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Poll-itics: Elizabeth Warren still leading Scott Brown in Massachusetts


Western New England University Polling Institute: Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, 50-45%.

Via The Hill:

The findings show Warren ahead by roughly the same margin as in the same poll taken in early September, but this latest survey shows voters largely making up their mind with just a short while before the campaign season ends — only three percent of those polled said they were still undecided.

Fingers crossed. We need Elizabeth in the U.S. Senate.


Mark Halperin. Yes, Mark Halperin: "The Fox News Sunday round table... sounded like a postmortem explaining a Romney loss."


When Mark "Obama's a Dick" Halperin-- no liberal he -- says that "conventional wisdom" is that Willard M. Romney's in deep doo-doo, well, hey, that gets my attention. Actually, yesterday I wrote a post about some of what Halperin covers: Mitt Romney’s playing field is experiencing shrinkage. However, I also noted that I don't take anything for granted, and with the GOP in full-on voter suppression mode, among other dirty tricks, I am only cautiously optimistic.

But this kind of reporting from Halperin does give me hope:

The danger for the Romney campaign right now is the congealing conventional wisdom that the Republican emerged from Tampa and Charlotte meaningfully behind and is now facing some tough Electoral College reality.

This CW is driven by the post-convention polls showing a bump for the President, prominent Politico and New York Times stories citing key Republicans acknowledging that Boston is behind in Ohio and other must-win states, Barack Obama’s outraising Mitt Romney in August and weak Romney and Paul Ryan answers in interviews on such topics as health care, the U.S. military and the budget. The Fox News Sunday round table yesterday sounded like a postmortem explaining a Romney loss. [...]

Romney is an awkward, unlikable candidate... on the current trajectory, Romney faces more troubled days ahead.

Please read the whole post. During this nasty, crazy election season, it was nice to get a little good news to start the week.

Update: Team Romney calls surveys showing Obama bounce a 'sugar high'


Gabrielle Giffords to deliver Pledge of Allegiance at Convention


Roll Call:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will make a surprise appearance at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday evening, Roll Call has confirmed.

She will deliver the Pledge of Allegiance, according to a source close to the former Congresswoman, kicking off the night that will culminate in President Barack Obama accepting the Democratic nomination for president.

Her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.


Meet a first-grader who's wiser and more secure than most conservative adults


This exchange is even more pertinent in light of the inclusive and uplifting atmosphere of the first night of the Democratic Convention. Via a friend who witnessed this scrumptious conversation between two little first-grade munchkins:

Boy: "Should I marry you?"

Girl: "I don't know."

Boy: "Maybe I could wait to marry you until after I've married another boy."

Girl: "Huh?"

Boy: "Or maybe I could marry you and then marry another boy."

Girl: "Why do you want to marry another boy?"

Boy: "Because I can."

What we find touching, sweet, funny, normal, and beautiful, many conservatives would find repugnant, sick, and perverse. Anyone who claims there's no discernible difference between the parties would be wrong.