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Cover-up: Border agents created pretext to shoot Mexicans


cover up 2 cover-up

What's that saying again? Oh yeah: The cover-up is worse than the crime... or as in this case, at least as bad. The Los Angeles Times is reporting on border patrol agents who purposely got in the way of oncoming cars in order to justify using deadly force against Mexican drivers. And then U.S. Customs and Border Protection kept their violent little activities hush-hush... from Congress.

The law enforcement experts who wrote up a review of dozens of cases recommended that agents should be trained "to get out of the way… as opposed to intentionally assuming a position in the path of such vehicles." Ordinarily, law enforcement agencies make use-of-force policies public, but not in this case.

And to make matters worse, per Mexican authorities, U.S. border agents who kill Mexicans "are rarely disciplined and the results of investigations are not made pubic for years." According to the Times, the authors said that border agents would stand right there in the road so they could shoot drivers who were trying to avoid arrest. These drivers "posed no direct lethal threat to them or others." Welcome to the U.S.A.:

Border Patrol agents have deliberately stepped in the path of cars apparently to justify shooting at the drivers and have fired in frustration at people throwing rocks from the Mexican side of the border, according to an independent review of 67 cases that resulted in 19 deaths.

The report by law enforcement experts criticized the Border Patrol for "lack of diligence" in investigating U.S. agents who had fired their weapons. It also said it was unclear whether the agency "consistently and thoroughly reviews" use-of-deadly-force incidents.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which had commissioned the review, has tried to prevent the scathing 21-page report from coming to light.

House and Senate oversight committees requested copies last fall but received only a summary that omitted the most controversial findings — that some border agents stood in front of moving vehicles as a pretext to open fire and that agents could have moved away from rock throwers instead of shooting at them [...]

The [internal] response rejects the two major recommendations: barring border agents from shooting at vehicles unless its occupants are trying to kill them, and barring agents from shooting people who throw things that can't cause serious physical injury.

Meanwhile, in Arizona:

Border-area residents, upset with what they called an increased militarized presence in their community, began an effort Wednesday to monitor Border Patrol actions at a federal immigration checkpoint about 25 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border in southern Arizona.

Organizers with a humanitarian aid group called People Helping People in the Border Zone have called on the Border Patrol to remove the checkpoint in Amado, a town of about 300 people. Some residents say they have to deal with unnecessary delays, harassment and sometimes abuse at the checkpoint.



Overnight: Yucatan, Mexico

Yucatan Mexico Rain Dance

Yucatan Mexico Rain Dance

Two travelers whom I knew in California, a Swedish woman, a New Zealand man, traveled to Mexico for several months and spent much of their time on the Yucatan Peninsula. When they returned, they could not stop talking about it. Their travel budgets were tight, their respective currencies not doing well against the dollar, and they'd heard they could travel inexpensively.

That they did, but that's not what they wanted to talk about but, instead, how nice the people were, how beautiful it was, and that they felt for the first time as if they were really on vacation! I'd love to make it there myself sometime but the next best thing is a YouTube video. Enjoy!

Oh, where's the Yucatan and what's there? ¡Aqui esta!


Overnight: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Somday, when I have time, I hope to travel through Mexico more extensively than I have heretofore - 2 long trips through Baja California, several short visits to border towns.  One of my destinations on that trip will be San Miguel de Allende, an artists' town.  Here's more about it: San Miguel de Allende. Here are pictures of it on Google Images. I have a friend who took early retirement to live there. Apparently prices are reasonable and 'the livin' is easy'.  Sounds good to me.  ¡Viva Mexico!


Cops Force Medical Anal Rape Upon Suspects - Three Separate Cases


Leo K-9 dogLeo K-9 Dog

What is it with New Mexico? THE DAILY BEAST:

Horrific as the story is, it is not unique. In fact, it is one of three anal probing lawsuits to make headlines out of New Mexico this week. Each case has the same elements: an alert from a trained detector dog (in two of the same cases, the same dog, Leo), followed by an invasive cavity search and, ultimately, a complete lack of any found drugs. Attorneys and civil-rights activists are appalled. And in the wake of a recent Supreme Court decision mandating that alerts from trained detector dogs be “probable cause” that narcotics are present, the litigation has put new scrutiny on the reliability of drug-sniffing dogs.

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about this before the latest case surfaced. You can check the shocking video out here. In that case the  police medically raped an innocent man, expose him to dangerous radiation, humiliating anal finger and foreign object probes, a surgical procedure and multiple forced enemas. Ultimately the accused was found to be clean -- in more ways than one. He had done nothing wrong but roll through a stop sign. That made him a victim of medical anal rape.

Now comes this case. A New Mexico resident, (see the connection there) a US citizen, was returning home through El Paso from a shopping day trip in Mexico. A drug sniffing dog indicated the women might be carrying drugs. That's the last sane part of this story.

