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Here we go again: No. Dakota kept oil pipeline spill quiet for days; oil firm doesn't know when it started.


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I recently posted Canada's booming oil sands industry offering a "choice between whether we starve to death or are poisoned to death". That was one of our many, many stories about how the oil industry is slowly destroying our environment (scroll) and life on this planet. We can't take much more pollution before the damage becomes irreversible. Oh wait.

Today I opened my Los Angeles Times and, once again, another pipeline leak story reared its slimy head. This time it was in North Dakota, and once again, it was a disgustingly frustrating tale of destruction and irresponsibility:

At least 20,600 barrels of oil leaked onto the [North Dakota farmer Steven] Jensens' land from a pipeline owned by Tesoro Logistics, one of the largest land-based spills in recent history. Neither the pipeline company nor the state informed the public of the spill for 11 days.

To put things into perspective, the Kalamazoo River spill in Michigan, where cleanup has gone on since 2010 (!), also gushed more than 20,000 barrels of oil.

Did I mention that a Shell pipeline broke in Texas, spilling 30,000 gallons of crude? And hey, how about that Arkansas pipeline rupture, folks?

But back to North Dakota:

No one knows how long the pipeline was leaking before Jensen discovered it, nor why sensors on the pipe failed to detect the leak. Neither the state nor the company could say what the pipeline's capacity was. Experts on pipeline spills question the accuracy of Tesoro's leak estimate, disputing its methodology.

Details, schmetails.


By the way, Jensen is worried that the goo could seep into the groundwater. He smelled the oil in his wheat field before he saw it, which makes to wonder how long the pipe had been leaking. Why wasn't he alerted again?

The questions have stirred concerns about North Dakota's handling of a major spill, especially because thousands of miles of pipe are being installed as part of the state's oil boom.

And then there's that little thing called accuracy:

The company initially reported that 750 barrels had spilled, but a week later revised it to 20,600.

Let's see, gimme a second here, gotta do the math; subtracting 750 from 20,600, carrying the one, calculating.. calculating... got it! Hey, that's only a difference of 19,850 barrels. Pffft! Chickenfeed. Why, whoever would be so critical as to fault Tesoro for a measly little 20,000 barrel error?

Steve Wereley, professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue University and an expert on spill flows, who helped establish an accurate flow rate for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil volcano in the Gulf, put it this way:

"If we're talking about tens of thousands of barrels, shouldn't you notice 20,000 barrels missing at the end?"

Answer: yes.

And there's this:

The company has cleaned up about 3,000 barrels of oil. The remediation is expected to continue until late 2014 and to cost about $4 million, the state and Tesoro said.

Again, the Kalamazoo mess is still being mopped up, and it's been three years and counting.

Meanwhile, Jensen is still fretting about what's in his water supply. Silly Steven. What's he so worried about?

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Second Amendment Remedies! Conservative talk radio host/GOP activist charged in gun incident


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Guns don't kill people, conservatives do. Sometimes. Or wish they could kill themselves with said guns. Sometimes.

In this case, Douglas Sedenquist, a GOP radio talk show host and political activist tracked down his estranged wife and texted her that he had a 7 mm rifle aimed at his own heart. When the police showed up, he had his "long rifle" pointed at his own stomach.

Did I mention he used to beat his kids?

Via the Green Bay Press Gazette:

A Republican activist who has been a conservative radio talk show host in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is scheduled to plead Sept. 3 in Brown County Circuit Court to charges stemming from a weapons disturbance involving his estranged wife.

Yes, a former Republican state official, undoubtedly a "pro-lifer," allegedly held off police officers with a high-powered rifle while threatening suicide in a mall parking parking lot.

If that doesn't reek of "right to life," I don't know what does.

But that's not all. They also charged Mr. Love the Fetus Hate the Child with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and, of course,  with sending that message to his ex threatening suicide. He could get four years in prison and $12,000 in fines.

His estranged wife told police they had been married for 22 years but separated in July 2012 after he beat up their two teenage daughters, the complaint says.

