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Oops! Fox News [sic] misspells "Spelling Bee": VIDEO


fox misspells Spelling Bee


Fox News [sic] is even lamer and more inept than we thought, and that's saying something. We owe Politico big time for this one:

Psst! Fox News (Did I say "news"? I didn't mean to. That gives them way too much legitimacy.)! If you're going to make a typo, it's probably a good idea to avoid making one during a segment on a spelling bee, don'tcha think?

clusterfoxThen again, attention to detail and accuracy has never been their strong suit.

Or should that have been "deetale and akyurassy"?

Added: As @Xaron4 just tweeted to me, "Their viewers never noticed." Perfect.


CNN misspells host's name on promo for their new "Crossfire" show


use spell check

cnn misspells Stephanie Cutter's name on Crossfire promo

Stephanie "Cupper"? Oops.

Maybe CNN should have misspelled S.E. Cupp's name as S.E. "Cutt" just to compensate.

stephanie cutter

Come on, CNN, if you're going to push a new show, at least proofread your copy. We all make mistakes, sure, but promoting a new series means putting your best foot forward, not putting it in your mouth.

At least they got it right a couple of weeks ago, here. Ironically, a year ago, CNN caught the Romney campaign making a spelling error and wrote it up: Romney iPhone app misspells 'America' to Web's delight.

And of course, there was this memorable Jon Huntsman Moment: Huntsman Campaign Begins with Misspelling His Own Name.

Okay, fun time over. No I couldn't resist, yes I'm mentally twelve years old (so are CNN's editors, apparently). Now back to more important stories.


PhotOH! Immajin wut a thret gun zelluts wud bee if thay kud spell!

Via my pal Lu Cifer

Via my pal Lu Cifer

Illinois gun "enthusiasts" sent out an anti-Bloomberg, anti-Robin Kelly postcard...and managed to misspell both Debbie Halvorson's name and-- wait for it-- "February".

Here's an idea:

use spell check 2

use spell check

Imagine what would happen if gun zealots could spell! Thay kood beekum a reel thret:

gun nuts misspell Halvorson in postcard ad gun nuts misspell February in Halvorson postcard

The above images were sent to me in an email, and they come to us via @dkoselections. I edited them to highlight the errors and also added the arrows.

but wait there's moreThis photo comes by way of the Downtown Asheville Facebook page. I edited it down a little for size only, but the image is intact:

gun nut sign misspelled Via Downtown Asheville FB page

Yes, according to Very Dedicated to the Constitution Guy, we are to "suport" the right to "own bare arms"... according to the "Secont Ament." I'm relieved to hear that, since I own two bare arms, and even a bare the-rest-of-me.

Actually, the Second Amendment mentions a little something about a "well-regulated militia," presumably in uniform. A bare-armed militia would get plenty of laughs, but not much protection from the elements. And don't get me started on the chafing.

As a special added bonus I'm adding a few other choice examples of the genius behind right wing messaging:

secede texastea party misspelled sign2tea party misspelled sign

romney misspelled ad Amerciamisspell10misspell8misspell1


PhotOH! Take a "sneak-peak" at Team Romney's latest spelling boo-boo.


Via Andrew Kaczynski

Via our pal, Andrew Kaczynski.

You'd think after the last time, they'd take extra care to hire extra editors to do extra spell-checking to avoid extra humiliation.

Remember Team Romney's previous embarrassment? Why, here it is now!

Via CNN: A typo on a new mobile app from the Romney campaign was the butt of jokes on social media

Amercia the beautiflu.