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Sunday Talkers


talk Sunday Talkers from The Political Carnival 

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Meet The Press: White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer; Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ); Sen.Dick Durbin (D-IL); RoundtableJon Ralston (Ralston Reports), Former White House Press Secretary Robert GibbsCarolyn Ryan (New York Times) and Israel Ortega (Heritage Foundation).

Face The Nation: Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI); Former National Security Adviser Tom Donilon; "Miracle on the Hudson" Pilot Chesley Sullenberger; Former NTSB Chairman Mark RosenkerBob Orr (CBS News); RoundtableMichael Gerson (Washington Post), Anne Gearan (Washinton Post), Bobby Ghosh (TIME) and Margaret Brennan (CBS News).

This Week: Rep. Peter King (R-NY); Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT); Microsoft Co-Founder Bill GatesRoundtable: Republican Strategist Matthew Dowd, Georgetown University Prof.Michael Eric DysonWilliam Kristol (Weekly Standard), Katrina Vanden Heuvel (The Nation) and Greta Van Susteren (Fox News).

Fox News Sunday: Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX); Former Managing Director of the NTSBPeter Goelz; Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN); Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ); Roundtable:George Will (Washington Post), Judy Woodruff (PBS), Republican Strategist Karl Roveand Juan Williams (Fox News).

State of the Union: Former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte; Air Crash Investigators Colleen KellerSteven Wallace and Richard AboulafiaCommander William Marks of the USS Blue Ridge; Sen. John McCain (R-AZ); RNC Chairman Reince PriebusRoundtableCharles Blow (New York Times), Republican Strategist Ana Navarroand Ron Brownstein (National Journal).

Evening lineup:

60 Minutes will feature: an interview with Bassem Youssef, the "Jon Stewart of Egypt" (preview); a report on the future of drones (preview); and, a look inside Tabasco's hot sauce empire (preview).

On Comedy Central... Jon Stewart examined Fox News' obsession with poor people eating (well).   And Stephen Colbert scored President Obama's appearance on "Between Two Ferns" as a win for Fox.

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Sunday Talkers


talkImage: Media Gallery USA Today

Sunday Talkers from The Political Carnival

Morning lineup:

Meet The Press : Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken; Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York; Roundtable: Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), Ralph Reed (Faith and Freedom Coalition), Ron Fournier (National Journal) and Andrea Mitchell (NBC News).

Face The Nation: Former Vice President Dick Cheney; Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI); Former Secretary of State James Baker; Retired Marine Corp. Gen. Jim Jones Roundtable: Rich Lowry (National Review), Margaret Brennan (CBS News), Peter Baker (New York Times) and Jeffrey Goldberg (Bloomberg View).

This Week Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX); Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY); Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI); Roundtable: Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), Republican Strategist Ana Navarro, Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal) and Former Obama White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe.

Fox News Sunday: Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates; Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY); Roundtable: George Will (Washington Post), Former Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), Former Sen. Rick Santorum and Rana Foroohar (TIME).

State of the Union: Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken; Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R D); Roundtable: Democratic Strategist Donna Brazile, A.B. Stoddard (The Hill) and Conservative Radio Host Ben Ferguson.

Evening lineup:

60 Minutes will feature: an interview with Ukrainian oligarch and revolutionary leader Petro Poroshenko (preview); a report on the multi-billion dollar "data broker" industry (preview); and, a report on a new $1.3 billion radio telescope that is allowing scientists to see parts of the universe they've seen never before (preview).

On Comedy Central... Jon Stewart examined the right wing's love affair with Vladimir Putin.

The Daily Show

Monday: Paul Taylor (Pew Research Center) Tuesday: Andrew Napolitano (Fox News) Wednesday: Actor Jason Bateman Thursday: Professor/Activist Anita Hill And Stephen Colbert explained why women can't be president.

The Colbert Report

Monday: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Tuesday: Ronan Farrow (MSNBC) Wednesday: TV Personality Maria Shriver Thursday: Simon Schama (PBS)

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Meet a charming young power couple: Mary Pat Foster & Chris Christie


NotNailedDownw244h398Forget Bill and Hill,  Barack and Michelle ... meet the younger college Power Couple:  university age Mary Pat Foster and Chris Christie.

