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Overnight: Mexico: San Miguel de Allende

Mexico San Miguel De Allende

(from the YouTube video embedded below)

From YouTube
The Spanish colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico lies in the altiplano of central Mexico. The town and the surrounding area gave birth to the Mexican revolution. Temperate climate year round, and friendly inhabitants make the town a delight to visit or live in.

Photo credits: Robert de Gast, Margo Lane, Barbara Tyrer, and miguelitoh2o.

Music is "Tamacun" by Rodrigo and Gabriela.


Overnight: Mexico: Baja California: La Paz


Baja California

From YouTube:

Honoring its name, La Paz [peace] is a refuge of salt and sand, sun and sea, ideal for weary travelers or those wanting to temporarily retreat from daily chaos, a site full of natural wonders and human touches.

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Overnight: Mexican-American War


Mexican American War

I can't find any credits for this excellent documentary (link) on the Mexican-American War other than

'Uploaded on Jan 2, 2010 KERA-TV dallas/Fort Worth'

so I have to guess that KERA-TV produced it but if there's information in the film itself, I didn't find it - no writers, producers, actors (some scenes are dramatized), or directors. If anyone from KERA-TV sees this post and can send me this information, I'd be happy to add it.

I'm posting it because Americans seem to have conveniently forgotten how the Mexican-American War began and what we gained and Mexico lost from it.

A wiki on Mexico.

A wiki on the Mexican-American War.

Mexican-American War 101: An Overview

There are 9 sections to it but they transition automatically from one to the next.