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Boehner Issa

Darrell Issa Declares War on John Boehner as Benghazi Investigation Turns Into a Circus

Desperate Liar Mitch McConnell Gets Caught In His Own Obamacare Trap

Virginia county board says no followers of ‘pre-Christian deities’ allowed to deliver prayers

California drive-by gunman kills six in Santa Barbara

US 'losing patience' with Venezuela - John Kerry

Militants attack Somali parliament

Vladimir Putin condemns Prince Charles's 'Nazi' remarks

Images: Texas Open Carry group does it again, pour into another restaurant carrying weapons


Wednesday Links


links French Train

Oops! French red faces over trains that are 'too wide'

CNN Tells Republicans Go Sell Crazy Somewhere Else By Refusing to Cover Benghazi

Mitch McConnell Promises To Break Obama and Force Him to Do the GOP’s Bidding

Tea Partiers Don’t Endorse McConnell and Get Grimes’ Name Wrong in Press Release Full of Fail

North Carolina GOP Pushes Unprecedented Bill to Jail Anyone Who Discloses Fracking Chemicals

FBI 'could hire hackers on cannabis' to fight cybercrime

Netflix to expand to Germany, France and Switzerland

6 Arrested in Iran for 'Happy' Video


Saturday Links


links Iranian women head scarves

The Great Unveiling: Iranian Women Are Ditching Their Headscarves on Facebook

Colorado Collects More Than $20 Million From Marijuana Sales

House GOP ignores deficit, approves massive tax break

Paranoid Memo Reveals That America Just Isn’t That Into The Kochs

Alison Lundergan Grimes Hits Mitch McConnell For Saying It's 'Not My Job' To Create Local Jobs

What You Need to Know about the Keystone XL Pipeling (Bill Moyers)

40 Hours in the Hospital

Another day, another person needlessly killed by a gun freak: Man shoots, kills woman he mistakes for groundhog

Arkansas Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

Criminal Defendants Should Have Chance to Review FISA Materials, EFF and ACLU Argue in Amicus Brief

Michele Bachmann Rails Against Proposed National Women's History Museum

Scientists Discover Proof That Humanity Is Getting Dumber, Smaller, and Weaker

Megyn Kelly – Fascism Today’s Sexy Poster Girl

Rutgers Students Nix Condoleeze Rice from Commencement Speech

11 Incredible Atheist Billboards Will Soon Go Up in Northern Ohio

Clemson coach accused of pushing religion on football team

Now Sheldon Adelson Has an ALEC-Like Lobbying Network in the States


Friday Links



Which States Are Givers and Which Are Takers?

Montana Cowgirl Blog: Guest Post: Opening Prayers

Mitch McConnell’s Worst Nightmare: Women and Vets Come Together In New Grimes Ad

Wide Majorities Losing Faith In John Roberts' Supreme Court, Want Term Limits

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin visits annexed Crimea

Berlusconi begins community service

Pando at the NRA: The “Zuckerberg of guns” could save lives and make millions, but he’ll have to fight the NRA first

Officials: Abducted Nigerian schoolgirls likely split up, taken across border


Sunday Links


Sunday Links from The Political Carnival

Mitch McConnell’s Musket Stunt Backfires as He Gets Busted For Not Owning A Gun

While Trying to Avoid Prison Michele Bachmann Calls Obama a Threat To America’s Survival

Liz Wahl, unemployed, says quitting RT not 'a self-promotional stunt'

Russia Today Host Abby Martin Goes Spectacularly Off-Message In Ukraine Broadcast (VIDEO)

While America Waits On Keystone Decision, A Different Tar Sands Pipeline Just Got Approved

Missing Malaysian Passenger Plane: Terrorism May Have Downed Flight MH370 Say Officials


Jindal Bells



Another guest post by our friend David Garber. Please read more about him at the end of this post.


It's never too soon to start getting into the festive, holiday, cheery mood when you're a Republican.

It's never too soon to start getting into the festive, holiday, cheery mood when you're a Republican. They're spreading their sequester cheer already with the GOP's favorite crooner, Bobby Jindal, singing his new single, "Jindal Bells."

Dashing through the states
In a multi-mission sleigh
taking away our votes
Laughing all the way
Severing public aid
ruining peoples lives
What fun it is to laugh and sing
and slap each other "high fives."

Oh, bungled bills, bungled bills
Bungled every day
Whatever we trusted Congress to do
they screwed up every way.
Unemployment, women's rights
and immigration too,
Oh, what fun to ruin our lives
Legislating directly against you.

A year or so ago
they took us for a ride
The 2011 budget bill
That makes us want to hide.
The sequester is most lean and lank
Misfortune seems its lot
We're heading into a concocted bind
That's putting us in a spot.

Oh, bungled bills, bungled bills
bungled all the way
Boehner, McConnell, and Mr. Cantor
What more is there to say?
Bungled bills, bungled biils
bungled all the way
Now we have to survive some cuts
because they refuse to play.

Bungled bills, Bungled bills
Bungle every way
The GOP and it's leadership
caused this awful fray.
Now they try to blame,
All but them, they say
Oh, what fun it is to hope
the GOP will fade away

Bungled Bills, bungled bills
bungled all the way.
now we see the GOP
And pray they go away. Hey!

Sequester cheers, everyone!

For the past 25 years, David Garber has been serving as the show runner and or writer on some of television’s biggest hits… Saved By The Bell, Power Rangers, 227, Bill Cosby Show and many other network series. His writing and producing have also netted David two very prestigious awards:the PRISM AWARD and the TV CRITICS AWARD – TV SPECIAL OF THE YEAR. Currently he’s authoring a short story series called “A Few Minutes With…” davidgarber