Another guest post by our friend hardibear of

Continuing to report in depth on the slow Fall of Trenton, Rachel Maddow introduced us to yet another important player's name to memorize in Jersey politicking:  the first incarnation(s) of Governor Chris Christie. It's a must savor. Enjoy the video below.

As the scandals and subpoenas continue to pile up, one more name has surfaced in the list of those Christie has ... 'assisted' to power, shall we say ... that of the aforementioned Miss Mary Pat.

Is anyone that sh-shocked that Governor Arsehole is not beloved of either party from Florida to Texas?? What is of nouveau interest is something the goodly muck-rakers at Talking Points Memo have been reporting on, that the Bully and Bullshit Show has been on the road since his proverbial salad days. [He did have them, WaPo columnist and C. C. critic, Eugene Robinson!] The University of Delaware must be kicking themselves for not seeing what they had let loose on the Northeast.


Who was the succeeding president of the formidable D.U. Student Congress? Clue: her future brother-in-law Todd managed her campaign, dear man. First Lady Mary Pat Foster Christie is no gubernatorial desperate housewife -- probably why Bravo's notorious Real Housewives of New Jersey people haven't strapped a mic-pack on her. Yet.

Of her unopposed triumph, the outgoing president said to a press he could control, "Mary Pat is a good person and all the experience in the world can't compensate for that", the young Christie told their mutual college newspaper, The Review. Adding that [paraphrased] 'even though Foster · ran unopposed in the election, it was more a sign of silent approval than voter apathy'. 

Oh, he was always this good a truth bender. Mary Pat Foster, however, has played the Good Cop rather well. She may well be a saint and cough completely uninvolved in any iota of the dirtier handwork, but this description of her breadth of skill from her Governor husband just in 2013 speaks volumes. Original story at Bloomberg.  

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie drew laughs at the Pine Brook Jewish Center in Montville last month as he explained the “ugly truth” of his 27-year marriage: His bond-trader wife is his meal ticket.

Courtesy governorasshole dot com

Courtesy governorasshole dot com

Not a bad strategy ... have you SEEN Drumthwacket?! It beats the Soprano Manse by a Jersey mile, the guv'nah couple's current residence.

The governor, a first-term Republican seeking re-election, often boasts that his spouse is the reason he could give up his career as a lawyer and enter politics. A managing director at Angelo Gordon & Co., Mary Pat Christie is the main earner. She also juggles raising four children and oversees a $33 million Hurricane Sandy charity.

Image courtsey Lehigh Valley News

Image courtsey Lehigh Valley News

Of course no other than George Wackadoo Bush brought this pair of career politicians back to life ... following many many campaign donation dollars and Eastern Corridor loyalty promises. Thanks W. Again.

From Drumwalk dot com.

From Drumwalk dot com.

Steve Bennen, Maddow Blog guru and recently seen in select cable programming wonk-heaven moments, has some fresh squeezed juicy goodness,  whilst going back to the original angles. Why, you might ask? Because Rachel is a dying-breed sort of modern journalist, and that is what they DO. Find and broadcast facts. Occasionally after stepping awaaaay from a keyboard and infectious hysteria.

His fine updates continue here.

In December, the governor belittled reporters and lawmakers who took the bridge controversy seriously. Asked about false testimony his top aide at the Port Authority delivered to the state Assembly, Christie said his “curiosity is more than satiated.” Asked whether he look for additional information, the governor replied, “Why would I? … I have a lot of things to do. I know you guys are obsessed with this. I’m not. I’m really not. It’s just not that big a deal.”

"It's just not that big a deal." I think Joe Biden might have a different term (not to mention opinion and some future deserved resentment re the University of Delaware). Massively BFD, Dude. Enjoy the last days at Drumthwacket.


Paging Lorraine Bracco - Dr. Bracco...



