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Republicans Must Pass Proficiency Test To Take Office



With all the wackadoos that the GOP and Tea Party have put into the House and Senate, it's quite evident that intelligence is not one of the qualifying requirements. When you hear the gibberish and claptrap ideas that come out of many of them, you really have to wonder if they still ask the prices at the Dollar Store.

These idiots (my apologies for the non-PC use of the word) only need only open their mouths to prove the point. There's the not getting pregnant in a real rape situation, the fetuses masturbate story, the earth is only about 5000 years old, defaulting on the debt ceiling won't hurt anything, there's no such thing as climate change. Now we can add another totally dick-wad Cretan to the Wackadoo Hall of Shame.

His name is Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) and he was one of the 144 House Republicans who voted against bipartisan legislation to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling.

Mick had his reasons though. And he wasn't  keeping them to himself. He saw something in this bill to reopen government and raise the debt ceiling that evidently everyone else missed. It was a piece of "pork" that was added onto the bill. No, not the Kentucky Dam or the payment to the the widow of  the late Senator Frank Lautenberg. Those were  something he could live with.

Here's the one that turned him away: "the 'Lord's Resistance Army' received special funds."

Funding the Lord's Resistance Army? Did you see that anywhere? I didn't. Do you know who the Lord's Resistance Army is? The LRA as they are known, is a Ugandan rebel group led by warlord Joseph Kony. The group's trademark is kidnapping children and turning them into fighters or sex slaves.

Congressman Mulvaney, could you possibly be so ignorant as to actually think that was among the pork issues in this U.S. Government funding bill? That's strike one.

strike one

The money you were confusing with going to the LRA actually goes TO the U. S. Defense Department for continuing to assist African forces as they pursue Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, accused of atrocities.

So that's strike two.

strike two

Finally, when you issue a retraction through a surrogate, take a close look at who's speaking for you -- The Huffington Post reports:

...that the LRA reference was the result of a "typo" she (Mulvaney communications director) had made and had nothing to do with the congressman's position (which has since been expunged from his official website).

The Mulvaney Communications Director is named, Stephanie Faile. And boy, did she ever fail(e) you!

That, Mr. congressman, is strike three.

strike three


European leaders begin to realize austerity is crippling nations. Gee, ya think?


stimulus austerity

Drastic cuts, sequestration, firing public workers by the hundreds of thousands, slashing programs that keep people healthy and alive, closing schools, suppressing stimulus plans when we need them most, and ignoring the opportunity to rebuild a crumbling infrastructure are all wrongheaded policies that progressives have been trying our best to reverse.

Europe is rethinking their own approach to cutting and starving their way out of their economic problems and ending up on "a dead-end street." It's about time.

The Los Angeles Times has an article on that very thing:

Prodded by Germany and its insistence on fiscal virtue, governments elsewhere have fired workers, chopped welfare benefits and shelved big-ticket projects, turning the continent into what some call one giant "Austerity-land."...The punishing spending cuts have stifled consumer demand and economic growth, not spurred it. [...]

Public patience with continued belt-tightening is wearing thin as misery increases and as officials repeatedly push their predictions of economic recovery further into the future. [...]

The pressure may finally be starting to tell. Recently there have been signs that the region's leaders, most notably in Berlin and at European Union headquarters in Brussels, are rethinking their dogmatic pursuit of spending cutbacks and balanced budgets. [...]

Advocates of a more nuanced policy note that U.S. economic performance has easily outpaced Europe's and that Japan is witnessing a comeback. [...]

[S]o many countries cutting so much so fast, they contend, has turned out to be an act of collective kneecapping that has crippled the entire region. [...]

More pro-growth policies — investment in big infrastructure projects, for example — could jump-start faltering economies and help countries make the revenue they need to pay down their debts, analysts say...

That, however, would require a farsightedness and cooperative policymaking that critics say has been sorely lacking.

