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Michele Bachmann withdraws dual Swiss citizenship: “I want to make it perfectly clear: I am a proud American citizen.”


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Paddy posted about Michele Bachmann's dual citizenship here, and above is last night's excellent Ed Show point-and-laugh segment.

Today, Michele posted this statement on her website (bolding is mine):

Washington, May 10 - "I want to make it perfectly clear: I am a proud American citizen"

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) issued the following statement today about her decision to withdraw her dual Swiss citizenship:

"Today I sent a letter to the Swiss Consulate requesting withdrawal of my dual Swiss citizenship, which was conferred upon me by operation of Swiss law when I married my husband in 1978. I took this action because I want to make it perfectly clear: I was born in America and I am a proud American citizen. I am, and always have been, 100 percent committed to our United States Constitution and the United States of America. As the daughter of an Air Force veteran, stepdaughter of an Army veteran and sister of a Navy veteran, I am proud of my allegiance to the greatest nation the world has ever known."

Under Swiss law, Bachmann automatically received dual Swiss citizenship when she married her husband, a dual American and Swiss citizen, in 1978.

See? It wasn't her fault that she was one of those European socialists! It was "conferred upon" her.  By evil Marxist Swiss law! When she married Marcus!

Wait, that would make it his fault.

Moving on.

"I am, and always have been..." What does that remind me of? Oh yes!

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Michele Bachmann claims Swiss citizenship


It's okay when it's a pigmentally challenged country I guess, god forbid it was one of those really foreign countries (wink, wink).

Rep. Michele Bachmann is now officially a Swiss miss.

Bachmann (R-Minn.) recently became a citizen of Switzerland, making her eligible to run for office in the tiny European nation, according to a Swiss TV report Tuesday.

Arthur Honegger, a reporter for public broadcaster Schweizer Fernsehen, told POLITICO the Swiss consulate in Chicago has confirmed that the former Republican presidential candidate became a citizen March 19.


Marcus Bachmann, the congresswoman’s husband since 1978, reportedly was eligible for Swiss citizenship due to his parents’ nationality — but only registered it with the Swiss government Feb. 15. Once the process was finalized on March 19, Michele automatically became a citizen as well, according to Honegger.

Bachmann’s three youngest children are also now Swiss citizens, and her two older children are eligible to apply for a fast-track citizenship process, according to an email from the consulate provided and translated by Honegger.


George W. Bush (the new Marcus?) to Michele Bachmann: "Why are you wearing those gloves?"


Via Politico, screen shot

So there I was, innocently reading my L.A. Times this morning (it actually arrived on time for the first time in days), when what jumped out at me? This:

The book offers some fun political dish, such as when Bush went to Minnesota to headline a 2006 fundraiser for her congressional run. Bachmann’s mother told her she needed to dress like a lady, so she wore a pink suit, pink shoes and pink gloves, and carried a pink purse.

Riding in the presidential limousine, Bush "asked with a crinkly smile: 'Why are you wearing those gloves?' I explained, and he said gently, 'Lose the gloves.' "

Bachmann still has them tucked in a drawer but has not worn them since.

Gasp! Did Marcus gently tell W to get lost? After all, he was there first as Michelle's personal stylist.

More importantly, look who Bachmann depended on for fashion tips. I don't want to begin to imagine who she'd hire for foreign policy advice.


VIDEO- Kathy Griffin: "Marcus Bachmann reminds me of a lot of the type of men who come see my live shows."



When you refer to fellow human beings as “barbarians”, when you insist that you can "pray the gay away," then you become the target of late night jokes.