You thought I was just being a mean old Lib when I pointed out his blatant hypocrisy and threw in that Second Amendment Remedy headline? Think again:

Sedenquist’s Twitter account identifies him as a Christian, father, radio talk show co-host, labor freedom advocate, Delta County GOP Vice Chair and Michigan GOP state committeeman... Postings by him on various websites reveal him to be an advocate for right-to-work legislation, Second Amendment rights and other conservative issues.

Douglas Sedenquist in all his Christian, family valuesy glory:

twitter account GOP hypocrite

@theNorthVision I only know enough about Twitter to be dangerous! #rightmi


What's that smell? Why, it's the smell of Obama victory: US judge dismisses suit against Dodd-Frank Wall St. reform law


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Note to Republicans: Cordray was confirmed, so any questions about the legality of his appointment went bye-bye. Time to...

stfu shut your pie hole

To rub salt into that GOP wound, a U.S. district judge has now granted the Obama administration's motion to dismiss a  lawsuit filed by Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and others who did not have standing to challenge the Dodd-Frank law.

Judge, short version: No harm, no foul. Now get outta here.

Take that, attorneys general of all eleven states.

Via the L.A. Times:

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a Texas bank, two free-market advocacy groups and 11 states against the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law, saying they did not show the likelihood of financial harm from the new government authority.

The suit specifically targeted the centerpiece of the law, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, charging the agency was granted too much power and that its director, Richard Cordray, was installed unconstitutionally with a recess appointment in 2012.

If Republicans would stop wasting everyone's time and money going after Dem-supported laws, maybe we could get a few things done around here.


Michigan Beer Company Legally Challenges Tar Sands Pipeline for Water Pollution


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

According to Clean Technica:

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the lawsuit, let’s note for the record that the beer from Bell’s Brewery is not affected by the Enbridge Pipeline spill, since the company’s Comstock brewery uses the municipal water system.... [but] became concerned about the latest phase of Enbridge’s cleanup work, which involved constructing a facility to process dredged sediment a few hundred feet from the brewery.

In a statement issued on July 2, Larry Bell, President of Bell’s Brewery, explained:

“...While Bell’s uses water from the municipal water system to brew our beer, the pristine cleanliness of the water and air around our brewery and neighbors is of the utmost importance to us.”

Evidently Bell’s concerns were not addressed, because last week the company filed a lawsuit against Enbridge and CCP, the developer of the site where the pollution facility is being located, at Comstock Commerce Park. The facility will be used to process sediment dredged from a delta near Morrow Lake....

The Enbridge lawsuit brings attention to the entire oil pipeline safety issue, specifically related to the transportation of tar sands oil, and that’s probably the last thing that is wanted by TransCanada, the Canadian company that owns the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Like the Enbridge pipeline, the Keystone XL pipeline will carry a doctored form of tar sands oil called diluted bitumen, aka dilbit, and the Kalamazoo spill provides a textbook example of the difference between a dilbit spill and a conventional oil spill.

A conventional oil spill in a waterway is bad enough, but most of the oil rises to the surface where it can be contained by booms and skimmed off or soaked up. In contrast, dilbit sinks into the sediment.

If you like your beer without tar balls in them, then be concerned -- very concerned -- about this recent analysis from PEER (Protecting Employees Who Protect Our Enviromnment):

Only a small fraction of America’s vast network of natural gas and hazardous liquid pipelines has undergone any sort of inspection in recent years, including several hundred pipelines which have spilled or broken down, according to federal records displayed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). As a result, the safety and reliability of much of this key but volatile transport grid remains unknown... [...]

BuzzFlash at Truthout recently wrote about how protesters against Enbridge get arrested, but Enbridge gets a green light from the US government to build even more environmentally threatening pipelines. [...]

Bell's Brewery may have the right idea: sue the tar sands oil pipeline industry until they give up and the CEO's and stockholders spend their days crying in their beer.

It it works -- which is a legal long shot -- the first pint will be on us.

Please read the entire post here.


