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Video: UK Security Deploys Missiles on Civilian Apartments Roofs for Olympic Prep


Great idea! Nothing bad could possibly happen.

Some London families recently got a rude surprise when they found out the British government will deploy surface-to-air missiles and round-the-clock soldiers on private apartments to deter terrorist attacks during the Olympic Games.

According to this ABC report, 13,000 British troops will be on guard in London, more than have ever been active in the city since World War II.


Two "missiles" donated to protest against Muslim community center



What says "all-American ad campaign" better than a rented missile? What next, a new constitutional amendment patriotically called Freedom of Intimidation?

The owner, Arye Sachs, is looking for people to volunteer to cart one of his missiles back and forth to the site of the proposed mosque, starting on Sept. 2.

He is "donating" two missiles, and his time, "to fight the proposed mosque on Ground Zero." [...]

[O]n its web site, JetAngel notes that it's had trouble securing some decommissioned aircraft since Sept. 11, 2001. But not to worry: "We have developed contacts in European and Middle Eastern countries that are still flying these airplanes and may have some cockpits available soon."

Oh well, then, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

This can't end well.

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