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Cheney's Big Bang Theory - 'The Military Hypocrisy Protocol'



Above is the cover for the upcoming book called, The Hypocrites Handbook. The author is the man who unintentionally makes me laugh more than anyone else, former Vice President, Dick Cheney.  Nixon may have been known as Tricky Dick, but Cheney, as Jon Stewart reveals, is just plain Dick. And if you've got a few minutes and missed this clip from last night, you'll kick yourself for not watching it now.

When's a Dick really a "dick?" When his name is Dick Cheney.


Grab a Hanky And Watch This



I know that Paddy had posted this video earlier on her evening video distraction a few days ago, but I only had the time to catch it and thought it was worth a second glance. Usually commercials, especially in this country, run from stupid to mindless with a skosh of insanity in between. It's no wonder people DVR shows and watch them in time-shifted form. Doing that allows you to skip the claptrap drivel.  TV series are filled with worthless insipidness -- necessary to pay for the episodes -- but ads that do nothing but insult the average mind.

Here's an example of a commercial that will surely sell it's product by making you think, feel, aspire to do something great while capturing your emotions.

Where is this kind of commercial, Madison Avenue? This is what Don Draper would be doing if MAD MEN was contemporary.

Warning: This ad has been known to make adult (wo)men sniffle, and good (wo)men great. According to MailOne it has already been viewed over three and a half million times on YouTube, with over 40,000 likes. Thanks Thai phone company True Move H:


Women's Commercial POV



I admit it. I watch a good amount of TV at the end of the day. I catch my favorites on my DVR, even if I'm around to catch them when they air. Why? So I don't have to watch the commercials. My wife and I have become so adverse to them that we'll actually wait to see a show that we are dying to watch, until after it's over. This way we can speed through those annoying ads.

Now as a TV writer and producer, that must sound like blasphemy.  I'm biting the hand that feeds me and my family. But I can only take so much.

When it comes to products I use, no commercial is going to change the brand I already use. And if the product is one I'm not going to use, why do I have to sit through :15, :30, or longer ads. I'm still not buying a sit-down lawn mower or car insurance because a green lizard tells me in his Australian accent that Geico's gonna save me money.

geico commerical

How about all those medication commercials. More than half are dedicated to disclaimer about the harm they can and have caused others. Two things to consider there -- I'm not a doctor so I can't prescribe or buy that product. And if any of the warning side effects, including death are what you can expect from taking these meds, I want a professional to tell me I have the illness before I take the cure.

And have you noticed how stereotyped the casts have become. Men are all worried making solid choices or erectile dysfunction. Women are looking to squeeze more time into their day or concerned about waxy buildup on their counter tops.  Sorry. That's just not life for real -- at least as my wife and I see it.

Isn't it about time the Mad Men on Madison Avenue start presenting life as it really is? Can't we get to be targeted in a mature, responsible way?

While I'm on this rant, I think commercials should be less sexist and pandering. Chances are a man with ED has more on his mind than a pair of matching bathtubs sitting without plumbing in his backyard. And a woman has more to think about when she's got menstrual cramps than an afternoon at a yoga class.

Fortunately, through the courtesy of the folks at Sketchy, they've put their advertising front foot forward and showed those chauvinists on Mad Ave how to handle more than a Hungry Man.


Video- 'Mad Men' & Romney: Show Slams Mitt's Father George Romney As A 'Clown'


Oh Matt Weiner, I love you so!!! Via.