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VIDEO: ad blasts disgraced S. Carolina Congressional nominee Mark Sanford, who Colbert-Busch leads


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Former Governor Mark Sanford was missing in action, and that crucial point has been missing from much of the analysis and coverage of the coming election. Desertion is at least as unethical as infidelity, and it is certainly more dangerous. As the ad points out:

"Mark Sanford abandoned his post."

"No one, not even law enforcement or the National Guard, could reach him."

"What are we supposed to do when we can't get in touch with the leader? You can't just walk away."

"If I had abandoned my post, I could be court-martialed."

Cheating on your spouse is one thing, irresponsibly abandoning your state and being completely unreachable is quite another.

All our posts about Mark Sanford can be found here, and there have been a ton of them.

Via an email from

You remember Mark Sanford? He's the former Governor of South Carolina who went missing for six days while he said he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail," when he really was on his now infamous personal trip to Argentina.

Well, after going into hiding for a few years, Sanford is now the Republican nominee in a Special Election for South Carolina's First Congressional District.

The election is in two weeks, and his opponent is Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch... Stephen Colbert's sister.

All caught up now?

We're running a hard-hitting ad holding Sanford accountable for abandoning his post while serving as Governor, and we need your help to expand our buy. With Colbert-Busch up two points in the polls, it could mean the difference between a big victory, or an agonizing defeat.

Watch the ad and contribute to VoteVets today.

This wouldn't be Mark Sanford's first term as a member of the House of Representatives.

Sanford served there before -- from 1995 to 2001 -- and was notorious for voting against a slew of bills important to veterans, including housing grants for homeless veterans, VA Appropriations Bills, and more.

We have a chance to stop him from returning, and we're going to take it. I hope you'll join us by watching the ad and contributing to VoteVets today.

We're one of the few organizations active in this race right now, so picking up a win would send a strong message about our effectiveness.

Thanks for standing with us in this fight.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran
Chairman, VoteVets

Did I mention the new PPP poll?

PPP's newest poll on the special election in South Carolina finds Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch expanding her lead to 9 points over Mark Sanford at 50/41. Green Party candidate Eugene Platt polls at 3%.

Colbert Busch's lead is on the rise for several reasons. She has a 51/35 advantage with independents. She's winning over 19% of Republicans, while losing just 7% of Democrats. And it also seems that after last week's revelations about Sanford that a lot of GOP voters are planning to just stay at home- while the district supported Mitt Romney by 18 points last fall, those planning to turn out for the special election voted for him by only a 5 point spread. [...]

[I]t's interesting to note that there is some backlash against Republicans over last week's vote on background checks.

Those revelations were posted here: National Republicans pulling plug on “trespasser” Mark Sanford’s congressional campaign.

More poll details here.


Where oh where was Michele Bachmann?


Pool photo by Charlie Neibergall

So there I was, live tweeting last night's GOP debate when this happened:

And there we all were, the progressive Twitterverse collectively scratching our liberal heads, wondering why Michele "S & P essentially proved me right" Bachmann was spending so much time in the bathroom... or wherever it was she disappeared to. Was she feeling queasy? Did she eat some tainted ground turkey? Even worse, did Marcus suddenly see what she was wearing *gasp!* and bring her a new and improved outfit?

Silly us, we were wringing our sweaty little hands for naught. It turns out Michele's MIA Mystery was nothing more than a vanity run. Via the New York Times:

In a Twitter post that evening, Jennifer Jacobs, a Des Moines Register reporter, wrote, “Bachmann left the stage at every commercial break, even during the last one, when the Fox crew corralled her and asked her to stay,” and someone with knowledge of what happened confirmed that account. They said that Mrs. Bachmann insisted on leaving in order to touch up her makeup, even after Fox employees warned her that leaving during such short breaks was risky.

Breaking! Bachmann defies ClusterFox! That maverick.

Good thing she didn't have another migraine.


Michele Bachmann too busy for House votes


Michele OBachmann's got things to do, people to see, hands to shake, naps to take, money to rake in, gaffes to make.

What was that they were saying about then-Senator Obama?

Via Taegan:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) "has missed nearly 40% of votes in the House since she formally launched her presidential campaign," The Hill reports.

Bachmann's absentee rate is significantly higher than the two other House members running for president, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI).


White House Press Secretary: In GOP debate, no mention of education or middle class


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney slammed the Republican presidential hopefuls for omitting two key issues in last night's debate. There's a good reason for that, Jay. They care nothing about the middle class and education, which is sadly obvious by their open disdain for both via their voting records, their bills, and their own words.

After all, an educated electorate would likely vote Democratic, and that would never do. And a dumbed down middle class would find it more difficult to find ways to challenge the policies of all those wealthy corporate types that the GOP snuggles with at every opportunity.

Via the WSJ:

I was struck by the fact that over the course of two hours, the phrase ‘middle class’ and the word ‘education’ did not pass anyone’s lips that I heard,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday. “The middle class is obviously, to our mind, the primary focus of everything that we do in terms of the economic policies we pursue and the concerns we have.” [...]

Mr. Carney said he was also “struck by the absence of attention to” education. Mr. Obama has said while the U.S. most lower its spending to rein in the deficit, the country can’t afford to stop investing in education.

The WSJ offers the excuse that education questions never came up. Not good enough, WSJ. Participants in any debate have no problem at all introducing whatever subject benefits them and plays to their strengths, such as they are.

Fictional examples, but accurate just the same...

Q: What's the deal with that term "Obamneycare", Tim Pawlenty?

Tim: About those tax cuts...

Q: Hey Newt, what's up with that two-week cruise through Greece and Turkey?

Newt: About those tax cuts...

If you recall, back in 2008, Former Half-Gov MyWay McThumbNose out and out admitted her refusal to answer questions that didn't suit her:

Ifill: Would you like to have an opportunity to answer that before we move on?

Palin: I'm still on the tax thing because I want to correct you on that again. And I want to let you know what I did as a mayor and as a governor. And I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I'm going to talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also.


Here's the video: