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The Supreme Court Caught With Robes Down On Hidden Cam



The United States Supreme Snort, er, Court-- are they for real? Well, just take a look at the hidden camera footage Funny or Die gathered for this "expose" on the Chief Justice and his all-boy's club. If you don't crack up watching this, you're not breathing.


It's Actually Done. Harry Reid Brings Sanity Back To The Senate



After years of threats by the Democratic Senate members and deaf ears by the Republicans in that chamber that obstructionism will no longer be tolerated, the Senate voted today to change its rules to prevent the minority party from filibustering any nominations other than those nominated to the Supreme Court.

The change was approved after raised by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). It was voted on and we now have the famed “nuclear option,” which allows a change to Senate rules on votes on Presidential appointments by a simple majority vote.

The 52-48 vote dramatically changes the rules of the Senate and limits the minority party's ability to prevent confirmation of presidential nominees. The only three senators not to vote along party lines were Sens. Carl Levin (Mich.), Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Joe Manchin (W.Va.) all Democrats -- at least in declared party affiliation.

This passage will allow all three of President Obama's nominees to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to go forward, as well as his nomination of Rep. Mel Watt to lead a housing regulatory agency.

So, perhaps now the President can get up with his job, and the Senate can get on with theirs.

The Democrats, led by Leader Reid, wasted no time in getting the nomination approved of Patricia Millett to the US Circuit Court in the District of Columbia. One bench vacancy filled, another two to go. Shouldn't be long now.


Dems Won't Compromise -- We Already Did!



What short memories the Republicans have. The GOP says the government shutdown is because the Democrats, especially the president, refuse to negotiate. WE ALREADY DID! I thought an elephant never forgets.

The compromise was the sequester, and the continuing resolution is to continue funding at those levels. Your negotiated levels. The Paul Ryan budget levels.

These working figures are crazy, but the Democrats agreed to give into them in order to keep the government funded despite Speaker Boehner's refusal to send the higher/saner budget bills to conference. The sequester numbers cut money from nearly every branch of the government. They literally are taking food out of the mouths of babies. It's prohibiting medical care for thousands. It's denying adequate safety in the skies and greatly contributing to high unemployment on the land. Did you forget that already?

So Boehner, quit your crying. As Harry Reid pointed out time and time again, you have to learn to take yes for an answer.

There is one small chance to save face, a slight glimmer of light coming from the crack in the door. Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and George Miller (D-Calif.) are planning to circulate a discharge petition. It is very iffy at best. It requires 218 signatures. But if they can achieve that magic number of representatives signatures, the full House will be forced to vote on the petition. In this case, it's a clean continuing resolution.

The trick is getting roughly 18 Republicans to go on record as standing up to Boehner. According to various reports, there are between 18 - 21 GOP'ers who have said they favor a clean CR in order to get the government back up and funded. Yet when they had a chance to vote before this, they got cold feet.

What the Democrats can take out of this most likely futile effort is bragging rights. They tried -- and the Republicans didn't. And those like Peter King and Scott Rigell who have been outspoken in asking for a vote on a clean resolution, will have to put up or shut up. I'm betting they won't sign and that means they'll be painted by the same brush as the rest of the obstructionist Republicans who have refused to listen to the people and kept this government shut. The Tea Party stink will be all over them.

Prove me wrong, Republicans. I dare you to!


Republicans to Democrats: Your Votes Don't Count


Showdown in Washington

During this showdown mess over the CR (continuing resolution) which will fund our government, the Republicans have not totally ignored the people's voices. They've actually lied about it. They're trying to convince America that in 2012, that last general election, they won a mandate. They forget that they lost the Senate, lost seats in the House of Representatives, AND the presidency.

Earth to GOP, you went 0-3.

They lost the Presidency in total votes (and electoral), basically on a mandate for Obamacare. Perhaps the biggest difference between the president and his opponent, the erase-a-slate, flip-flopper, Romney.

They lost the house of representatives  in total votes (representing Obamacare on a local level) though they retained control by number of members. If you consider the 60 Tea party members as a separate party (they're hardly your grandparents GOP-ers) then Republicans actually came in second and Democrats first. That is if there's a 3-party system for which current actions indicate there may actually be.

They lost the senate (on Obamacare) in total votes (representing statewide campaigns)

So with this .000 batting average, they  have the gall to claim they speak, as a party, for the people. Their delusional, fuzzy math eludes even the simplest of thinkers. To the public, total votes is our mandate. It's our voice. And we spoke with our votes.

The choice we made is for Obamacare, like it or not.

Wild West Showdown

Those Republican Representatives are pretty cocky. And they have reason to be. They can drink, carouse and whoop it up because their security is locked in. According to The Daily Beast about a week ago:

Sen. Barbara Boxer introduced legislation in January to prevent any member of the House or Senate from getting paid in the event of a government shutdown. A similar bill passed the Senate unanimously in 2011, but the House never voted on it. This year, as the likelihood of a shutdown looks more certain than ever, Boxer's bill has one co-sponsor, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA).

"How is that Republicans who are urging a shutdown of the government are not co-sponsors of my bill?" Boxer said Friday. "They want to protect their own pay, they want to protect themselves and their families, but they don’t seem to care about the single mom who works as a custodian in one of our government buildings who is struggling to get by ... These Republicans are willing to put the livelihoods of millions of American workers at risk—but not their own."

unashamedSo Mr. Boehner and your drunken cronies (as reported by multiple sources) on the floor of the House, take your responsibilities and hopefully your apparent lack of sobriety into account. Pass a clean funding CR and stop playing games. Lives are at stake.

Though you have no skin in this game, the public does. If you can't pull your caucus away from their Scotch and gin, to do the right thing, we're coming for your orange hide. Nailed to an old tobacco barn might send a colorful reminder that you work for us, not the other way around.