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GOP, Dem politicians: S. Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s new memoir "fiction", she "just makes stuff up"



Poor South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. She's facing an ethics hearing over donations, she claims there is no war on women despite ample evidence to the contrary (scroll), she could even be indicted for tax fraud, and back in December, she “dictated the conclusions of a committee charged with deciding how the state should implement federal health care reform before the group ever held its first meeting, public documents show.”.  She's even had a couple of allegations of extramarital affairs.

In short, she's had her share of controversies and scandals. Now she's also written a book (her memoir, Can't Is Not An Option) that, well, isn't exactly getting boffo reviews from either Democrats or Republicans. According to a Democratic state representative, “This lady just makes stuff up.”

Via The State:

Members of Haley’s own Republican Party — including the speaker of the S.C. House and a former lieutenant governor — say allegations against them are “absolutely not true” and “not true at all.” Democrats, including Haley’s 2010 opponent in the governor’s race, describe the book as “fiction.”

House Speaker Bobby Harrell, R-Charleston, said one of Haley’s stories is “absolutely not true.” Or as I like to call it, lying.

Harrell said he is unsure if other parts of the book are true or not. “A lot of the stories she recounts, she puts them in quotation marks, like she is recalling conversations verbatim. If that doesn’t tip people off that things are not accurate, I don’t know what would.”

The words "not true" were also used by Terry Sullivan, a consultant to the campaign of her primary opponent, Congressman Gresham Barrett. And if you follow the link, you'll also see words like "untruthful" and "twists."

Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, D-Orangeburg, a member of the Legislative Black Caucus:

“I understand trying to sell books, but shouldn’t her true story of her life be enough to do it? This lady just makes stuff up.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, but Nikki Haley's version is being challenged by both sides of the political aisle. Well, at least she's bipartisan.


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Vice President Marco Rubio?


Marco Rubio, possible vice presidential contender, is described as "charismatic and Hispanic," a surefire, winning combination to help presumed nominee Willard M. Romney with all those reluctant voters, or so the "liberal" media keeps telling us.

But Marco does have skeletons in his closet, as we've pointed out in previous posts. For example, his tiff with Univision, his embellishment of his “compelling” family story, and even the less controversial, but still circulating story that he was baptized as a Mormon, and “remained active in the faith for a number of years…” He will be parsed and reparsed, and he knows it.

But a little parsing won't stop him, and it sure sounds like he's up for a run.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

Rubio this month took the unusual step of asking the Florida Ethics Commission to close out a complaint that he misused Republican Party and campaign money "to subsidize his lifestyle" while in the Legislature.

His political committee has spent more than $40,000 for investigators to research for negative attacks that could surface against him. [...]

Last week he pushed up the release date of his memoir to June, from October.

However, per the Times, legislatively, Rubio has little to show after 13 months in office.

And as WaPo pointed out:

Rubio’s role in recent controversies, including a dispute with the country’s biggest Spanish-language television network and new revelations that he had mischaracterized his family’s immigrant story, shows that any GOP bet on his national appeal could be risky.

Democrats had already questioned whether a Cuban American who has voiced conservative views on immigration and opposed the historic Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina justice, could appeal to a national Hispanic electorate of which Cubans are just a tiny fraction but have special immigration status. And Rubio’s support in Florida among non-Cuban Hispanics has been far less pronounced than among his fellow Cubans.

And let's not forget his questionable relationship with his aide, health care lobbyist, and apparent travel companion Amber Stoner.

But he has a few other issues to contend with:

Rubio jumped to the forefront of the debate over White House-mandated rules on birth control, he visited the Mexico border in Texas and called on the GOP to tone down its rhetoric on immigration. After influential antitax activist Grover Norquist criticized the Restore Act dedicating 80 percent of BP oil spill fees to the Gulf Coast, Rubio became the only gulf state senator to vote against the bill. (He said the legislation had changed.)

Nevertheless, he's been tossing out red meat while pumping himself up, just the way a good veeptastic candidate would:

Following a rousing Rubio speech loaded with anti-President Barack Obama lines at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month, Rubio adviser Todd Harris escorted a video crew through the crowd to tape activists gushing over Rubio.

But you know what could do him in? Saying Social Security and Medicare made Americans weak. Killing Medicare is not the way to win over American voters. Just ask Paul Ryan.


Quickie- Marco Rubio's Memoir Release Date Pushed Up


This is an interesting development. Seems like they think it might be a good idea to move the books release to before the convention. Wonder why? Via Taegan.

Sen. Marco Rubio's (R-FL) memoir, An American Son, will now be published on June 19 instead of in October, as previously planned.


George W Bush Rehabilitation Begins?


Oh yeah, this is reality based. Via Taegan.

Daily Beast: "The publication of Bush's memoir Decision Points, which hits stores November 9, is the key moment in what you might call the Bush Rehabilitation Project. Bush himself has long disdained grand, Nixonian plans to rescue his reputation. But his friends and former staff have spent the last two years using columns and cable microphones to do just that. And the release of the memoir -- coming so close on the heels of Barack Obama's repudiation -- has led some Bushies to conclude that America is finally giving the Bush era a second look."