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Cartoons of the Day- Inauguration Day 2013


JANUARY 21, 2013


President Barack Obama



Twofer: President Obama's inauguration will be held on the Martin Luther King holiday


From the Department of Awesomesauce:

President Obama's inauguration will be held on the Martin Luther King holiday, January 21st. Think about it, the first African American president will be sworn in for his second term on the Martin Luther King holiday observance:

The 2013 Presidential Inauguration will be held in Washington DC on Monday, January 21, 2013. By law, the President must take his Oath of Office on January 20th before noon. Since the 20th falls on a Sunday, there will be a private ceremony on that date and the public ceremony will be held the following day. A week of festivities will include the Presidential Swearing in Ceremony, Inaugural Address, Inaugural Parade and a night of Inaugural Balls and galas honoring the elected President of the United States.

The sound you'll hear will be many a GOP head exploding. A "blah" president who got re-elected by an enthusiastic electorate by a wide margin; a "blah" president who will serve a second term; a "blah" president who is making history-- again; a "blah" president will be inaugurated on a day that celebrates another remarkable "blah" man.

And all those people who have been dogwhistling and whining and screaming their fool heads off about"blah" "incompetent" Susan Rice and "blah" President Obama will be watching his inauguration come to pass. Again.

I wonder if they'll be planning another Inauguration Night Conspiracy, as they did back in '09.

If only all these angry, scared, small-minded white people who feel so threatened by not-white people could accept and embrace their fellow Americans, we'd have even more to celebrate.


Share "Presidents" page features a couple of special fun facts about Ronald Reagan


Here's what you see at the top of one of the presidents' pages, specifically Ronald Reagan's:

Now here's what you see at the bottom:

Did you know? 

  • In a June 28, 1985 speech Reagan called for a fairer tax code, one where a multi-millionaire did not have a lower tax rate than his secretary. Today, President Obama is calling for the same with the Buffett Rule

 That's right, the Obama White House makes it clear that not only did St. Ronnie fully support Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, he also supported-- dun-dun-dun-n!-- the Buffett Rule!

The preceding fun facts brought to you by the Obama White House.

H/t: @RollingInGraves, Wonkette


Martin Luther King's "true legacy... Activism makes a strong democracy."


Another L.A. Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

King's real message

Re "Obamas mark King's birthday by doing something for others," Jan. 17

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a day of service shows that we've forgotten King's true legacy.

King was an activist, not a direct service volunteer. Activism and service are both good ways to help somebody else, but they're not interchangeable. In service, we deal with the results of the system: When our neighbors are hungry, we feed them. In activism, we aim to change the system itself: When our neighbors are hungry, we demand a fairer economic structure.

King protested and led marches; he changed people's minds and put his life on the line. He was the epitome of activism, and he showed that activism achieves great things.

His day should be an official day of activism. Service makes a strong society; activism makes a strong democracy.

Edwin Everhart
Los Angeles