Written by guest contributor, "hardybear" of the wonderful Free Range Talk site:

 The proper savoring of our annually grrrreat January tee vee viewing trifecta -- the Grammy's, SOTU and Superbowl mania --  has been brutally interrupted by two tri-state GOP Macho Macho Men.

Chris 'I Know Naw'thing' Christie has new muck being raked as we speak. Details of a Democratic mayor who DID get ample and speedy Sandy Funds for kissing up and following through on their gubernatorial quid commitments are the latest brick in the Fed built wall o' Humpty Dumpty. Keep the name Belleville in mind ... it may be renamed Waterloo.

No surprise that Christie is now reported by the New York Times as being genuine Joisey and WAY communiqué paranoid (in all candor he is hard to miss visually and the bulk of bullies have a sniveling inner coward constantly dodging fear).  It may his Nixon move, as we will soon have text messages to comb over a stem of nice dry Italian red.

What is a tough guy supposed to do when apologies and evasion fail? Let Hollywood come to the rescue. Lorraine Bracco, that magnificent dame, can get out one of those tailored skirts, grab a notepad and fly in to help Boy Wonder Christopher's career out of meltdown.

Dr. Jennifer Melfi.

In the Fifth response from his tribe, Staten Island [perfect, right?!] Republican Marine and pretend GOP Congressman from  Grimm threatened to hurl  local reporter Michael Scotto (a former msnbc man) off the effing dome balcony  either before after he broke him in half "like a boy" following SOTU.  Media Whiplash MoMo. This cat needs also some Anger Management help from L.A., dude has some serious High-T.


Conservatives must be all manhood-threatened,  gay couples were married legally for ten minutes in Utah for Gawd's sake.


Photo credit HBO dot com.


Cartoons of the Day- Tell Santa What You Want



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Mike Smith


Charles Beyl


Steve Nease


Dog Day Afternoon for Dogs


Is it an epidemic?  Who knows?  But in the last two days, police under no real threat, have shot dogs.

CASE ONE: Hawthorn California.  Four police cars roll into this residential neighborhood. The reason? Unknown. The result of this invasion is.

A curious bi-stander questions two white police officers who don't seem particularly involved in the action that brought them to this predominantly Black neighborhood why there are eight white officers and no blacks or Hispanics. That question, or in the minds of these two wildly uncontrollable officers is considered a taunt. For that they handcuff him to arrest him. Charge? They'll make something up on the way to the station. The arrested man's dog approaches, barking. But when he gets to the cops, he sniffs, then turns away. The trigger happy cop, in no apparent danger, shoots the dog three times. Writhing in pain until he bleeds out, the cops just watch and one actually appears to be laughing while the dog's owner is led away.

No human captured. One dog, thanks to provoking of the police, dead. If you care for animals, you will be quite distressed by the accompanying video. It will break your heart.


CASE TWO: (Perhaps more egregious when you read the details.)

shot dog

Just outside Chicago, two South Holland police officers arrived while plaintiff Randy Green and his family were asleep inside of their home.Their dog, Grady, was sitting on the front porch.

Both South Holland officers were equipped with dog-catching poles in the trunks of their vehicles, but neither attempted to use the dog-catching poles to capture the purported dog at large. Instead, South Holland officer Chad Barden stood, with his gun drawn, near the Green family home while the dog Grady sat peacefully on the front porch.

The dog Grady walked past both officers on more than one occasion without incident, thereafter lazily returning to the front porch of the Green residence. At no time did the dog Grady make physical contact with either officer.The South Holland police officers stood outside the Green family home for approximately twenty minutes.

At this time, the dog Grady approached Officer Barden again as he was standing near the Green family home. Shortly thereafter, Officer Barden shot the dog Grady three times for no reason.

Grady, wounded, ran into the back yard and his owner rushed outside to help him and take him to a vet.

Citing an Expert Report, Green claims that "video surveillance footage from the Green family residence revealed the absence of any charging, lunging or showing of teeth by the dog Grady and instead showed the dog Grady seeking greater distance between the officer and himself, displaying 'calming [body] signals by looking away from the officers and showing his [Grady's] flank, and moving in a trot."


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