsidize their care for free-- a penalty is administered... This is estimated by the CBO to affect 1% of the population. It is modeled on the health reform Governor Romney signed into law, where less than 1% have been affected by the Massachusetts penalty."

Can it be any more obvious who is for the 99% and who feels, for example, that everyone should get “as much education as they can afford?

While we're on the subject of taxes, how about dumping those Bush tax cuts, hmm?