Detroit proposes plan to turn to "Obamacare" to ease bankruptcy costs


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Via Think Progress

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

So will the GOP blame thank Obama and his evil Marxist socialist Kenyan Muslim Affordable Care Act for helping Detroit cope with bankruptcy, financial martial law (see above video), and failed GOP state and national economic policies, erosion of public services, union busting, and deregulation? Will they admit their hypocrisy?

You can stop laughing now.

Via the New York Times:

As Detroit enters the federal bankruptcy process, the city is proposing a controversial plan for paring some of the $5.7 billion it owes in retiree health costs: pushing many of those too young to qualify for Medicare out of city-run coverage and into the new insurance markets that will soon be operating under the Obama health care law.

Officials say the plan would be part of a broader effort to save Detroit tens of millions of dollars in health costs each year, a major element in a restructuring package that must be approved by a bankruptcy judge. It is being watched closely by municipal leaders around the nation, many of whom complain of mounting, unsustainable prices for the health care promised to retired city workers.

Similar proposals that could shift public sector retirees into the new insurance markets, called exchanges, are already being planned or contemplated in places like Chicago; Sheboygan County, Wis.; and Stockton, Calif. [...]

[T]he health law’s guarantee of federal subsidies to help people with modest incomes afford coverage has made the new insurance markets tantalizing for local governments.

The downside: Policies bought through an exchange could be more expensive for retirees than public sector health plans. On the other hand, some could end up spending less on coverage bought through the online markets than they do now.

And because Michigan is under King Rick Snyder's control, it is one of the Republican states that opted out of expanding Medicaid. Way to go, Ricky!

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Video Overnight Thread- Incredible & Crazy Sky in Upper Michigan




Here we go again: Oil leak shuts down oil pipeline near Hope, B.C.


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Here we go again.

Kinder Morgan plans to expand their Trans Mountain pipeline to almost triple the capacity. This would include shipments of diluted bitumen (tar sands) that makes clean-up nearly impossible, as I wrote here: VIDEO: Keystone XL tar sands “isn’t oil. This is a pipe-eating, planet-cooking, water-fouling goo. You can’t clean up tar.”


HOPE, B.C. -- Kinder Morgan has shut down its Trans Mountain pipeline in British Columbia for the second time in as many weeks, due to an oil leak.

The second incident occurred 40 kilometres east of Hope, and it comes the same day the company plans an open house in Metro Vancouver to discuss its proposal to expand the line that runs from Alberta to the port of Vancouver. [...]

On June 12, Kinder Morgan was forced to shut down the pipeline when several barrels of oil seeped from a crack in the line near Merritt, about 120 kilometres north of Hope.

The company spokesman could not say how much oil had leaked.

Speaking of tar sands toxic goo... Allow me to remind you that the tar sands pipeline (scroll) is the “biggest carbon bomb on the planet.” Think Progress and Van Jones both remind us that the project will create only 35 permanent jobs, but will emit 51 coal plants’ worth of carbon. Plus, much of the oil would be exported elsewhere. We’d be way better off investing in clean energy instead of a costly, dirty catastrophe-in-waiting like the tar sands mess.

Despite the fact that in a recent Gallup poll, nearly half in the U.S. say government should do more to protect environment, and that 20 scientists pulled out of the project, and that the Arkansas pipeline rupture foreshadows devastating environmental impact, it looks like the State Dep’t. and the president are leaning toward approving Keystone, even though it would bring the dirtiest oil on earth through America.

Bill McKibben and NASA’s Jim Hansen both warn that it would be “essentially game over for the climate” if this crackpot project gets the go-ahead.

On a related note, check this out. Longer version of "Talmadge Creek & The Tar Sand Truth (The Rocks)" below.

Jun 18, 2013

Strange oil absorbing rock formations collecting in the Kalamazoo River 3 years after the worst oil spill in the history of the mid-west.

Jun 24, 2013, video above:

A follow up (short version) video 1 week after our initial experiment using the same active test which were totally exposed to the environment except for the rain. We simply introduced our original pulverized rock formations into the test vase's and were just amazed at the outcome!