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Laffy on the Nicole Sandler Show: Death & Taxes (and FloriDUH too)



Laffy was on the Nicole Sandler show this week (on Tax Day!) talking about

From the site:

If it’s Tuesday, we hang with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival too. She brought us these stories, and I threw in a few too…

Chris Christie accused of interfering with New Jersey ethics agency

Rick Perry lawyers up for criminal investigation of bribery, coercion, abuse of authority (VIDEO)

Marsha Blackburn ’16? Please proceed.

Iowa Sen. candidate smiles, says, “I’m going to use my Glock. To blow your balls off.

Listen to Nicole and Laffy here.


Marsha Blackburn '16? Please proceed.


please proceed Marsha Blackburn

marsha blackburn

If you liked mocking Michele Bachmann and her laughable (and futile) aspirations to be a credible presidential candidate, you'll love mocking Marsha Blackburn. Well, sans the Pray the Gay Away husband.

And the jaunty little jigs:

WREG-TV in Memphis is reporting that Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn may very well run for president in 2016. Or so says one of her aides.

The aide told she will start the process of testing the waters at a GOP rally in New Hampshire this weekend.

The political website says with such a wide-open race, she may have a shot as the only Republican woman considering a presidential run.

I'd LOL, but with GOP gerrymandering and unlimited fundraising the way they are... oh what the heck, I'm LOLing.

As for her being the only Republican woman considering a run, how's that outreach thing workin' for ya, GOP?

Marsha Blackburn of *over-talking hosts and opponents on the Tee Vee Machine* fame should cause many to haul out the popcorn. Stay tuned...


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VIDEO: Wait-- if lawmakers agree the government shutdown won't happen, then STFU, stop playing games, get back to work


political games dems gop tic tac toe

Here's an excerpt from an op-ed by Doyle McManus in today's Los Angeles Times:

A visit to the House side of Capitol Hill these days feels a bit like an excursion to an alternate universe, where the voters are all conservative, the will of the American people is crystal clear and the only mystery is how that Obama fellow ever got reelected.

"This is all a result of redistricting," a Republican strategist told me. "The only election these guys have to worry about is the Republican primary. The only danger they face is from the right."


Now watch this short clip:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

That happened this morning on Meet the Press:

David Gregory: I want to start with a question for all of you which is really a yes or no question. Senator Lee, is the government going to shut down?

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah): No. we all know that the government is going to be funded. The question is whether it will be funded with Obamacare or without.

Gregory: Senator Klobuchar, do you think there will be a shutdown?

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)No, because I believe in the end the people of good will will come together and do the right thing and stop this political brinkmanship.

Gregory: Barbara Lee, what do you say?

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA):  No, and we're not going to allow the defunding of the Affordable Care Act.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN): No. As much as the president wants a shutdown, he's not going to get it.

Gregory: ... You all think somehow this is going to be avoided.

If that's the consensus, then stop playing with our lives, stop playing games, stop creating phony crisis after phony crisis to score political points and win primaries, get back to work [sic], and do something-- anything-- constructive for a change.


Laugh Of The Day- GOP women gather to discuss connecting with women



I'm sorry, this is just TOO precious.

Those invited were selected by a committee. Floyd said research shows younger women tend to vote more heavily Democratic.

"The question is what compels that, and how do you translate that into a shift in voting?" she said.

Education, women's pay, women's health, family matters and a whole f'ng bunch of other stuff you maroons. Marsha Blackburn is a featured speaker, and below is some of the big thinking that Marsh brings to the table. Sure to attract women voters in hordes.


VIDEO: BIPARTISAN immigration reform announced. The deal is BIPARTISAN. Did I mention it's BIPARTISAN?


tweet immigration toddLink

tweet immigration shannynLink

tweet immigration sarlinLink

"John McCain has been the glue in our group," oozed Chuck Schumer at the Mutual Admiration Society gathering BIPARTISAN press conference on immigration reform. 

As I tweeted earlier, let the jokes begin.

And of course, we can be assured that good ol' self-promoting McCain will be on every Sunday talk show... again. After all, he needs to stay relevant, and besides, we just can't get enough of him.

Oh, but I kid John Sidney McCain.

Here is the BIPARTISAN proposal. Did I mention it was BIPARTISAN?

And why do I keep using caps when I type the B word? Because at the presser, they must have used it a million times. Okay, not a million, a thousand.

In fact, it's so BIPARTISAN that Rep. Marsha Blackburn immediately appeared on MSNBC to declare her opposition to "amnesty."

 I'll post the entire video here when it becomes available.

UPDATE: The U.S. Border Is More Secure Than Ever Before

Here are two videos that add up to the entire presser: