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Obamacare covers 8-11 million mostly "satisfied" Americans. #BlameObama


obamacare is winning, anti-obamacare fight

As our own Sherry Hardy pointed out, Regressives Handed Out Emergency Care Death Sentences in North Carolina. GOP-run states have done everything they can to obstruct access to Obamacare from the get-go, including refusing to expand Medicaid coverage. As a result, those self-proclaimed "pro-lifers" are hypocritically and intentionally putting lives at risk. People will die without care.

Fortunately, millions are benefiting from the Affordable Care Act. In fact (hide your ears, Republicans), they even like it!

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More and more Americans are signing up, and the numbers of insured will only grow. Some of our previous posts include reports like these:

In today's Los Angeles Times, there's a piece that reveals customer satisfaction that will drive conservatives to (more) drink:

President Obama's healthcare law has reduced the number of uninsured adults by 8 million to 11 million in its first year, according to three new studies, and the vast majority report satisfaction with their new health plans. [...]

Nationwide, roughly 1 in 4 people who were uninsured last fall now have received coverage, representing a significant first step toward Obamacare's goal of near-universal coverage. [...]

... [M]ore than three-quarters of those who had either enrolled in Medicaid or bought a private insurance plan in the new marketplaces reported that they were either "very" or "somewhat" satisfied with their new coverage.

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Why, that's positively unAmerican!

Here in my home state of California, the number of uninsured has been cut in half. In half!

And nationally, it's the young 'uns who have been signing up more than anyone else. Remember back when? Remember when there was a big question mark about under-35s signing up? Put that one in a Tupperware, burp it, and seal it.

By the by, 54% said that some or all of their preferred doctors were covered. And 58% said they were better off with Obamacare:

[R]oughly 3 out of 4 Republicans said they were also satisfied.


Clearly, with all that positive feedback, the GOP must be seeing the error of their blocky ways, right? I mean, who would deny the very people who trusted you enough to elect you, a longer and healthier life? What self-serving politician would prioritize his own ambitions and petty political games over the health and well-being of families and individuals? What kind of amoral, obsessive, insensitive, merciless sphincter of a person would deny their fellow Americans a lifeline?

[T]he remaining uninsured Americans increasingly are concentrated in states that have declined to expand Medicaid — primarily Southern and Midwestern states with Republican-controlled governments that have been hostile to the new law and, in many cases, have tried to impede its implementation. That political resistance could be a major factor in holding down enrollments in the next couple of years.


Study: Young adults healthier after passage of #Obamacare


obamacare is winning, anti-obamacare fight

Young adults and the Affordable Care Act are very compatible, despite all the Repeal Obamacare fanatics in the GOP-run House of Representatives. The Los Angeles Times has the story:

Expanding the number of young adults with health insurance appears to have improved their health and saved them money, according to a new study that is among the first to measure the effect of the healthcare law that President Obama signed four years ago.

Starting in 2010, the Affordable Care Act allowed adults under age 26 to remain on their parents’ health plans, the first coverage expansion to take effect under the law.

Previous surveys have indicated that this provision, which remains among the law’s most popular, allowed millions of young adults to get health insurance over the last several years.

The new study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn., suggests the coverage expansion also measurably increased the number of young adults who reported that they are in excellent physical and mental health.

What?! Why, that's crazy! Wasn't it the GOP that claimed Obamacare would destroy this country and kill everyone in it?

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Additionally, per the article, researchers discovered that there was a "significant drop in how much young people were paying out of pocket for their medical care after the law went into effect."

Say it with me: Another GOP talking point bites the dust. And for you trolls out there who have literacy issues, here it is in pictures:

another talking point bites the dust


Surge in insured CA students defies #Obamacare concerns


obamacare is winning, insured students surge

Two words, GOP: Neener nanner. All those "repeal Obamacare" efforts in the House of Representatives are becoming more and more laughable as good news stories continue to emerge about Affordable Care Act sign-ups. Here in my home state of California, there has been a surge (a word John McCain and his "pro-life" buddies seem to covet when it comes to killing people, but not when it comes to saving lives here at home) in insured students.

Read it and weep, obstructionists, trolls, and Obama Derangement Syndrome sufferers. And while you're at it, take a gander at the story below this one, because it, too will annoy the hell out of you. First, the insured student "surge," via the L.A. Times:

New data show the number of students without health insurance on California State University campuses dropped by 60% after health insurance enrollment, defying concerns that not enough young people would sign up for health insurance. [...]

According to a poll released Thursday, at the 15 largest CSU campuses, between 25% and 30% of students were uninsured before enrollment began, and 10% were uninsured after. The drop accounts for 60,000 students who became insured, and illustrates the late surge of young people who signed up for policies. [...]

Walter Zelman, chair of the Cal State L.A. Public Health Department and director of the project, said that he believes the 10% uninsured rate among the students is "virtually unheard of in California." He pointed out that the 60% drop in the number of uninsured CSU students is vastly higher than the 26% reduction in the number of uninsured nationwide that was reported by a Gallup poll this month.

Twenty-three-year-old Natasha Buranasombati signed up through Covered California, and observed that "the issue is not invincibility, it's affordability." Which brings me to article numero dos from the L.A. Times:

In the strongest indication yet where Obamacare rates are headed, industry giant Anthem Blue Cross said its California premiums for individual coverage will increase less than 10% on average next year. [...]

The outcome in California will be closely watched because the state is a key barometer for the health overhaul nationwide.

Another GOP talking point bites the dust.

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Walmart's Brutal Campaign against Pregnant Workers - that IS Low Low


Tiffany Beroid, image The Washington Post

Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:

Walmart does not Respect The Bump.

Stop the presses … the oppressive Arkansas Redneck-Profiteering Family success story of our time has a problem with the Sacred Unborn?

If men could be pregnant and bear children, the Republican party would solve half its ideological dilemmas and Poof! most reasons to torture women in one fell swoop.

In April a liberally and morally insulting story at Salon caught my inner-feminist by the throat, and it was no surpreeze that Wiley Wal-Mart was involved. Don't you just instantly  picture boxes in every Super-Walmart where employees could pick up colleague-donated canned yams, Spam and bags of marshmallows to fill out their Easter menus. 

Image, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Image, Chattanooga Times Free Press

The star of this tragedy would have needed baby formula and diapers in that Walmart Employee Charity box, because her high-risk pregnancy was costing her her low low low paying job at her beloved morally vacuous employer.

And of course they were bending over backwards ... to mistreat her,  the at-risk fetus, her already-born child, and anyone within their ham-fisted bazillionaire Neanderthal reach.

Tiffany Beroid, despite having all medical paperwork necessary, was denied safe 'light duty' scheduling during the last months of her difficult pregnancy - by the Maryland (not 'Bama) Wal-Mart she had been employed at as a Customer Service Manager for years. She was also about to enter her last stage of education before becoming an R.N. via community college.




This group challenged the Walton breach of GOP-Tea Evangelical Commandments. As a result, Beroid was hauled before her superiors and castigated - hence grateful for the network she had been instrumental in building, 'Respect the Bump'.

Respect the Bump started with one of the five workers from California named Girshriela. She actually starting posting things [online], and wanted to know concerns about pregnant women at Wal-Mart. And I posted my story …

[We] communicated from then on out, like, “What could we do to change things?” So … other pregnant women didn’t have to go through these things that I did.


                                                           Image, Chattanooga Times Free Press

Walmart infamously relies on Obamacare and SNAP to make up for the low, low wages they pay their worker bees. Yet it took this story to get them to even -- allegedly -- amend their Mesozoic Era pregnancy policy. The Washington Post recently announced the Arkansas Bigfoot's reluctant agreement to probably accommodate any pregnant members of the workforce who whined enough about their complications to get a doctor's note.

Most likely. If they feel like it. But aren't they all about the damned Bump?  Doubt their employees are getting free birth control. 

Only when the baby takes a breath and needs food and daycare do Old White Men and the women that marry them turn the compassion off  -- then wave the kids off their lawns with free trans-vaginal wands and a coupon for Chick Fil A.


Image, Sack @ Star Tribune

Image, Sack @ Star Tribune