Take note, Republicans. Or is that asking too much? As I wrote in a 2011 post, GOP jackasses, foresight is not exactly their strong suit.


Video- The Daily Show: This is CNN?


Cartoons of the Day- Boston Marathon Bombing Media Fail



April 19, 2013





Michele Bachmann: “I was very proud of the fact that I didn’t get anything wrong..." she said wrongly.


Bachmann 1

Per Salon, Michele Bachmann took part in a “newsmaker interview” at Patrick Henry College, a conservative evangelical school in Virginia. Or as I like to call it, a "You still here?" interview.

When asked about the “inevitability” of gay marriage, Bachmann said,

“I won’t be deviating,” explaining that no matter what humans think, God created marriage and that is unquestionable.

Unquestionable! No doubt about it! What she believes is the truth. For everyone. Ever.

So who created marriage for atheists and people who believe differently? Oo! Oo! I know! *waving hand wildly* Pick me! People did! Mostly the two people who wanted to get married. Or people who benefited from their getting married. Those people.

Asked if any good came from feminism, Bachmann said that realizing that “women are valuable and that women should be listened to is very important.” However, she continued, “But in my opinion, that wasn’t feminism, that was Jesus Christ who did that. Because Jesus Christ did more to lift up women… We didn’t need the 1960s to tell us that, all you have to do is read Proverbs 31.”

Mmmnotsomuch Michelle, those "valuable" women pretty much lifted themselves up, and it hasn't been easy. They've had a little assistance from a few very wise men who have recognized the obvious, that men and women are equals.

But if Jesus did so much to "lift up women," what exactly has he done to get women equal pay these days? And about those reproductive rights and transvaginal ultrasounds...

But perhaps her most revealing answers came when she spoke about her failed presidential bid. “I was very proud of the fact that I didn’t get anything wrong that I said during the course of the debates. I didn’t get anything wrong and that’s a huge arena,” she said.

America begs to differ:

Video- SC GOP Debate: Michele Bachmann- We Should Be Less Socialist Like China

Video- SC GOP Debate: Bachmann- Obama Is Willing To Stand With Occupy Wall Street And Not Israel

Video- Michele Bachmann Blasts Herman Cain’s ‘Devil’ 9-9-9 Plan At Republican Debate

And sometimes it's not what Michele said that was wrong, it's what she did that caused some murmurs and head scratching. Remember that Where oh where was Michele Bachmann? moment during the debate? If only Jesus had filled us in on her whereabouts.

Oh, and this happened: Was the debate de-Bachmann’d?

The nation should be de-Bachmann'd, and that is "unquestionable."

god has better things to do... if there is, in fact, a god.


UPDATED: Two people accidentally shot at gun show honoring Gun Appreciation Day


safety first

First a security guard leaves gun unattended in restroom at K-8 charter school, and now this.

At a North Carolina gun show intended to honor (snark) Gun Appreciation Day, two people were accidentally shot, and the show was shut down. It will, however, continue tomorrow sans private gun sales.

Having a few gun safety issues, firearm zealots? Yay, Gun Appreciation Day! Yay, guns! Family fun! But of course, I'm sure these people grew up around guns and knew exactly what they were doing.



Raleigh, N.C. — Officials said the Dixie Gun and Knife Show will continue Sunday without private gun sales after three people, including a retired sheriff's deputy, were injured Saturday when a gun brought in by a patron who planned to sell it accidentally discharged.

I hate when that happens

H/t: Mediaite ("Two People Accidentally Shot At Gun Show In Honor Of Gun Appreciation Day")

UPDATE (h/t: @Wilson46201 ):

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A person who was loading a gun outside of the Indy 1500 Gun and Knife Show at the State Fairgrounds was accidentally shot when his gun discharged Saturday afternoon.

And the hits keep on comin'... literally.

Oops: 4 People Shot At 3 Different Gun Shows On Gun Appreciation Day