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Just 10 multinational corporations control most consumer brands; which are on newly released list of ALEC members?


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@sonnylebythebay linked me to the above image, found at a French food blog here (via Grist), where they suggest that "the concentration of political power and the environmental irresponsibilities of these companies are cause for worry." 


Then there's this, via

This 2011 list of corporations sitting on ALEC issue task forces, disclosed as part of the IRS whistleblower complaint, is available through Common Cause here. The full list of companies that have been involved in ALEC in recent years, updated with the new data, is available here through the Center for Media and Democracy. [...]

ALEC’s legislative portfolio combines an agenda that favors corporations over consumers and workers – lower corporate taxes, limited environmental protections, and the repeal of worker rights, along with the privatization of Social Security, Medicare, schools, prisons and other government institutions or services – with hot-button social issues.

It's just one big wealthy powerful greedy happy corporate family, isn't it?

Here is a list of corporations that have cut ties to ALEC. You can check them against the map above to see who's still hanging out with the snakes that are negatively influencing the way we live our lives.


Map: Mitt Romney's holdings in overseas bank accounts


 Oh snap:


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Mitt Romney has invested his money around the world, from the Cayman Islands to Ireland to Australia. We don’t know if he’s using these accounts to avoid paying his fair share in taxes, but we do know that in 2010, Romney’s tax rate was a startlingly low 13.9%. This means Romney pays a lower tax rate than many teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other middle-class Americans—even a lower rate than most other millionaires.

If elected, Romney’s proposed tax plan would cut tax rates for the wealthy even further—cutting his own taxes and protecting loopholes that he benefits from. At the same time, he opposes the President’s Buffett Rule, which would require millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. That’s not right.


PhotOH! How Progressives Spent Their August: Town Hall Protests


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Pro-active Progressives: More like this please!

From Colorado to Nebraska to Pennsylvania, Americans were out in full force this summer telling their members that the middle class won’t pay another dime – it's time for the wealthy to pay their fair share.

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Mass Animal Deaths: Google Map edition



Follow the link, the map is interactive.

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