She was stripped naked, asked to spread her genitalia, and cough.Federal agents pressed their fingers in her vagina and anus,” says Laura Schauer Ives, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union in New Mexico who is now representing the woman in a case that will be formally filed in the next few weeks. Despite the fact that nothing was revealed, and in the absence of a search warrant, the officials continued their search. The woman was transported to University Medical Center in El Paso, where authorities subjected her to a bio-manual cavity search of her anus and vagina, an extensive search of her bowel movement, and eventually, a CT scan.

Hello! Is this America?

First off, we have rights. If the police think there's a violation of the law, then within reason, they can search you. But after that, they need to justify anything more. How humiliating this must have been for this woman as well as the two men in the previous other cases to be medically, anally raped. And how illegal all of this must be for the federal agents. I hope they get their asses handed to them -- after they've been passed around for everyone else to probe.

This "forced" sh** has got to stop.

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Video Overnight Thread- Video From Mexico Shows How Lenticular UFO Clouds Can Form


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VIDEO: Ted Cruz fan thinks "Canada is not really foreign soil." Then neither is Mexico. Welcome in, amigos!



Our own Lucian (@lwdgrfx) spotted more right wing hypocrisy, stupidity, and even found some humor in this eye-popping post at Raw Story.

Birther Christina Katok, of course, an avid Ted Cruz fan, proves once again how so many of these right wing extremists are of very little, if any, brain.

As you probably know by now, Cruz recently released his Canadian birth certificate which proved that he was born in a foreign country (Canada) to an American mother.

But Katok doesn't seem to understand a few basics, as you can see in the video where you can watch her say the following at a Texas tea party rally:

As far as I’m concerned, Canada is not really foreign soil,” she explained, adding that she was more worried about the president’s “strong ties to Kenya.” She noted that Obama had not released his long-form birth certificate until after he was elected.

What if Canadians were brown people who didn't speak English, Birther Christina? Would you make the same claim, as far as you're concerned? What if President Obama's skin was as white as yours?

I'll dispense with further snarky commentary, because Lucian nailed it in two sentences. As he points out so astutely:

"If Canada 'is not really foreign soil' because they're our neighbors, then neither is Mexico. Therefore, we no longer need to worry about deporting Mexican citizens here without papers because hey, what's the problem - they're not foreigners!

Trying to maintain Ted Cruz is eligible for the presidency but President Obama is not? Priceless."

ding ding ding


The Truth From Rand Paul


surge or citizenship

Rand Paul had a lot in common with his cohorts in in the senate.  He has but a vague acquaintance with the truth, a total distrust of women, a hatred of civil rights, a disdain for non-Christians, full support for eliminating public aid to students, the poor and the ill.  Oh, and he's afraid of what immigration reform might really mean.

But he does, from time to time, in moments of obvious weakness, reveal what he's really thinking.  And this week, with the immigration bill deal being hoped for, Senator Rand Paul stood up -- and this time it's not for a filibuster -- at least not yet.  Here's a little something from good ol' Sam Stein.

WASHINGTON -- An amendment to put $30 billion towards border security, including 20,000 more agents along the border, is not enough to convince Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) to support the bill.

Unlike his GOP airhead senators, he's being practical.  A McCain-type surge isn't what's needed. Now that makes sense.  Good for you, Rand.

The Kentucky Republican told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday that he would oppose comprehensive immigration reform as currently written. A new "border surge" amendment, introduced by Sens. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and John Hoeven (R-N.D.), would provide unprecedented investment in that element of reform. But the problem, Paul argued, is not a lack of resources being devoted to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Making even more sense.  This isn't a matter of throwing money or troops at a problem.  The "problem" doesn't even exist.  Gooder yet, Rand.  Then he continued:

Rather, Paul said his concern continues to be that a pathway to citizenship for the roughly 11 million undocumented citizens would be put in place regardless of whether border security has been achieved.

So that's what it's all about.  Citizenship.  If these undocumented folks become citizens, they'; have to be treated as equals... Rand Paul can't have that!  Nor can the GOP as a whole.  And certainly no one is putting more obstacles in the citizenship path than his expected competition in 2016, Marco Rubio.  Remember, he threatened to vote against his own bill.  He doesn't want to see citizenship reached by so many of his Hispanic brethren because then he'd cease to be special.  They would't support him.  And he'd go the way of high button shoes and low neck collars.  Fazes that died out.

And unless the bill includes his (Paul's) amendment -- which requires Congress to vote on whether border security is sufficient in order for the pathway to commence -- he won't back the reform effort.

Let's cut to the chase.  The GOP knows that they need Hispanic support if they're going to win national elections... And the more they fight against citizenship the stronger the Democratic party will be.  There's only one voice that's standing up for them at the moment. And that's the Democrats.  So just like with voter suppression efforts, the GOP's plan is to try to keep Hispanics (and most certainly women) away from the voting booth.  That's what immigration reform is to them.  It's another term for voter suppression.  Instead of embracing the undeniable future, they wish to just cheat and sweep it under the rug.  Well guess what? Immigration isn't going away and the more you fight it, the father your party is going to fall from significance. It happened with the Bull Moose party. Same with the Federalists. How about them Democratic-Republicans?

Wake up and meet your new citizen neighbors. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll become what the Constitution says we are, "We, the people..."