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Military spouses, fearing loss of benefits, stay mum about sexual misconduct of husbands


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Military spouses have it tough enough, what with worrying if their husband or wife will come home in one piece or even in a box. But military spouses of cheating husbands have been under additional pressure to keep quiet about the extra-curricular activities of their lawfully wedded philanderers. Why? Because if they dare expose the betrayal, they could lose "a lifetime of military benefits if their husbands were dismissed from the Army."

"You're advised to keep your mouth shut and let him retire because you could lose everything."

And so adultery and other sex-related military crimes went unreported. This is tragic.

The Los Angeles Times has an eye-opening report about women finally demanding that their families be protected if their cheating husband is punished harshly for misconduct:

Fear of losing benefits keeps many military wives from exposing sexual misconduct or other offenses committed by their husbands, say many of those familiar with the military criminal justice system. [Kris] Johnson kept quiet about her husband, Col. James H. Johnson III, while he carried on an affair with an Iraqi woman while deployed to that country.

But when Col. Johnson moved his mistress into his military quarters in Italy, his wife turned him in — painfully aware that she and her two children might be cut off from benefits as a result... In both the Johnson and [Rebecca] Sinclair cases, court concerns that dismissing the officers would also punish their families helps explain the relatively light sentences.

As a result of wives campaigning for changes, Congress is requiring the Pentagon to consider "transitional benefits." A study will begin in May. Yes, a study. But it is a step in the right direction. And it's about time. Since 2000, more than 19,000 service members were booted from the military for sexual misconduct. That meant no health or dental care, military IDs, or housing for military spouses and their children. How's that for family values?

Kris Johnson, who urged a petition to Congress for the changes, said her husband, Brig. Gen. Sinclair, and other senior officers felt invincible. "When they had their zippers unzipped," she said, "they weren't' thinking of their families."

Yes, it's highly unlikely that they take their wives and kids into account mid-shtup.

Prosecutors told her that her husband was kept in the Army to protect benefits for her and her children.

Johnson said she supported her husband's career for 25 years, constantly moving and enduring multiple deployments while caring for two children. Like many military spouses, she was unable to build her own career; she relied instead on military benefits...

She finally turned her husband in after enduring his living arrangements with his mistress, the woman who was also by his side when he socialized with fellow officers. Hence the adjective "invincible"... or as I like to call it, sleazy, vile, despicable, and shameless.

You can see why these military spouses were up to here with losing a lifetime of benefits because of these bottom feeders. Let's hope the Pentagon "study" next month produces real results real fast.


VIDEO: First lady Michelle Obama, Sasha, Malia and Bo receive official White House Christmas tree


I love Michelle and the goils, and of course the First Dog BObama. What a gorgeous family the president has.

(CNN)-- This year, military families will be the first to see the 2012 holiday decorations. The official tree in the Blue Room will pay tribute to those serving in the military and will feature decorations by children living on U.S. Military bases around the world, according to information released by the White House.


Raw Video: First Lady Meets US Military Families


There are no words anymore, she's just da bomb.


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Guest post: "Did the media forget about NASCAR fans booing Todd Palin?"


My longtime buddy Andy Marquis has a post he'd like to share. He has covered auto racing for five years, including: IZOD IndyCar Series, NASCAR Whelen All American Series late model racing, dirt late model racing, USAR Pro Cup Series, ARCA Racing Series, and IHRA Drag Racing.

Here's his rant, a response to the commentary about the boos Michelle Obama received at NASCAR:

Now, let me tell the world how I really feel

I’ve got issues.  Now, I don’t always speak for all of the NASCAR world and very rarely speak for most of NASCAR nation, but I think I do speak for most of NASCAR nation when I say we’re sick and tired of being stereotyped by the left and by the media as a bunch of drunken rednecks.  Oh, don’t forget “racist”, they’re throwing that one in there now.

First of all, I do not condone NASCAR fans booing First Lady Michelle Obama or Dr. Jill Biden.  That’s not cool.  But to paint the entire motorsports community with one broad brush… as is said so well every Monday night, “C’mon man!”

Did the media forget about NASCAR fans booing Todd Palin at a NASCAR race, or throwing a proverbial temper tantrum when former Governor Sarah Palin (R: Alaska) showed up to the Daytona 500?  Did they forget about fans booing President Barack Obama at a Washington Nationals game?  Of course they didn’t, they just want to take NASCAR’s shining moment and ruin it.

See, Sunday played host to the greatest championship battle the sport has ever seen and will never see again.  Tony Stewart came from behind, in the race and the points, and won the championship on a literal tie.  That’s right, Tony Stewart and Carl Edward were tied at the end of the season, with Stewart getting the big prize by virtue of clinching his fifth win in the last ten races and fifth win on the year.  But, the media doesn’t want to let NASCAR have its moment for once (because the NFL gets its moment every other day).  Instead, they’ve got to target NASCAR fans.

How about football?  Did the media forget about students at Penn State rioting, throwing rocks in to cars and setting fires, because their head coach Joe Paterno (Jo-Pa) was fired for protecting a child molester?  Yeah, we’re the drunken rednecks.  Or we could go in to the very long list of Philadelphia sports fans acting like jackasses or the riots that take place anytime a Montreal team loses anything.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s never cool to boo at the President of the United States, or the first lady.  That office demands respect, and Michelle Obama should’ve been treated with more respect than that.  But let’s be honest, it’s not the first time sports fans have acted like idiots nor will it be the last.  But it will be ignored any other time and NASCAR fans will always be made out to be a bunch of balding, pot-bellied, beer drinking, redneck Klansmen.  And I, someone who’s as much a conservative Republican as Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, am sick of it.

Andy Marquis: @AMARQUIS32




Video- First Lady Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR Race


Pertinent part is at 1:35. My folks lived in Homestead for many years, it can be a very redneck area. But there still is no excuse. Via the always on top of it Mediaite.


Video- And your server tonight is... your husband! Soldier surprises wife at restaurant


I'm not normally a sentimental person, but crap like this gets to me.

Fast food may lead to varying kinds of surprises for diners but for one military wife, it was in fact the exceptional service.

After a Florida woman's husband made his third-deployment to Afghanistan, wife Amy Reed, 24, made Tuesday nights Chick-fil-A night for her young family, as a way of coping with his absence.

But the tradition also became into an opportunity for the husband to surprise her with his unexpected return home this month, as a one-time Chick-fil-A server, caught on tape.